UniBlog: Slowly Getting Better...

Good morning! Hope you are all well, I'm actually not doing that bad, personally.

Now on the 16th April, (5 or so days after arriving at the accommodation) I've seemed to slip back into the natural flow of things.

The last I blogged was Tuesday Morning - so with that, let us resume...

Tuesday was a very quiet day (with the exception of messenger!)

Wednesday 14th April, 2021

On Wednesday, I went down to - well somewhere, a little out of the way - not quite Surrey and helped out my friends moving some boxes from a garage to their house - with a little bit more to go - they agreed that I could come back on a later date to finish the job.

After being in the car with them a while - and letting my thoughts run wild in the car as I headed back up to Wolverhampton, I had some thoughts - some nice like driving a Lotus Elise 111S or Caterham 7, some not so nice, like about my future.

At midnight - or the early hours of the 15th, I began to watch a Titanic Live-Stream, but less than half-an-hour in, I felt my eyes get heavy, so I shut the laptop and nodded off to sleep

Thursday 15th April, 2021

I lay in bed. Stress consumed me. The combination of "relationship thoughts", somehow going back on campus (me not knowing where to go), The Netherlands Trip (planning intensifying) ticking over in my mind.

I felt like a Tug-Of-War rope - both sides wanting to win - if I was pulled over to the winning side, the losing side would be deeply upset. At the time, I believed the words I were told..but now, I am certainly having second thoughts.

As I walked up to the campus (without the foggiest idea where to go) - and late because I mis-placed my accomodation-keys, I began writing a message to the words of the affect of "If there is someone else...then fire away, go with them".

I got further than I did on Monday - this time trying a different buzzer - this time I was informed that I had to go a different way to find the building where my lecture was taking place (same room as before)

This way worked and eventually I found my way in and found my lecturer with one other student - this student being one of the more consistent arrivals during online lectures.

It was a funny little lecture - finding out about the layout of the news-room, before being shown the television and radio suites.

Shortly after this, we'd have a break, eat at the on-campus Starbucks (me having a Ham and Cheese Panini - lush) before walking back after another 5 or 10 minutes.

Along my way, I stopped off at the Uni's post-office and picked up the post I received...Over 15 weeks worth of Autosport Magazines as well as another package that I ordered for myself.

I went home, had a good, long honest discussion with my girlfriend and realised that I had been wrong to worry or stress or even think about what I thought about - she'd done and has planned to do a lot bloody more than I appreciate and I guess when you are in the mind-frame of "oh, this isn't working, it's so bad...why xyz..." you tend to forget the important times - the good times.

That evening, I'd cook myself pasta with two kievs (both were in the same packaging and went out of date on the same day). Whilst the pasta was done first and was edging near cold when the Kievs were done, it was still a very nice meal.

After discussing two trips with friends in two different continents, I settled down and watched a documentary about behavioural experts analysing the behaviour, actions and speech patterns of three "not very nice" individuals.

Friday 16th April, 2021

Friday's been a nice, lazy day, just relaxing in bed half of the day - writing a blog - checking the calendar, watching a video or two.

Whilst I was looking at a stress-level of like a 7/10 yesterday, I think now, lying in bed I am at a 5.5 - just a tick over normal - with friends planning trips to all corners of the globe (and wanting me to get involved) the financial side of things is making me anxious. Can I afford this? Can we do this? Will it go wrong? Will I have enough for life's future demands like weddings, kids and etc.

I've only recently started saving - Not too long ago I sucked my bank account completely dry. Now it seems I've matured and saving works.

When I don't think about the trips in the future? I think I'm at like a 4/10.


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