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UniBlog: The Calm Before The Storm

Today was incredibly calm and very little actually happened.

I'd wake up, have breakfast, (bagel and cereal) feel a little groggy - lie in bed for a bit before eating the chocolate from my advent calendar before snoozing.

I'd wake up/get up - play on my laptop a bit and that's pretty much today in a nutshell.

This blog is incredibly empty - so let's add a picture or so

From Left: Pic 1 & 2: November 24th

Pic 3: November 29th, Bahrain (Stolen)

Pic 4: December 1st

I believe I've reached the calm before the storm - the final moment of peace and quiet before the mad crazy rush of finishing up the assignment and then going home and then Christmas - very much blam, blam, blam! Sometimes you get super long blogs - other times you get miniscule ones.

Game A Day

Right! Today's Game A Day isssss

AUTOMOBILISTA 2! Which I double checked was available for the computer.

But Where's The Footage?

I suddenly realised I don't have the game! Sorry but no Game A Day video today...maybe I'll try an online game tomorrow!


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