What Happened To MOFO?

Let's rewind the clocks back to late July, I was still doing iRacing full-time and I was still at home, yet to discover the pure joys of University.

The second series of an incredibly enjoyable MOFO Skippy Season had just ended, at they were looking at doing something new for the next three months - something exciting and something not done before.

Exactly a week, to the day, after my maiden iRacing win, MOFO were back at Watkins Glen with the Radical SR8.

The Radical was very different from the Skippy. Very Different.

Whilst in the Skippy you could Toyoko Drift your way around with no problems, just even thinking about the wrong thing would spin the Radical - It may have not bought the same enjoyment as the Skippy, but it was still fun to hang out with the MOFO guys.

After a successful trial at Watkins Glen (with not too many deaths), they'd hold a POC or Proof Of Concept race at Daytona - just to make sure that the Radical was 100% the right car to use the following season.

Another change for the season was the layout - there'd be one qualifying, but the results of the first race would decide the grid for the second - meaning the slower guys (like myself) would have an opportunity to be up front for a quarter of a lap during the reverse Grid Race (before being destroyed by a field of competitive, faster cars coming from the rear of the field )

The series would be called the "MOFO Fresher Series" and be held between August and September after a couple of tests at Daytona, Summit and Donington


Rd 1: Laguna Seca R1: 14th R2: DNF (17/47 Finishing) - Got up to 3rd, got rear-ended at turn one.

Rd 2: Brands Hatch

R1: 14th

R2: 14th

Rd 3: Oulton Park

R1 & R2: Did Not Enter (DNE)

Rd 4: Charlotte

R1: 15th


On Thursday, 10th September, MOFO's Thursday event returned and this time it was a festival of old cars and new Le Mans cars.

Of the eight GTE (Corvettes) that entered, three made it onto lap 2, and I was the only one who would finish - Jacob Money finishing 5 laps down behind me.

This was the beginning of the end for me - the next week after that was my final week at home before shooting off to University.

As if by coincidence, it'd be my best finish of the season - finishing 6th in Heat 1, and 11th in the final. It was all up to MOFO to finish the job without me.

The final round of the MOFO Fresher series would happen as planned at Silverstone, a two days after I left "home" (Surrey) for the last time.

What Happened Next?

MOFO started experimenting - first having another POC (Proof Of Concept) race between the Global Mazda MX5 Cup and the Volkswagen Jetta at Brands Hatch which I've heard from reports was THOROUGHLY enjoyable - a blast if you may...which I'm devastated I missed out on.

Drivers in the race said it was very much like BTCC - pack racing with not an inch between any driver.

Next up was the Petite Le Mans - which the MOFO boys practiced a race for, before returning to the usual, slightly odd nature of MOFO.

MOFO then had a small stint of taking the Off-Road trucks on road-tracks and had another blast there - however, I never bought the Off-Road truck, so I probably would have been stumped here too.

October ended with a bog-standard MX5 race at Watkins Glen before praticing for a Creventic Race.

The Return Of The Skippy Series

That's right, you heard correctly - MOFO is returning to the Skippies and the Skippy league - due to high demand and another lockdown, there was no other choice.

This series (called the "Short Track Skippy Series) will go from November to December and only race on circuits with an average laptime of roughly a minute. Exactly my cup of tea.

Fortunately though, after the festival on 8th December, I should be able to do the series that follows - whatever car it may be, I'm thoroughly looking forward to be jumping back in the cockpit again!


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