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UniBlog: Zooming Into May!

Good morning! I hope you are all well and healthy.

With as little babbling as possible, let's dive straight in as it's been quite the mad week or so!

Today's blog begins a few weeks ago - on April 22nd. A Week prior to taking my most recent COVID Test. (April 29th - Negative.)

The next time I went outside (properly) was the 25th, when I saw Evie (and went down South) and then on the 27th when I went swimming - the next test I take confirming that I did/did not catch COVID during these trips. This will likely be on Wednesday or Thursday - since I'm not on campus, I don't see the need of testing twice a week.

If I do take a test on the 4th or 5th - it'll cover me for the 28th/29th April.

Following this was my final full week of face-to-face lectures which started on the 28th April with a Radio News Production lecture about the second assignment - a 5 minute radio bulletin on one subject - I tried to begin recording sounds for this, but it turned out either muffled - or ruined as I left my student ID at the accommodation and couldn't get the bleeping of me accessing the site (one of the audio clips I needed) - I still have plenty of time to sort this.

29th April was the first day since my previous blog and I went on campus (for the final time) for my Television News Production lecture and we did some filming with some nice, fancy cameras - "a shame" I think is a understatement to how I feel. There's quite the equipment to learn to use (camera and editing) and whilst I know how to (roughly) use these, it would have been nice to have more than three lectures/lessons on learning to use these.

Thankfully though, our lecturer said for us not to worry about the points/marks since this year has been so odd/strange - so that's a little sense of relief.


Due to it being mine and Annie's 11 month (dating) anniversary, I already planned to come down to Surrey over the weekend of the first - I just left a little beforehand to give a few friends of mine assistance with a skip and other errands the Thursday and Friday before, before heading home on the Friday night...only to discover that...I did not have my house key.

Uh ho. It was almost midnight and the last thing I wanted to be doing was waking my neighbours up. So I took a big sigh, called my mum and then headed on the long road up to Wolverhampton.

Long road cut short - I drove up there, found my keys in my small basket, slept for a couple hours and then headed back down south.

I arrived early-ish in the morning, unpacked the car, grabbed some milk (and some wine gums) and returned to the house.

Shortly after, I picked Annie up and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time - watching an episode of Glee and binging Riverdale (something I THOROUGHLY got into as the plot thickened and episodes continued) before driving her home on Sunday.

Sunday was also the Portuguese Grand Prix - but after reading some comments and seeing the two Mercedes in the lead by quite some way, it wasn't the most exciting race in the world.

After dropping off Annie, I tidied up my room before (admittedly) having a cheeky go on iRacing (nothing official, just AI Racing) and setting up my wheel to work (comfortably) on Euro Truck Simulator for Will's (Burfield) event later on in the month (22nd).

Whilst one of the trucks was in Germany for the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship round(s), VRS Endurance at the Nurburgring and iRacing Nuburgring 24 Hours, whilst I took the other Kabort highlighter truck just for a little spin on the M40 to make sure all was good for the May 23rd date.


Bank Holiday Monday! Today's been a very lazy one - lying in bed, looking at old and new Facebook settings, information and memories. Should I have breakfast? Ehh, Maybe Later!

Just three weeks left of university this year! Final little push, let's go!

The Kabort Truck was spotted (without Kabort Decals) near the M40


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