UniBlog: Very Decent Start To December

Good evening!

In exactly a week to the day, I'll be back in Surrey, back in my home county for Christmas. Crazy how quickly time flies - feels like only yesterday I was hyped for my very first lecture!

Today went surprisingly smoothly - some may even say "too smoothly".

The previous night I had set my alarm for 7:45am - the man from Kia was expected to arrive at any time between 8 and 12.

I had a good breakfast of cereals and bagels (final pack of bagels whilst at uni) before he arrived at 9:10am in a little white '20 plate Picanto.

(He did phone a couple of minutes beforehand)

I'd then hand him the keys before heading back inside.

An hour or so after this, I'd receive an email from Terry who gave me some incredibly useful feedback on the UWRacing Blog as well as asking a little about the future.

I'd spend a little while reading and formulating a reply and by the time I had sent it, it was about 20 minutes to my "lecture"

The "Lecture" (?)

The "online meeting on Canvas at 2pm" - was not exactly a lecture....the lecture was pre-recorded and availible to watch/download - this was more preparation for the "Representing The Real" assignment and tools such as "Mendeley" (referencing manager) that can help us during writing the assignment.

At the end of the Canvas meeting - I'd talk to my friend for a bit before the Kia man would call me to tell me that he arrived. Fortunately, the Kia had passed its MOT - but had a couple of advisory things which weren't "dangerous", more "of note".

The three things marked were: wiper blades potentially needing to be replaced (sliding against the glass), play in the handbrake and the new battery being smaller than the original one.

Shortly after he'd arrive outside and hand me my key back.

He told me to follow him to the KIA dealership, and after sorting the rather UNIQUE seat settings - and heat settings - that the previous driver had the seat/heat on.

I followed him to the dealership, paid for the MOT (no advisory extras) and got back in my car.

Opposite the dealership was a McDonalds....which got me thinking...why not have a cheeky KFC? (don't like McDonald's) So I banged it into my Sat-Nav annnnnnd...

Nothing against "Favourite Chicken & Ribs", just wasn't quite what I was expecting

It sent it me hear. I know I've been living in Wolverhampton for 3 or so months...but I've spent those three months inside!!

After a frantic u-turn, I'd hit the road once more to find a proper KFC only 10 minutes away from my accomodation...It was a drive-through, which made it worth it!! I'd drive home with my Special Cargo - a Banquet Box For One, a Apple and Blackcurrant Drink (I attempted to drink at red traffic lights but got rather wet) and a muffin - this was the first trip to a fast food resturant other than Dominoes since 20th September - my very first night at uni accomodation.

Twas all delicious and even helps my slight food miscalculation (eating a whole Pizza instead of half)

Game A Day

Today's game isssss......GranTurismo Sport!

Oh hold on a second....I don't have a playstation. Oh okay. That's awkward...ah well - guess you have to wait until tomorrow's #GAD

I've had a pretty damn decent day - which only further improves as I realise it's Wednesday tomorrow - meaning more chocolate and no lectures all day - meaning a good day (hopefullly!)

See you tomorrow!


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