Why I Blog...

A blank page sits before me, my fingers poised, my mind racing...

It's been 602 days since I wrote my very first blog...and finally I've been able to pin-point the exact reason I blog.


Sunday 20th September, 2020 - a new chapter begins as I turn the page and start life as a University student.

Whilst I boarded at school, this would be different - I'd be in a different county, the work would be harder and I would spend a lot more time at my new residence.

Just like starting a new book, chapter or page, this new exciting "life-style" excited me - it was something different, something I never experienced before, something...fresh.

I decided to Blog my experience, partially because to share my experience/s of becoming a university student/starting Uni, partially because I enjoyed writing/creative writing/letting my dyspraxic mind paint the page and partially because I wanted to keep my parents in the loop - I'm not one for calling/messaging about my experiences - and even still to this day, that remains true.

I think the reason I blog - and continue to blog is because life is a simulation and I'm doing what my player has assigned me to do.

Even without the pandemic hitting, the step up to University has been hard.

the work-load is more, and what is expected of you is greater.

Even without your dad being diagnosed with Myeloma and then moving house the following year, it's a lot to take in and a lot of changes occur - so, given this, the main reason for blogging is about processing each day and week, having a published way of saying

"that happened on that day, that happened then, and then is when that went wrong..."

I guess it's my way of processing the events that have happened in my life/week, and then (eventually) moving on from them.


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