XBlog: A Busy Little Week & Plan for the rest of the year!

Good evening! I Hope you are all well!

I haven't blogged in a short while, so, here's what you've missed!

The Laguna Seca "fiasco" meant that I could finish week 13 (Long Beach on Saturday, Interlagos/Brazil on Sunday, Sebring on Monday)

Ignoring the event I didn't start (22nd) - Week 13 was exceptionally kind to me!

In terms of real-life activities, I was pretty much a couch potato especially due to the fact that due to Current Events, I couldn't exactly "willy-nilly" stroll outside and see all of my friends at once.

The best way for me personally to not further increase the spread of the virus is to....as sad as it sounds...is to stay indoors and meet as few people as possible - making 2021 "The Year Of Meeting People"

saying this, I (alone) did meet a single family, having tea/dinner with them on Monday night, staying over on Tuesday, and then returning home late on Tuesday evening.

I'm not going to give any details because I'm sure someone will have issue with me meeting people during this time - however as they have a young child and (we've both been keeping very solitary) and haven't met up/been in contact with anyone personally with COVID themselves, I thought it would do good to my mental health and be nice after not seeing them after a short while.

Highlights of the trip were:

Seeing my first horror movie (hate horror movies lol)

having McDonalds breakfast in the morning

having a delicious chicken the first night, and spoons the second

feeding their baby

stroking a very affectionate cat (who's usually aggressive)

I came home, went to bed and then woke up on Wednesday

Wednesday 16th December

Wednesday started off pretty rubbishly, I felt under the weather (just felt unmotivated VERY tired and my head hurt) and I had to get an assignment in (second submission of the year).

Following a mid-day bath and bowl of soggy cereal, I slowly began to feel a little better and my head began to clear, I submitted my assignment with just seconds to go before the deadline (I was lucky!) before later on doing a 40 minute VRS race at 8pm.

The Race

After adjusting my in-game cockpit MANY times, I did eventually get to do a lap or so of practice.

During qualifying I'd go outside of Spa's notoriously tight track limits - and ruin both laps, meaning I had to start from the back of the grid.

After more cockpit fiddling (that sounded worse than I intended it to...umm "seat adjustments") with 4 seconds before the session itself started, I found a position I was comfortable with and set off.

In the beginning it was okay and enjoyable and the racing was close...but as the race wore on, the field separated and eventually got a little dull.

The moment I think really killed the race was when Jeff said "you've got 5 laps of fuel remaining" about half way through the race. Things were about to get tricky.

I probably should have set my fuel at the start of the race, or had a crew chief or some sort of help, but I was doing it solo, and had to try and adjust how much fuel I wanted in the next pit-stop whilst racing competitively at Spa....not going to work.

The pit-stop itself went mediocre - obviously everyone else was in and out in a Thanos-Snap of a finger, however I took a bit more time...I don't know where (probably tyres) but I dropped to 16th and stayed there - adding to my woes was a drive through for exceeding 17 incident points. Not Good.

I lost both iRating and Safety rating as a result of this rather "interesting" race.

Maybe I've learnt my lesson to calculate fuel before the race - Maybe 40 minute VRS races aren't my forte? Maybe I'll hop back over to Laguna Seca to have another go in F3/Formula 3 as I haven't had a proper season in them quite yet? Maybe I'm better at the middle stint and just doing consistent laps? Maybe I should go back to rookies/mazdas/skippys?

Okay, maybe not the last one...still, was a rather de-moralising race. Maybe I'll stick to sprints!

Who knows - maybe iRacing will add a bunch of touring cars one day!!

Just Call Me Maybe!

I was thinking about doing a F3 race after this one, but seeing as it was pretty late, and my Daytona team-mates were asking me to do a bit of practice, I thought against it.

During practice, I found out the Aston Martin is a delicious sounding car....and doesn't have ABS!

Thursday 17th December

Another day closer to Christmas - time just does. not. stop.

I woke up, rolled around my bed a bit, attended my lecture on the News-Writing Assignment due tomorrow (I feel like I've done a good piece) and then typed up the assignment itself.

I can now reveal the plan for the upcoming days.

So at 3pm I'm going back to America to do the Formula 3 race at Laguna Seca,

then, if there's time I would like to do a tour of Iceland on Euro Truck Simulator 2 - hopefully with Bonehead.

Then it's the 12hr Daytona on Saturday, followed by 3hr VRS Endurance race on Sunday - then I plan to do a very, very long Euro Truck Simulator 2 trip passing by some very UNIQUE roads ending up in the UK for Christmas.

Wednesday 23rd I'd like to see a friend - but that all depends on restrictions etc, this being preceded by a very Merry Christmas at home, seeing my girlfriend and then powering into 2021 at full fucking speed and never looking back.....

Unless there's a 13th month to 2020, in which case ignore everything.

Then it's in 2021 which is a totally new year which we can start from afresh...it should be good - but seeing how 2020 went it could go either way - 2020.2 - A Sequel, a sh*show even worse than this one, orrrr a mediocre year which seems phenomenal due to the sh*t we've had to deal with this year...we'll see! See you soon!

- RT


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