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Good Morning! I hope you are all well and healthy - I've had quite the exciting couple of days, so let's dive straight in.

Come the end of the iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours, as mentioned in the previous, the TCG (The Charitable Gamers) AMG GT GT3 would unfortunately retire from damage.

Kabort Blue (Audi R8 GT3) would devastatingly retire after a wild old race with VR Goggles fogging up for one driver (around Nurburgring, that's the last thing you want!) and another rushing off to an emergency in real life.

Kabort Orange would however give Kabort their best result of 5th place. With a lowest position of 21st early on in the race, the strategy was to keep the car running and out of the wall - and the team absolutely aced it.

Little is known weather Spa or Le Mans will be the next 24 Hour race due to some current ongoing disagreements with ACO about naming/holding a virtual 24 Hour race at Le Mans - but all will become clear as time goes on.

My Sunday

A million miles away from the land of iRacing, I was having quite the action packed weekend - Saturday being my lazy day, Sunday being the fun, action-packed one!

Starting off with submitting my Radio News Production assignment (took long enough!), Sunday was looking like a very productive day.

In as brief detail as possible (as I don't want to spoil anything for the future), myself and Evie went on a little road trip to scout out potential proposal locations (yes, I'm already looking, why not?!)

I won't say where I went or what I did, but there was quite a bit of walking involved and I found the exact location I'm happy with - now for time to catch up.

On the way there, I was absolutely gob-smacked at the amount of classic cars I saw - it was like a little classic car show! Probably a highlight was seeing a Jaguar E-Type.

Anyways, keeping it short, we drove there, had a KFC on the way there, scouted the location and then drove back, having a McDonalds on the way back (I know, super healthy day right?)

On my way back to Wolverhampton, I dropped past my parents house to grab my trunks (having found an indoor pool near my accomodation) before heading back up north to my humble abode.


On Monday I woke up, stayed in bed for a bit - had a test and then went on campus.

During the lecture, we were told about our second assignment.

This would be a group-work piece (just like Television News Production) and consist of making a Radio News "Package" - one news story, with multiple angles/interviews - lasting about 5 minutes.

It was also during this lecture that we had reached Week 12 of Semester 2 - the final teaching week. Semester 3 looks to be starting on the 24th May.

Also written in my academic calendar was the GT Cup race at Brands Hatch (weekend of Saturday 1st May) - but unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet) it appears I have other plans.

The GT Cup heads to Snetterton the following week, Snetterton unfortunately being slightly out of my reach.

That same weekend, the BTCC (touring cars) is at Thruxton.

For spectators, Thruxton isn't exactly the full on "spectator experience" only three corners or so being accessible/open.

So it's likely that my 2021 Live Race Debut is going to (or might) be Silverstone National, watching the F3 Cup with the UWRacing team on the 8th - but as per, I will keep you updated in proceedings.

I also sorted my WVActive account so that I could go to the swimming pool/gym.

27/04/2021 (Tuesday)

After waking up at midday or so and booking a 3:30pm slot at the pool, I toodled off - having not been swimming for a good year or so (due to Uni and also the virus) when in my trunks, I felt oddly naked, like I was missing something. Weird.

I may have pushed too early, or it may have been using muscles that hadn't been used in a while, but in the beginning I got muscle pain. This quickly faded.

It was a good session - I managed some lengths - although when you swim side by side with someone - with what's going on in the current world it's very odd and I almost felt trapped between the rope and the man beside me - not wanting to catch anything, I tried to keep my mouth shut whilst my head was turned to him (breathing) or keep my head turned to the left - neither feeling natural or comfortable.

Being the "slow" session - I was probably the youngest - or second youngest there by a good 20 - 30 years or so - only one other male my sort of age swimming.

Probably my highlight of the session was a "three-wide battle" to the edge - me overtaking a man, and a man overtaking me (disclaimer, there were women swimming too)

After my session (only judged by my lane getting incredibly empty), I asked if I could see the gym and I was given a tour...and it was quite fancy! There was two rooms - the first with your traditional "Buff-Guy-Workout" machines with like leg push ups and arm push/pulls and a weight machine in the corner...but the second was a lot more "up my street"

Overlooking the pool, it had much more "machine assisted workouts" with the likes of treadmills, mud-mills (instead of a conveyor belt, it's a step machine which feels like walking through thick mud) as well as cycles and a rowing machine down the bottom.

With swimming, you can't adjust the thickness/weight of the water, but with these machines you can adjust them to your own preferences, so I might pay a visit to the gym one day...soon.

Following this, I went home, relaxed a bit, had meatballs and pasta (whilst listening to some very nice tunes) before heading off to bed.

I feel as though Wednesday is going to be very much a "lie in bed" sort of day after the workout yesterday!


It was!

Thank you for reading, I will see you in the next!


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