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Hello! Welcome back! It's been a while!

It's so good to be blogging again, life just got very quick - which in some cases, can be a good thing.

After my very active and productive day on Thursday, when I went off and took myself for a walk, the weekend was a lot quieter affair...but not for everyone.

Motorsport Round-Up

Formula One

On the 15th (I only noticed it a day later) Formula One announced their 2022 Calendar. Obviously, this is preliminary and COVID-Permitting - China and Vietnam have already been taken off the Calendar due to Pandemic Reasons.

Other Major tracks that F1 aren't visiting in 2022 include: Portimao (Portugal), Istanbul (Turkey), Mugello (Turkey), and the German Grand Prix.

Obviously it's early days and much can still change, but it's interesting.

GT3 Racing

The British GT and GB3 (previously Formula 3) headed to Donington Park, but I suppose I was busy with other things and didn't have the money to go - or indeed totally forgot about it!


In the land of iRacing, I continued to upload and caption the Year's best pictures - and also looked at a few incidents from previous years and had a little re-think at who's to blame.

In this one, I originally thought I was to blame - but looking back, I think there was a poor re-join, and I didn't make matters any better/easier - although, had the track remained clear or the driver had a slower re-entry, those ahead of me would have taken different routes - and in an alternate universe, this would have been possibly avoided.

Whilst I braked later (allowing me to get into 3rd, I was much harder on the brakes - and probably too hard for the speed I was going. Had I done that corner again, it'd probably be smart to go a bit deep on exit and then defend with what I had, instead of trying to get the car stopped, but rookie mistakes.

General Motorsport

This Weekend marked the 10th Anniversary of the death of Dan Wheldon.


Very quickly, I finished my most recent blog on the 16th October - this would also be the date that our brand spanking new liveries would be available on the server - more on this when I can get pictures - all I'm going to say is that we look STUNNING! (not saying we didn't before, but now we look Super Snazzy)

17/10/2021 (Sunday)

The 17th probably started with one of the smartest moves I've ever done....watch a 40 minute horror documentary the last thing before bed....what could possibly go wrong?

What made this even smarter was that it wasn't done some by some studio or production company, it was done by a YouTuber I watch - just a man, his mates, a camera and Colorado. Brilliant.

Every small little draught that dared touch me sent shivers running up my spine. I'd eventually get to sleep at about 2:15am.

I'd wake up later in the day at about 2pm or so. The remainder of the day was spent further sorting out Kaborts YIP (Year In Pictures).

This would also be 69 Days before Christmas (yup, I said the "c" word!)


Before I knew it, it was Monday again. Nothing overly interesting happened over the weekend, it was just a pretty solitary affair, just staying in my room.

To start the week off, it was the Representations Lecture in the theatre.

I consciously decided to skip it.

The upcoming assignments asks to pick 1 of 5 questions/statements/theories to tackle, and I was tackling the 5th (the one which gives you an option of choosing a film). This tackled the first - comparing American Beauty (that day's lecture) to Girlfight (the screening happening the very next week) - instead I added a few more photos/captions to Kabort's Year In Pictures in addition to making a little more progress with my assignments.


Rent Day. My favourite. I had officially made it to rent day without running out of money. Yay...

Okay, yes I had quite a lot of assistance, but that's all part of the learning process.

The 19th also saw the start of the 6th week of the iRacing season...meaning only 6 Weeks of the season left - Cue Bon Jovi (woaaahhh-oooooh we're half-way there!)

If iRacing were to have Christmas Day during Week 13, they'd have to start it on the 28th September - two weeks after they previously did - meaning Week 13 will be two weeks ahead of Christmas - I've worked it out and I'm going to return from Uni on the final day of Week 13.

I'll admit, despite the slightly annoying fact that I have to get a lift to the 6th floor, of all days, I probably enjoy Tuesday's lectures the most.

On this day, we looked at privacy and what rights civilians and celebrities have.

In particular, we looked at Cliff Richard case when the BBC flew a helicopter over Cliff's house when they couldn't see past his large security fence.

Despite the fact I wasn't able to drive my friend to her theory test, she still invited me over and I let my availability be known, and we agreed a time and date.

With me coming over the following evening, this marked the very last full day that I wouldn't touch iRacing. I made it 59 days without an official race from the 21st August - this being my second longest period - only the period of April - August of last year being longer.

In terms of not touching my PC at all, I lasted 27 days - my 5th all-time longest period. (Edit: Now I'm back at University, the clock has restarted - let's see how high I can get!)

I'd eventually end the day at 3am.

During this night, knowing I'd be coming home to my sweet baby rig, I asked Tom if he wanted to do VRS Endurance with me that weekend - he accepted the offer.


The 20th was quite an action packed day, starting off with a lecture from 3 - 5pm (Multimedia News Production) (focussing on the difference between news production and distribution before and after the introduction of modern social media)

Following this, at 5:30pm, I'd leave for Harlow.

After a 3 hour drive (rush hour), I'd arrive at 8:30pm and say hello to everyone before plopping down on my rig and firing up Teardown. It'd be about 3am or so by the time I finished the missions I had completed previously (restarted because I found a quicker strategy). I'd head to bed not long after.


I'd wake up at 8am, and after breakfast we were on the road.

The plan for the day was to go to Littlehampton since it was a nice day and return later in the evening.

For once, everything went to plan - we went there, leaving at 10:08am.

We'd arrive shortly after 1:30pm. (plus a drive through central London)

After arriving, we'd walk along the promenade before walking along River Arun to find a chippy.

After a slow walk back to the car (allowing my friend's baby to walk and get confident at it), we'd sit in the car for a bit before jumping in the car at 5pm to head back...unfortunately through rush hour - it was a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable day.

On the way home, I'd see a cute, little classic Mini Cooper.

It wouldn't be until we got back to Harlow that we'd notice was something was wrong...my friend was missing something. Her Bag.

After a few phone calls to local businesses, the only thing that could be done was to drive back to Littlehampton - especially given the fact that there were incredibly important things in the handbag.

Whilst in Scotland, I left my Phone behind at an activity centre and immediately went back for it, yet the difference here was that I was shattered after a long drive - especially in the night. After a little more Teardown, I'd head to bed ready for yet another big day.


After going to bed shortly before 10pm, I'd wake up at 11:18am and leave at 11:45am.

Skipping forward to the important bit, we'd eventually arrive at 3pm.

Whilst I paid for parking, my friends would go ahead and look around the places where we stopped yesterday.

Thankfully, the second trip was well worth it and we found the handbag (someone handed it in at the Chippy) we'd spend the rest of the day ambling around town and visiting Tesco.

To finish the day, we'd have a meal at Harvester I'd pay for since my friend paid for petrol to get us to Littlehampton on both occasions.

After this, we'd all bundle back into the car and head off back home.

Other than the cute little town of Littlehampton, my highlight was probably seeing a classic Mini on the way home in addition to seeing a Skyline and Bullitt Mustang.

23/10/2021 -

The 23rd saw 3/4 of the Month of October completed - with 3/4 of 2021 being also complete as of September, we are officially in the final sprint to the finish line.

On the subject of sprinting to the finish line - it was also the weekend - which meant one thing and one thing only: IRACCCCINNGGGG!!!!

That day, I did two races - both went as horribly as one another - but for two different reasons.

The first was the GT3 Challenge at Nurburgring GP.

Everything should have been fine, but where my PC hasn't seen any action since August, it's collected rather a lot of dust - so when I properly tested it for iRacing, I could smell a little bit of burning - now there was a couple of things with this:

I didn't know if it was inside, outside or someone cooking in the kitchen - but if it was my PC, burning dust is not the best, but "passable" - burning components was what I was scared of - if my PC would literally burst into flames/short-circuit, if it would slowly smolder and then all my files would become unrecoverable/unreadable and also the fact that I knew I had the side grate/panel off - which may have contributed to the computer being a little more smelly.

Even so, I'd rather the PC have more air to breathe and have strange whiffs rather than it catch fire/something ping lose and the walls of the PC act as a ping-pong table.

No matter, I should have been focussing on the racing/track, but instead I was wary of what my PC was doing - even restarting it about 10 minutes before the race-start.

For the most part it was a clean race - I'd go from 12th - 8th in admittedly, a pretty difficult race where I couldn't really catch or pass anyone.

With a little bump on the formation lap (yes, me bumping into someone) I also think I may have done something to my aero, but I can't be sure.

But I guess I did what I needed to do because I ended up with 1311 iRating.

I had now hopped over the 1300 barrier - and come Christmas I'll be ready to push it even higher - a new record to round out the year maybe?

I'd also do the 8pm VRS GT Endurance race with Tom Wallace, after a surprising amount of practice (Yes, I practiced, shock horror!) we were ready to rumble.

Unfortunately Tom would get an x on his flying qualifying lap and could only manage an insurance lap after.

The race would last less than three corners as someone would come steaming into the back of us at turn three and wipe us out and cause 11 minutes of damage. For such a short endurance race, being 11 minutes down so early was all it took really, and unfortunately we retired - as I hadn't completed a lap, I didn't lose anything - but Tom suffered the consequences. He's got until Christmas to build it back up again, so I'm sure he'll be fine.

The Weekend In Motorsport

First off, on iRacing, it was the IES (iRacing Endurance Series) Sebring 12 Hours - with a 01:00 and and 13:00 (1pm) time slot, I didn't fancy just racing Sebring all day - especially as I hadn't touched the sim, or the Lambo at Sebring in a very long time (I'm thinking possibly Week 13?) so I missed that.

The BTCC also finished up it's season at Brands GP - Ash Sutton winning the Championship in his Infiniti - he had one race to spare.

To finish off, it was the Island EPrix, but I don't pay too much attention to Extreme E as it's much more over to "rallying" and "rallying" side of things rather than the traditional circuit racing that I'm invested in.


The 24th was a lot calmer affair than the day prior. I completed even more Teardown Missions, decided when I'd be leaving, gave a friend a lift to the station and watched the US Grand Prix (Live on Sky!)

It wasn't bad, and the championship is still open, so I guess a double win there.

The 24th was also the date I'd make my very first Facebook Post back in 2012, aww!

If only I knew that I'd live on Facebook for the rest of my life...

It honestly reminded me of the good old days - the free days - the days I'd spend all day on the computer without a worry or a fret - deciding whether to destroy a car in BeamNG.Drive or destroy a city in Teardown...tough choices.

Teardown's campaign has got quite difficult as of late however - the most recent campaign mission I failed to complete was to drive 6 cars into the water in 60 seconds. With time needed to get into the getaway van, you've got to be incredibly creative - and I definitely think that's something to mull over during Christmas.


At 04:45 (basically 5am) I'd leave Harlow and head back to Wolverhampton to arrive at 07:30am - after a quick shower and tidy up, I was ready(ish) for the morning's lecture.

What I didn't do was check the time-table. It was another screening relating to the first question - the film was about Girlfight, a mixed race female who wanted to become a boxer and fought (ha ha) very hard to do it.

On my way home, I dropped past ASDA to do my weekly food shop - upon opening the fridge when I did get home, I discovered that I had quite the supply of food....all of it meat and all of it past the use by date. Disappointing, but that's what happens when you go on impromptu trips.

My plan is to stay in Wolverhampton until at least November and take it from there.


Looking back, yesterday was a pretty quick day - just an afternoon lecture which was moved from level 6 in one building, to the ground-level (I didn't have to use any stairs, escalators or lifts), making Tuesday's lecture perfect - only adding to this was the fact that it was on Defamation - the topic I'm doing my first assignment PowerPoint on.

I'd stay at Uni writing this blog, completing work and other tidbits until 5pm (I don't know when they close Uni!) before heading back.

Admittedly, I skipped dinner because I was a bit pre-occupied with other things and was distracted and let time slip by - I just have to have a big meal tomorrow to ensure nothing runs out of date.

Currently it's 3:55am, almost 4am and I'm still up for no particular reason other than wanting to get this blog out because I haven't blogged since going away - I have a "News Day" tomorrow - sorry, in several hours - so that is going to be a fun and interesting experience I'm looking forward to.

Finally, I was curious as to how many hours there was until Christmas (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) and it appears that there are less than 2000 (edit: thought it was in the 800's but I mis-calculated. As of writing this on the 27th October, 2021 - I cannot make it to Istanbul Park or Athens - so definitely can't leave the European continent.

The best part is I'm about to go to sleep and waste even more time - and busy myself tomorrow with an all-day Newsday - so no more Google-Maps-ing for a while.

Catch you soon,



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