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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hello Hello! Welcome to another blog!

After feeling rather shite yesterday, I went to bed at about 5pm - had a rather disturbed sleep (due to headache) - I woke up, had a shower about 6:15am, and went to sleep until about 10 or so.

At roughly 11 there, thereabouts I finally properly woke up - had breakfast and by 2 or 3pm I had begun to crack on with my work

Currently I've got my mind on many things - Kabort (and analysis), going home, Game A Day, ABARTH, my assignment but that's the beauty of University - you will get stressed but time will pass and things will eventually sort themselves.

Fortunately my headache has gone - but the mass stress hasn't. Stress kicks your body into action though

Kabort's Weekend Results

ISRC - 1,500 Miles Of Suzuka (13hrs)

Kabort K2 (GTE)

Daniel Weber (GER)

Tim Perry (GBR)

Start: 25th (15th In Class)

Finish: DSQ

Kabort K1 (LMP2)

Adam J Pearce (GBR)

Joost Bouwmeester (NTL)

Thomas Jensen (SWE)

Start: 11th (8th In Class)

Finish: 11th (8th In Class)

ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series)

Kabort K4 (GTE)

Sam Thurtell (AUS)

Berkley Cox (USA)

Start: 30th (20th in Class)

Finish: 18th (9th in Class)

VEC (Virtual Endurance Championship) - 24hrs Le Mans

Kabort VEC

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Berkley Cox (USA)

Tommy De Wilde (BEL)

Mateusz Drozda (GBR)

Samuel Thurtell (AUS)

DNF after Political Issues (fairness of penalties, a big mess in the Discord etc.)


After landing at Sacramento at 10pm or so (3pm flight took off), I headed straight to the closed gates of Laguna Seca, I had only just missed FP1 for the Daytona 12hrs (which took place on Saturday)

San Fran was stunning

Laguna opened early at 6am or so and I meeted and greeted the guys and saw the stunning track for the first time just as the sun was rising.

I'll be staying at Laguna over the next few days as the next place on my bucket list is quite far out and I'd run out of time going to the location and back.

FP1 is on the 10th (4 days time) and I want to ensure that everything is sorted for the very first session.

That very weekend is the Limes Race.

In terms of countries I'm missing now, the list grows longer - from just Panama and Costa Rica, to Nicaragua and El Savador with The Honduras, Belize and Guatemala soon to be added to the list. Game A Day


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