Warming Up To A Big Month...

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

No matter how well any of the teams that entered the ELMS at Le Mans or Daytona 24 Hours did - it was an invaluable experience for all, and it showed me how well everyone got - even if Sam was *slightly* above the drink-drive (let alone drink-race) limit.... Coming up is a pretty big month for Kabort - with the joys of the first couple of races with a bunch of new drivers, I'm extremely excited to see what comes of the it. Starting February in style is the Endurance Le Mans Series at Suzuka, where a Ford GT from 2017 will make its debut - Carter Hutcherson being at the helm. A huge thank you must go out to him for sorting the paint out with Doug, our painter. Barely 7 days later, we've got to be in Australia for the Bathurst 12 Hours. Here, a Mercedes AMG GT GT3 car will also make its debut along side a Ferrari GT3 This won't be covered in the traditional Kabort livery, instead, one in memory of the horrific bush-fires that have been devastating Australia for the past six months. Maybe she'll come out another day. with three months to go of the summer season in Australia, the horror is far from over. After jumping from Asia to Australia, we then leap on to America - where Robert Land and Jaehan An will be attempting the prestigious Daytona 500 - whilst the rest of the team fight it out at The Glen for 6 hours. Watkins is incredibly friendly for overtaking - so should provide some exciting racing. It's only now do the team finally get a week's rest - either in (America or Britain) before heading to Kabort's home race for the final race of an absolutely action packed season.

I honestly cannot believe that just like that the season will come to a close...Where on earth has time gone?!?

Onward from here, it's the absolute absurdity of Week 13 - before we go at it again in March...

Stay tuned...things are about to get incredibly crazy!