UniBlog: Out Of Hand.

I cannot believe it's been almost two weeks since I wrote a blog!

Since then, everything's pretty much gone "out of hand" - in more senses than one! Before explaining that, let's roll back the clocks to Tuesday 18th March after I woke up the following morning after my rather busy (long) Weekend.

Previous Blog: https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/uniblog-final-sprint-to-the-finish-line (I've tweaked the last bit slightly)

18/05/2021 - Tuesday

Tuesday, May 18th was probably the final normal day I had - since then, everything has been very much "in the air" and (As the title states) Out Of Hand.

The day itself was actually pretty productive - the day involving: me recording audio of myself taking a COVID Test for my Radio News Production Assignment, starting the Silverstone weekend F3 Cup blog for UWRacing and also getting my final weekly food-shop done.

19/05/2021 - Wednesday

The 19th was when the stress really began to kick in - Assignments were due, everyone was messaging me, and it even got to the extent that I wanted to restart that morning to right some wrongs.

I was both stressing myself out, and (I believe) I was stressing others out. Back on the 19th, I was still semi-confused about... "why certain places in the middle east were making headlines" - to put it as vaguely and unoffensively as possible. (some don't like the word "conflict")

In about 5 lines or so (after being confused beyond belief up to that point) a Qatari online friend of mine explained it and for some weird reason...it just....clicked.

Despite not understanding it until the 19th, I was just interested in if it escelated or not - like with the Azerbaijan/Armenia situation - if it escalated then I'd be in the know - and an escalation is the last thing we want! But it's interesting with Azerbaijan and Armenia - once again it was over enclaves and land with half a dozen asterisks over it - In this case there's some which are countries and some which are not - more states/regions/enclaves/self-powered places. Alas. It's 3am - I'm tired!

Down in London on the 19th of May, the Shard opened!

An interesting fact about the 19th was that the Shard Opened...which was...nice - but I'm nowhere near London so...

My extended deadline for Radio News arrived on the 19th - but our lecturer saw that it was a difficult year and just asked for it before the end of the month.

There was also another aspect to the tough morning that I will get on to.

The 19th was also the day that the ASDA Job expired - early on Thursday morning it dissapeared, never to be seen again - I had applied in time, now it was out of my hands - and up to the ASDA recruitment system (or people) to see if they wanted to hire/employ me or not.

20/05/2021 - Thursday

On the 20th, I finished editing my part of the Radio News Production assignment and sent it to Nana - This went out of my hands and into her responsibility to add it to the rest of the assignment (it being group work)

The 20th also saw me proof-read and upload my second piece of work for UWRacing (University Of Wolverhampton Racing Team), going over their rather exciting weekend of the 13th - 16th May.



Another Assignment due - and my head still stuffed with stress, angst, a slice of anger and a head-ache.

The 21st saw a little bit of positivity as I bought some chocolates and cards for: The Cleaners, Student Services, The (Uni Only) Post Office and security - it may have costed a bit, but it was well worth it. Additionally on this day, I also managed to get a passport photo taken at the Post Office - they took my Passport - now it's out of my hands - and I have no idea when the new one will arrive.

After fretting for a fair while, on Friday afternoon, I decided to come home. I was missing BeamNG.Drive too much - especially as there was both a Brands Hatch and Suzuka track I was eager to test out.

Ported from Assetto Corsa - Brands & Suzuka join a large number of other circuits already on BeamNG.Drive

I came home quite late and pretty much only bought my pillows, toy and pyjama top into the house.

On the way home, I had a massive ponder - my mind thinking about 9 different things in an acrostic format - like "LMFAO" - But replacing the O, with a B - LMFB - but since more things came to mind during the trip, I had to keep adding to it - eventually stretching out to LLLLMMFBBRR XD

"Lightning Strikes Every Time She Moves" - The words "You, ooh, ooh, you, ooh, ooh. You, ooh, ooh, you, ooh, ooh" - were stuck in my head for much of Friday - thankfully though, I remembered this line - the song being called "This Is What You Came For"

Luck - Sometimes I wonder if my Dyspraxia - or indeed my forgetfulness or taking the wrong turn saves me. Saves me from accidents, saves me from being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like if God or some other super-natural event has already planned my life - and purposefully makes me leave without checking if I have my key - like sometimes I wonder what happens if I did actually take the right exit or remembered my keys the first time and broke that "plan" or the train-tracks I've been set on.

Lights - Leaving your high-beams on around other cars is one thing - TAILGATING and having your high-beams is another - and not only makes me blind - but highly suspicious and quite nervous. Don't Do It.

Love - I don't want to say a massive long paragraph about my love-life, but a lot of people have a lot to say and sometimes I just wish I could go back to that sweet summer of 2020 when I met her for the first time and didn't know much about her. It's just I don't want to be manipulated one way or the other - lots are saying to leave after what she has done (don't worry if you don't know), but at the same time I love her and know a side of her that others don't often see. We've both done bad stuff (to eachother) and I just...I want a future with her, without being judged for being with her - and for her to know that what she did was (more than) not great - but to use it as a learning oppertunity to not do that sort of thing again and to use it to become a better person.

I always think...will I remember this day in 10 years - these fights, squabbles, upsets and drama?

I don't want to leave her over something she did to someone else - she's never physically hurt me and I don't think she's ever meant to insult me (maybe when she is/was in a mood - or pissed off at me).

MG - I saw the MG Racing car of Jack Chapman and his campervan.

Morgan - I also saw a cute little classic Morgan

Fireworks - I saw a fireworks show from the road - that was pretty sweet - but couldn't look at it for too long!

Bridge - There was road-works going on underneath the "Give Peas A Chance" bridge - and for once I could have a good long look at it....unfortunately, I was going in the wrong direction and so I was looking at the other side of the bridge...something about extinction Rebellion or the like?

Bentley - saw a Bentley Conti' Convirtible

Rolls Royce - I saw a Rolls Royce and had a nice, good gaze at the hubcaps...

(the centre stays still whilst the wheel moves) -

Rainbow I saw a double rainbow at golden hour - the sky was a beautiful dark shade (purpley/orange) and this reflected on the rainbow...of course this wasn't the reason I missed my exit lmao.

22/05/2021 - 23/05/2021 - Saturday/Sunday

The weekend of May 22nd was packed with activity...and unfortunately, too much to all attend.

To start off, it was the British GT & F3 Championship at (ironically) Brands Hatch.

Had it not been such a full weekend, I probably would have taken myself along!

On iRacing, it was the Apex League's F3 race at Silverstone, however I didn't participate in this either as it would set me back £8 and I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge into all-but-Official racing quite yet.

In "huh, that's interesting" news - I broke my personal record for being over 1000 iRating - now to just keep it that way!


Abroad, it was the Monaco Grand Prix - and in as few words and little spoilers as possible - it was a thriller - certainly rare for Monaco!

Following Monaco, Verstappen...LEADS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BY 4 POINTS!!!

For someone really interested in exciting racing - to see someone else lead the championship - and it be done at monaco is absolutely thrilling!!!!!

Baku is next on the calendar - and we all know what Baku can do when she wants to!

Baku is next on the calendar - and we all know what Baku can do when she wants to! t- fortunately coming back in time to drive from Manchester to Dover for the start of "Driving The Distance"

Truswell hanging out with some of the squad.

More locally, it was Will's "Going The Distance" event - an event to see how far one could go in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in 24 Hours (real time).

Whilst I did the first hour/two at most - In the end, I found it too challenging (and was an idiot and crashed myself out) - I'm a bit of a serious "follow the rules" kind of simmer and I don't know...I was just not finding the amount of enjoyment I thought I would have had - but I came down to Surrey to do this event - made it on time and gave it a good shot - Maybe 24s will be more my cuppa tea? That's in November 2021, so I guess I'll have to make it into a long weekend since I'll be back at Uni then. This was only the second (?) proper event after the Nurburgring 24 Hours, so there's plenty more events to come from TCG and I.

There was a slight problem with the light trucks/trailers blasting off into the distance (leaving the heavier ones to struggle, break every law in existence and catch up - but that was rectified by the end of the event- by the end, £101 was raised, which is absolutely INCREDIBLE for an event which only had a maximum of 10 attendees - and an absolutely MASSIVE hats off to Will for pulling this off.

After I announced my initial departure at around 8pm or so (event started at 5pm), I switched over to the land of iRacing - initially thinking it started at 9pm BST - but it was an hour later...and I had an absolute blast!!!

It was the first time I had raced against real people in 45 Days...

It'd be the opening round of the "Total Legends" league run by DTRL (Dirty Torque Racing League)

Having had not even a quarter of a lap of practice or experience under my belt prior to the event going live - I was pretty much going from the rookie-est of rookies.

After the first practice session - I was (understandably) last - but by not as much as I expected - 8th's fastest laptime was a 1:09.218 - mine was a 1:10.108 ( -1.29 off)

As for my average? Second...to last. He did a 1:13' I did a 1:12...which gave me hope that I had potential.

Come Race 1, (Heat 1) where I started 3rd, I finished in second to last - both my average and fastest lap faster than the driver mentioned before (my new rival, Jake) - I also went faster than I ever did before - doing a 1:09.4 to 1:10.1 previously.

Race 2 (consolation), I started 2nd on the grid and finished 8th again - only my average time being slightly quicker than Jake's.

After dropping to 7th, I picked up two "freebies" after two went off in a little collision early on...despite the top 5, I'd bin in the next lap into the armco - I'd have to settle for 8th - but I knew I had a top 5 inside me.

The final 10-minute race (Race 3) of the day was certainly my best - a 7th place finish with a new personal best laptime (track/car combo) slapping in a 1:08.904 on the second lap.

How I picked up these positions? Two fell off the track - one hit the wall (different corners) and I was just ready and waiting to pick up the positions!

Following post-race chats about how fun it was, I retired to bed shortly after that - briefly checking in on Will to see how the stream/team was going on. I told - probably the world - that Monday wasn't too good for me - (I planned to do a lot more of the event) but instead I used it as a mental health day - chilling on iRacing, writing a blog, killing AI, driving on BeamNG.Drive, lowering my stress levels...waiting for Tuesday to hit me in the face...hard.

Let's try and make it to June without having an existential crisis shall we? It's quite the challenge but if I work hard enough I think it's doable.

Right, it's 4am. The sun's already making it's entrance and I need sleep - an attempt at Public Affairs awaits tomorrow.



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