What Is "Kabort Motorsport?"

With my new "association" with UWRacing (University Of Wolverhampton Racing), It's that I'm going to have a (small) new audience directed towards my website/blog - and I thought I'd just bring those who are reading the new (type) of blogs up to date.

Kabort Motorsport is a virtual endurance racing team on the iRacing platform that's been around since early summer 2019.

In the beginning this website was directly connected to the team and was for those on the service or were familiar with the service and to find out about Kabort Motorsport as a team (hence the driver profiles off the blog) and for fans (friends, relatives and family) to keep up with Kabort's latest races and updates.

In August, I handed the team over to Andy Jones (a fellow racer at Kabort Motorsport, on the iRacing Platform) and promoted him to Team Principal due to the prospect of university coming up and me not being able to manage/run/organise the drivers/teams as well as fully 100% focus on university work. I may be the "owner" and "founder" - (I legally own the team/it's my "creation" and I own the rights to "Kabort Motorsport") - however Andy manages everything to do the team - meaning I can focus 100% on university work as he works "in the high chair" telling people (other drivers) what to do and where to be. Andy also gets frequent chances to drive/race (on iRacing) so everybody wins - I can confident in the knowledge that Kabort is in safe hands with someone as enthusiastic in the team as I - Andy gets to tell people what to do, but also gets to race as well...it's a pretty lovely situation.

Before Septembe9r, race-recaps were the only thing that was uploaded to the Kabort Motorsport website


UniBlog OFFICIALLY started on I believe either my first or second day at University - and it's essentially my summary of what happened during the day/s. I may spend every day slouched over this Lenovo Laptop - but somehow each day is new and exciting and exciting enough for a blog. So UniBlog is my University Experience Blog.

Why didn't you just create a new "UniBlog" Site?

One simple word: effort.

UniBlog is quite literally that - it's a Blog about my University Experience - it's not diverse or "different" enough to create a whole new site just for "personal" blogs.

I'm paying (I think) in the region of £6 for this Wix Premium site and it's got everything I need here and the "layout" of Wix's blogs are something I've got incredible accustomed to.

This is not like I'm "hijacking" Ferrari's website and suddenly talking about my personal life - my most popular blog (only popular because I shared the link on the iRacing Forums) has 130 Views, the average blog getting less than 50 Views.

The iRacing Blogs haven't gone or even dissapeared - in fact they are still fairly frequent - UniBlog and ABARTH (Below) are now just sitting next to them


I was extremely bored on the 31st October 2020, so using google maps, I created a several hundred (500) hour long road-trip from South Africa to the Russian coast of Japan and basically role-played as if I was in the car. This would be called AVRTATW or in it's longer form "A Virtual Road Trip Around The World"

It cured the boredom and I went along with it. Once I arrived at my "destination" I decided to turn it (or continue it) into a countdown to Christmas/endurance races I'm doing during the Christmas Holidays. A new destination has been selected - Daytona, Florida - arriving in time for the 12hrs Daytona on 19th December - and a new flashy name has been decided ABARTH - A Big American Road Trip Holiday.

Is This A Long Term Thing?

No. Not at all - once I arrive at Daytona, that'll mark the end of a series - and I'll be delving into Christmas Celebrations before a little surprise which I've been keeping to myself for a little while - Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Going into 2021 - depending on restrictions - it should just be UniBlog and Kabort the two main blogs.

"UKA" are blogs in which all three of these things are combined (UniBlog, Kabort and ABARTH/AVRTATW) but are too short to turn into individual blogs.


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