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Updated: May 24, 2021

Good Morning and welcome to another blog. It's been a little while since I've done one, so, let's get straight in!

This week's blog starts on Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) and was exactly a week before I took my test on May 11th - meaning I hadn't caught "it" from anyone up to that point - including my trips down south and my one swimming trip.

The 4th also saw the release of an "alpha" (work in progress demo-version) to a simulator I'm thoroughly looking forward to.

Two days after (May 6th) was my most recent blog, followed by a lazy day on the 7th.

I've been seeing the Dynamic Duo of Annie and Evie quite a fair bit recently - first in late March/early April (here) before seeing Evie alone on the 25th of April, before then seeing Annie the following weekend for our memorable 11 month anniversary - this being when I had to drive up to Wolverhampton to grab my house keys and then shuttle back down again.

I stayed down South (my other house) for bank Holiday Monday before going back up to Wolverhampton a day before my "lecture day", me returning on the evening of Wednesday 5th May.


The next time I saw the duo was on the 8th May - and I made sure to leave Wolverhampton early (for once!)

Despite arriving 20 minutes late to Annie's, we still had the whole day ahead of us and the sleepover was certainly one to look forward to.

I won't go into detail about the nitty gritty of what transpired, because it's not my place to, nor do I want to cause drama or flare anything up again... but we bundled into the house, Evie walked her dogs whilst we were upstairs, we made up after something happened before heading out to the town centre (of Evie's home town) to get some food for the sleepover and other supplies.

Following this, we headed out to McDonalds and had a great old time.

Later that night, our cheat-night continued as I went out to grab some Dominoes for us - even though not all was eaten (as it got cold) we still had an alright night.

The place Evie lives is a little awkward - two hills (Newlands Corner and Hound House Road next to Pitch Hill) and being a little rural means that few fast-food places deliver there - and it's quite the drive (half an hour) to the next Dominoes or KFC - but alas, I got food and they ate.

During this trip down to Dominoes, I also hit 69069 miles - a nice little number!

9/05/2021 After a very good sleep on the Sofabed, we awoke refreshed and I got us some McDonalds...unfortunately the menu was incredibly "limited" and very little was had for breakfast (hash brown, couple of McMuffins)

After a trip to Tesco, we attempted to go to Leith Hill. This having three different addresses - this ended up being a very long and exhausted process - it took three attempts before we eventually got one which directed us to the right location - by this time, we were all fed up and only I went up, "played around" with my car-keys (stress relief. I was pissed off at the days events. I don't condone doing what I did, but it was better than jumping off - oh, hello loyal fans of the blog. good to see you).

Alas, after that little adventure, I whisked Annie off home and then stayed the night at Evie's, (as she had the Monday off college) us both watching instagram that evening.

I did a bit of mumbling throughout the day (talking to myself, complaining at Kiara's turning circle, muttering about life - small things)


On Monday we grabbed some food before going rather far East - our destination was rather darn windy so we found a small village close to Evie's heart and had a little walk before heading back home. (to Evie's).

After a fuel stop/stop for food/water - we were back on the road.

Along the way, we witnessed an accident between two SUV's (T-bone) - after those in front of me drove off/around it, I pulled to the side of the road, told Evie to call 999 and helped out on scene (making sure no-one was injured, assisting Police with number-plates, telling them that the road was blocked - neither vehicle being drivable - and setting up a warning triangle

Evie was concerned about what time she'd get back, so I asked another on scene to use their Warning Triangle as I had to go somewhere.

Accidents are so weird - you talk to everyone - almost get to know them, and then when you leave the scene it's like...you'll never see them again - you're strangers.

Not too far up the road from the accident, we saw a Police car driving towards the scene - so that gave me confidence that they'd be alright and the Police would sort the things that hadn't been sorted.

I dropped off Evie, I stuck around for a little bit before heading back up to Wolverhampton. She had college the next day, and I didn't really want to be woken up at ridiculous o'clock.

I drove around a bit and searched for broken Cats Eyes before giving up and driving up to Wolverhampton, briefly stopping at a service station for a 10 maybe 20 minute snooze before hitting the road again. The snooze did work and did give me the energy to get up to my destination.


Tuesday began as an unproductive day - going to sleep at 4am, waking up at 8am and just chilling in my room until the early evening - at that point I sprung into action, cleaned out my car, grabbed the week's food and had a rapid COVID test (negative as per)

The boot was also cleaned after a pair of dogs decided to shed their entire winter coat in the back of my car. The boot went from grey to black!

I returned home and sat on my laptop, binging - if that's the right word - on footage from the Gaza/Israel conflict - I don't know what it is, but there's something weirdly mesmerizing about the Iron Dome Anti Missile System.

More to the point of why I was watching this was because I enjoy keeping up to date and knowing as much as the press/BBC know, so watching Sky and other videos keeps me in the loop.

I finished the evening with a Pizza (with music) and a consideration to watch "Cherry" - but I'll probably watch that tonight.

And with that, I must bid you farewell, life is calling me and I must respond!

Until next time,

see you soon.


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