UniBlog: The Lectures Begin!

Hello! Welcome to the Blog! I'm a couple days behind, so with as little rambling as possible, let's get into this UniBlog.


With the start of a new week, everything around me started to calm down slightly - The Scotland Blog was done and dusted, my family were all settled in the Isle Of Wight, and I had sort of got of in the groove of Uni - and to be honest, the biggest thing I had to stress or worry about was missing a lecture.

I'd wake up at 8am for a 9am lecture in the theatre - after breakfast and getting all my things prepared, I left on time (surprisingly)

Having been there during my first year, I knew exactly where to go.

Other than finding out that the post office wasn't open at 08:30am, it was a pretty uneventful walk to the theatre.

Upon arrival, I didn't exactly know what to do - wait outside? Wait in the foyer?

Since there was nobody outside, and I didn't know if it was the same room, I waited in the Foyer for a bit, before waiting outside the theatre itself, only to be shortly met by the other guys on my course - wondering the same. Soon a student on the course let us in.

The topic of the lecture - and indeed the module is very interesting - it was about how race, gender and sexuality in films - particularly Hollywood ones are portrayed.

We'd start the lecture off with a general introduction, followed by watching a scene from Indiana Jones (1998) when Marion and Indiana Jones face some enemies/attackers in Egypt and we look at the character of Marion and how as a woman, her character is shown as weak and doesn't fight like Indiana Jones does as well as the general representation of Egypt, the villains, the civilians in the background as well as the Mise En Scene.

Unfortunately, I was an idiot and didn't properly shut down my laptop whilst walking from my accommodation up to the Uni - meaning only about an hour of charge was left in my laptop for a good couple hour lecture - so half way through a word document it transfers to paper...which is great for an organisational sufferer like myself, anyway, I'll sort it.

On my way home, I'd grab my coat from the post-office (because it was still open) before much, much later heading out to ASDA to initially grab a single pizza for that night, before going on and grabbing food for the entire week.

I'd not long after note down when all the due dates for food were, before putting them all into the fridge (well, except the pizza) and having a quick pizza and then return to my room, do a quick blog - or continue on a blog and then hit the hay.


Day 2!

After a little bit of a lie in, I eventually kickstarted the day - not knowing what was in store or where I was going for the day's lecture. Following the boring standard schedule of getting dressed and having breakfast, I eventually left.

On my way to the new building, I bumped into an old lecturer of mine and had a little chat before continuing up to the building, turning around (making sure it wasn't awkward and like "where you going? You were just going in that direction?") and rushed home to get a study book (in retrospective, I didn't actually need it)

I'd eventually find the room on the 6th floor and get there near enough on time.

The lecture would be on Media, Law and Ethics and the ethical values of Journalism/Journalists as well as touching upon the 11 Rules of the National Union of Journalists.

Whilst there was a fairly significant amount of people in the theatre, this was vastly different - and reminded me greatly of the second part of my second Semester in the first year - just two people once again... Spoiler, the next day there'd be three people in the lecture - me and another girl (who was in my lecture on Monday too) plus another man I'd never seen before.

It was later explained to me that Representation of Gender, Sexuality and Race, whilst in the Multimedia Journalism course, is very much a "crossover subject" with quite a few different modules/topics/subjects all taking the lecture though being in different years and courses.

Whilst all the other places had an opportunity to grab something, here was slightly different...especially being on the 6th floor...I didn't want to go too far and keep anyone waiting.

Anyway, after a short break, the lecture would resume and eventually finish.

As before, I'd use my laptop until it died before then going onto my notepad.

For a Uni evening, that night was surprisingly action-packed, me having dinner, booking tickets to see No Time To Die (James Bond) as well as BeamNG.Drive releasing a teaser for an upcoming car that was due to be released.

I'm getting both Mazda and Tesla Vibes


Wednesday was my last lecture of the week and it was back in the "Alan Turing" building - the same building (and same room) as I had been in my first year.

After a small tour of the renovations being done to the media facility ("Screen School"), we swiftly got on.

In this lecture (multi-media news production) we learnt about what we would be doing - and from what I heard, it was all about to get very exciting!

But all of that is obviously to come - first the theory has to be done, and that's exactly the name of the game of the first assignment - a 2500 word analysis report - on what? I have no idea!

This year, I get an early Christmas gift - a Television News day on the 15th December - due to COVID, having a "News day" in a newsroom has been an impossibility for the past two years. Normality is coming!

I was also told that there would be multiple (more than one) Radio News Days, consisting of hourly radio bulletins.

No, these won't go out out to the Public, however every "Radio News Day" I do, the better I get (practice makes perfect) and the more content I'll have for my portfolio to not only use for my assignment, but to show future deaf and blind employers (I joke, of course they want to hear me...sparingly.)

By May 2022, in time for the second assignment - I've been told that I would have done 2 radio packages and 2 TV Packages and 4 Online Outputs (including 2 "shorts" - like YouTube Shorts)

I'll also have to do Work Placement in 2022, ideally in the same industry - I have a small idea, although I doubt it will work...but it's certainly worth a shot.

To end the lecture, we learnt about the "anatomy" of news and the "inputs" and "outputs" of the News Room as well as the sort of journalist "work-flow" from searching for news to staying in touch with those involved in the story after the story has aired.

My laptop SO NEARLY made it - in fact, following my laptop running out of battery , I wrote no more in my notepad or anywhere else. This was also the only room so far that has had plugs where I COULD have plugged in my charger had I bought it - mental note for next time.

Right, I have some alternative blogs to pump out quickly, so I'm going to wrap things up here since nothing of real interest happened that evening - and I'll catch you in the next blog very soon!


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