UniBlog: The Storm Hits.

I meant for the previous blog to be in anticipation for the slightly rocky waves up ahead...but it's all sort of hit at once.

It's 2020 so I shouldn't really expect anything I mean....all I can do is expect the unexpected and even then life throws a curveball and is like "Nope."

Righty. Where do I start?

I think I'll start from the very beginning and work my way forward.

Saturday 28th November

Rewinding to last weekend, (the weekend after I went to UWRacing), there'd be two main events on the weekend - the Winter VLN (too low on the reserve list to participate) and the Jimmy Broadbent 23hrs - which our friendly rival would do pretty well in, despite a late calamity.

(No Kabort entries to the JB23hr)

Monday 30th November

Would mark our 5 Month Anniversary - and Netflix would work for us.

Wednesday 2nd December

There'd be a little "speedbump" that myself and my girlfriend would get over - but it's just part of being in a relationship - you get good days and bad days. I don't want to get into it - but we're good.

Thursday 3rd December

Today started relatively calmly, attended my lecture which was about Artifical Intelligence and the types of AI (Weak, Strong and Super AI) which was a fun little lecture before going on to talk about the two assignments (another portfolio appearing on my radar after completing the first assignment (Citizen Journalism)

After the lecture, I asked my lecturer if she could just have a look over my work just to make sure it's all good and on the right track for the Monday Assignment. Legally I am allowed to go home (as per Boris' ruling that University students should go home between the 3rd and 10th December - but I want to get this assignment done and dusted first! In more news, now 2 of my three email boxes have been fked up - Yahoo Mail and Netflix going down as they please (in sync) and now joining the list is one of two of my University emails.

This coming weekend will see my final weekend at the University for the year, as well as many other lasts.

Finally the 3rd (December) marks the day that the government gives University Students the green light to go home.


Haven't heard from ABARTH in a little while! I'm enjoying my 5 days in Hawaii and I've been informed that I passed my Virtual Truck Driving Test and medical - meaning that I can legally drive a virtual truck....now all I need is a truck to do it in!


This weekend is a biggy for Kabort with three massive events in the space of 24 hours: - The final round of ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) at Spa (Only Official Race) - ISRC 1500 Miles of Sebring - VEC (Virtual Endurance Championship) 24 Hours of Le Mans. Kabort will not be attending the Epilepsy Awareness 6 Hours of Daytona. Everything is absolutely batsh*t crazy right now but as every hour passes and everything slowly sorts itself out I'm sure we'll be in for a very decent Christmas!

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