UniBlog: Recovering From A Bad Start

By Monday night, I was feeling back to my regular self. As simply as possible, when I woke up from my "recovery sleep", it was pretty dark and late, and I didn't fancy going out to ASDA (as this required me to get out of my car, and I didn't want to be talked to or hurt), so I instead went through a Drive-Through McDonalds.

05/10/2021 (Tuesday)

After waking up, getting dressed and having breakfast, it was time for Tuesday's afternoon lecture.

This lecture was on Media, Law and Ethics which is the basic "do's and don't's" of Media and Journalism and what rights I have and the things I can't write about or mention. It's surprisingly interesting - especially as it'll eventually keep me out of jail, the wrong side of the court room or having letters through my letterbox.

After this lecture, I did a bit of "money management" - seeing how much I had previously spent in my first couple of weeks of Uni, in addition to the income or money I needed in order to be able to afford the upcoming rent.

Alongside writing a blog, this took a little while, but it was definitely important.

I'd have dinner/tea rather late before hitting the hay.


The 6th saw very much a continuation of the previous day - a lecture, followed by finishing up the finance spreadsheet to give to my dad.

The lecture on that day was the final of the week and we had a new lecturer (or different lecturer than previously).

This lecture was about "New Media" and very much the "future of Journalism" and the past/previous forms of Journalism.

After the lecture, as mentioned before, I'd sort my finances as well as making some progress on the blog I was writing at the time


On the theme of "analysis" - I'd try and find out how Tom was doing compared to those who also joined on the same day as him.

After going through about 100 drivers, I'd find out that in total 249 joined on the same day as him - and I wasn't even half-way through, so I gave up and shortly after found a MUCH better, easier and more efficient way of getting this information, which consisted of downloading a .CSV (Excel file) from iRacing and then deleting the drivers which fell out of the parameters (i.e: ones that didn't join on Tom's join-date) and after this it was just a matter of sorting the data by the right column. Each driver has a "ID Number" associated with their account, and this goes in order from their join date - and by sorting this from low to high, all I had to find was the first and last drivers to join on Tom's date - which was simple enough.

With this new SUPER easy method, I was also able to find out how I shaped up versus the guys I shared a join date with.

Tom's account being much younger (a couple of months) and him making a storming start meant that he had one of the ten highest iRatings of those who joined on his day.

In terms of his licence class, he's one of the Top 20.

Me however? Me taking my iRacing a little more leisurely and racing in one race per series meant that I had been bumped down quite a bit - 56th out of 212, which I'll take, especially as I've not had the cleanest record - and there's only time to improve.

I further used this data to update "The Battle Of The Robin's" document - with a fairly uncommon name (in this country at least) - I've comprised a list of all the Robin's on the service.

In total there were/are 434 members on iRacing called "Robin" (one called "Robinn"), 82 of whom have a Class A licence - 5 of them (including myself are Brits.

In this list of 82, I'm 72nd - which means I'm higher iRating than 10 "Robin's" with an A Class licence - meaning I'm better than 10 of the best Robin's on iRacing - just 71 ahead of me to go!

(For Context the top 3 have a combined iRating of 52,000 - these drivers reaching 3,4,5 and even 6,000 iRating - I have a bright future!

I'm also beating Robin Frijns who's a Class D driver - but I wouldn't fancy racing him!


I woke up a little later today, past midday - so I had breakfast, pumped out this blog and pretty much chilled.

I've told myself that I should go to the gym on the days I don't have lectures, but thus far I've only had one weekend (the weekend of the Russian Grand Prix) which I should/would have been able to, maybe this coming weekend will be my lucky one?


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