UNIBLOG RETURNS: The First Week Back!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Scotland Holiday PT. 1

Scotland Holiday PT. 2

Scotland Holiday PT. 3

(As much as I loved the Scotland holiday, it's so good to be blogging about something new - and a new chapter in my life!)

19/09/2021 - Moving Out Day

I'd wake up at 10am or so, I was due to pick up my keys at 5pm that evening (the latest slot I could book), so I had breakfast, sorted my washing out, sorted the final items in the spare room that had not yet been sorted and packed the car.

Last year I had an excess of things because I was new and thought I needed to customise my room to make it look like home and so I wasn't home sick - this year I did the same, but for a different reason - to leave the house as empty as possible and leave the parents with an easy job as possible.

It being a 2 and a half hour drive to uni, my parents suggested I leave at 1pm or so - and whilst I didn't quite leave at 1pm, I left following a very difficult walk around the house - my last walk around the house - seeing the rooms I had spent growing up for the last 13 years, the dining rooms of many a family meal, the different rooms in which my different stages of gaming took place - My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0, before the computer was then put downstairs, and that's where (after a great number of years) I started my iRacing Career.

My bedroom also being cleared out empty was an incredibly weird thing to see and in some ways it was uncomfortable because I had spent so much time in my bedroom - in fact BedroomS because in the time I was there I took over Felix's old room and he took the other spare bedroom we had (which used to be the study/computer room before it was Felix's bedroom)

Anyway. After a long garden walk reminiscing of good times and old times, I eventually arrived back at the house - As big as my garden may be, it was more the fact I was walking rather slowly which was the reason for the walk's length.

I eventually left my gravel driveway for the final time at 2:37pm. From the time I first used my laptop (in the house) until my last wheel left the driveway, I had spent about 14 Hours inside my house.

14 Hours to say goodbye to 13 years of history, a childhood home, everything I've known and loved about Woking, it was...well, a quick goodbye to say the least.

The drive up to Wolverhampton was just fine - saw a goose farm...which was standard as I've driven past it many a time.

After the standard "they've got it" "noooo, THEY'VE GOTTT IT!" "I thought you had ittt", I eventually got my keys (after a slice of Pizza) and got accustomed to my new room - It was - and still is identical to 009, except it's flipped the other way and I've now got a window facing the inside of the accommodation car-park as opposed to the view of North Road Previously.

I'd load everything into my accommodation and would quickly meet my new accommodation mates for the year - and just like before I had been blessed with three lovely people - different for this year, I'd have a two women and one male in my corridor.

With no food in the fridge, and it getting a little late, I decided to head to a McDonalds for a very quick and easy meal.

I'd return not too long after, get my pyjamas on and go to bed.


7:59am. Normality.

8:00am. It Ends. House Number 19 on St Marthas Avenue in Woking, Surrey no longer remains ours. I'm not there. I've paid my tributes and now in Wolverhampton, I have bigger fish to fry - blogs that are over a week old, a fridge that needs to be filled, Welcome Week to sort, a vaccine that needs to be inserted and now my headset that I left in Harlow. It's a bit hectic, but one by one, I slowly get through the list, starting with the blog that I crack on with throughout the week, around that I fit the other tasks

To start off, I went to my local amazon locker to pick up some fuses Will bought me, next door to this was the university Post Office where I'd see if my coat had arrived - it had not (arrived on Tuesday 21st).


UniBlog's First Anniversary! WOO! 1 Year, 52 Weeks and 365 Days of Blogging and I'm still going! Here's to the next year...let's look back at my very first UniBlog...maybe you can see the difference in the level of writing?

The Very First UniBlog

Unfortunately, between still writing the Scotland Blog, me going from Scotland - My house to Uni then onward to Harlow, I wasn't able to give it the recognition it needed or deserved, but I've addressed it now (albeit 6 days late), given it four lines of love, recognition and commemoration all should be happy.

As stated before, the 21st would also see me head down to Harlow to get my headset from the same place my rig is stored.

Due to it being a three hour drive down there, I didn't exactly want to drive all the way down to Essex, only to pick up the headset and then just drive all the way back up to Wolverhampton again, so, I asked if I could stay the night, and as I'm family (according to them) they gave the thumbs up.

In doing so my rig came downstairs and after one AI Race at Bathurst and a practice session with Tom Wallace, I installed Teardown onto my desktop (bought it on laptop first to see what exactly it was, didn't get full experience on a mousepad) - so I sort of got hooked onto Teardown which is basically everything I love about a game all wrapped into one - more on that in a second.

I'd stay in Harlow until the next day at about midday.

Unfortunately, in this time my new course leader added an announcement to Canvas.

The problem with this was the fact that I had been checking my other university app (My.WLV) pretty much daily/weekly and still got no notification or message to say there was an update - so when I did check Canvas, I was a little surprised to see two notifications/announcements.

Fortunately the first one was more of a "Welcome back to Uni!" whilst the second was a little more of a "it was great seeing you at the induction day" - Welcome Week during 2020 being more of an online affair with different "Zoom" and "Microsoft Teams" ordeal - I thought 2021 would be the same.

No matter, the announcement/notification said that he was looking forward to seeing the rest of us next week (after the notification/announcement), so I'm sure everything will work out just fine (future Robin here: It Was.)

What I love about Teardown

Not 6 paragraphs earlier, I mentioned a game called "Teardown" - well, here's a RATHER in depth views at it. I don't know what pushed me over the edge to buy it on the 12th September, but I did - and I'm very glad I did because it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Looking at my search history, I was looking at some videos such as "Cars VS Buildings: Teardown" - this MAY have had an influence.

In the beginning, I was a little disappointed that I could only do the "campaign" mode - but this was quickly overcome by the fact that the campaign was very, very good.

Simply put, the objective of Teardown is to collect items before the time runs out.

In slightly more detail, you're the owner of "Löckelle Teardown Services" a local demolition company and after knocking down a historically significant building, you must get rid of all the evidence of your wrongdoing (documents and CCTV files)

This game is a "sandbox" meaning you can go pretty much anywhere in the confines of the map and do pretty much as you please.

As the missions go on, you are introduced to new elements such as alarms and time-limits - here's where the fun part comes in - and the bit I love the most.

At the beginning of every "mission" you'll have a couple of simple tasks like "destroy this house" "destroy this boat" "destroy this vehicle" - then I'll give you a number of objectives to collect/destroy/interact with in one minute.

The fun part here is that you can collect said items in any order you like - and with vehicles dotted around the map, you can use these to make life a little bit easier for yourself - almost creating a shortcut - like digging a hole in the wall or parking a vehicle in a certain location to make for an easier escape.

The beautiful thing about this is that the game raises its hands and quite literally says "it's all down to you" - giving you no inputs or hints - sort of making the achievement of completing the mission all the more rewarding as you had no prompts.

I find this fun because - ready for it, I like planning. I hear you laugh, but I'm being honest - it almost hypes you pulling the first alarm up - like "all the vehicles are in position, all the walls that were in the way are knocked down, I know the route I'm going to take - I've even done a rehearsal of it and then for your plan to work is just the best feeling.