UniBlog: Procrastinate? Procrasti-not!

Good evening my blog viewers! I hope you are are all well!

It's been a fun few days for me - firstly finding out that my lecture was pre-recorded (hence being able to watch it whenever - me personally enjoying live lectures more) before going for a test at 3pm (this turning out to be negative).

This was particularly significant as ever since Thursday/Friday last week, I've remained in Wolverhampton, meaning any positive test I get now, will be likely contracted in Wolverhampton - but should I go on "walkies" again (driving around) - then this opens up the possibility of catching it from elsewhere.

On my way home from the COVID Testing Centre, it came to my mind that I had previously searched for a gym/indoor pool - and with a little help from Google maps - I found WVActive, offering a £10 monthly subscription to their pool/gym - from what I saw through the glass window, it looked pretty neat and big enough to do a length or so - love or hate media - I want to at least not see my ribs or look "like a normal body type". No, I'm not going to start yanking weights or whatnot, but walking to and from campus plus an hour or so weekly swim (treadmill/rowing machine too?) should be better than just lying about writing blogs all day.

I'll be honest - I thought the only real benefit was "oh, I'll look less skinny", that'll improve my mood....

As much as I hate to admit it, there's been four main factors to why this has taken so long. 1) Genetics - neither of my parents were born with muscles popping out of their skin - my dad in particular being slightly on the slimmer side. 2) Comfort - I wasn't in pain and I wasn't starving - so I thought, since I'm not in pain, I'm fine (back then not really checking media/minding my body that much) 3) Laziness - I guess I couldn't be bothered to walk to the leisure centre down the road from me. 4) Low Muscle Tone/The Past - Weather Low Muscle Tone or the condition I have or anything has a smidgeon to do with it - I don't know, but since being incredibly slow and uncompetitive during sports-days and PE Lessons throughout my life - it had been hammered into my mind that I was useless at sports and if I was useless at sports...why should I go to the gym and tire myself out when I have no interest in it? 5) Time - I was always doing something else - weather that's/was college, work, racing, playing on the computer, homework - I just found other ways to burn time.

My favourite sport is motorsport - shuttup Robin! Okay, my favourite EVERYDAY Sport (aside from Esports) is cycling/mountain-biking - but with no - one near me to go off with (my neighbours in Surrey either being 6, 16 or 96) in addition to not bringing my bike up to Wolverhampton meant that swimming is probably the best I can do - and one I could feasibly take myself off to - so it's reasonable.

Anyway, following my discovery of WVActive (and the subscription) I headed home with my head held high. A simple nip back to Surrey to collect my trunks and possibly goggles saves money on a swimsuit and I'll be set!

I ended the positive day with a Kiev and Pasta - this time eating in the kitchen in front of a Donald Trump documentary (just analysing his behaviour, and why he lied/how he was feeling etc.)

This time I didn't smash my head against my cupboard.


I'm standing on a hill, planes swing a 90 degree turn in the air before landing over my head on a runway behind me. One of these planes stalls and instead of coming at me/over my head, the plane makes the turn but then falls out of the sky - crashing a couple hundred meters in front of me.

I rush over to the crash site - there is nothing left of the plane, just small schranpel. The cockpit of the plane is wedged in a tree as pieces of the plane go missing, just various pieces of debris (some burning) left.

I open my eyes. What a dream. I love the plane crash dreams. I don't like plane crashes in real life - and yes it's pretty scary at the time - but its exhilarating and some of the more detailed/in depth I have.

I finally get up and moving at about mid-day - the iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours

is about to kick off, and sat at uni, I'm monitoring three teams - The Charitable Gamers

William Burfield Samuel Thurtell

Matthew Powell

Kabort Orange

Aston Egelmeers

Joost Bouwmeester

Koen Schippers

Adam J. Pearce

Kabort Blue

Dominik Gahlow

Tim Kasigkeit

Emmanuel Ijere

Thomas Jensen

With not even half the race gone, TCG retired with damage, Orange had to have another crack at the N24, racing at a later time-slot, and currently sit (as I write), in 14th, Blue is in 32nd.

For me personally, it's been a rather productive day, wrapping up my last assignment until the next, due on 12th May (ironically enough Radio News Production)...

A Man At Work!

And with that, Nurburgring, my assignment and life goes on... see you in the next!


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