UniBlog: Kicking Off The Assignments

Hello and welcome back to UniBlog!

It's been exactly a week since I last uploaded, so without any rambling let's dive straight into it!

In my previous-most blog, I wrote

"I should go to the gym on days I don't have lectures"

well, as it turned out, there was one slight problem with that...and my body was protesting.

After the day's activities, blogging, excitement, drama, analytics and private concerts, I usually end up going to bed at 2-3am - standard Uni life.

The problem with doing this - sorry, no, it just "ends up happening" - is that I usually wake up at an incredibly undesirable hour - not in the morning, in the afternoon.

Here's the times I've been waking up:

(Thur) 7th Oct Went To Sleep: 1:56am

Woke Up: 12:09pm

8th Oct

Went To Sleep: 03:20am

Woke Up: 2:05pm

Admittedly, the 8th was surprisingly productive - uploading my second daily blog in a row, as well as ticking other things off on my list such as:

- Working how much it'd cost to go to wales for the Race Of Remembrance 2021

- Weather our (Kabort's) first win was today (in 2020) or not...it was that very Sunday (10/10/2020)

- How long I hadn't been racing (2nd in my list of "Longest Breaks I've Taken From iRacing" - 1st place being only about 10 days from now)

- Catching up on the lecture/content I missed on the 4th October - it was about The Four Waves Of Feminism and how in cinema the camera is almost always in the perspective of a man.

I also began work on some "homework" (work to do at home) I was set - and whilst it never saw the light of day, and I only did 3/4 of it - it's about the bit that goes into your brain which is important - and I did as much as I could/could understand but got at the actual processing it into information I could use and turn into something I could report upon - us needing to write "how the 7 laws of the web" have changed how news is presented/news operates, in retrospect, the lecturer didn't mind all too much.

It's also somehow been a year since I created this mess:


Went To Sleep: 01:48am

Woke Up: 2:30pm

With less than half a day left, I was eager to get a move on with my work - up until then I had only found "free samples" of the book which contained "the 7 laws of the web" - these samples always cutting off the exact piece of information I needed.

Eventually, it ended up with me subscribing to Perlego an online libarary and finally being able to learn what the 7 laws were...but still not fully understand them.

In terms of motorsport, it was jam-packed full of events and series, in brief:

Real Life

BTCC (British Touring Cars) @ Donington Park

F1 Turkish Grand Prix - watched/listened to it in the background, when something interesting happened, I'd bring it forward


ISRC 6hrs Spa - Well, It's come to my knowledge that Kabort has quit ISRC, which is a shame because it was the only real reason I was striving for better - in particular 1,500 - It'll be another decade at least before I reach that, so maybe in that time Kabort my reboot our ISRC program - but all in good time - I'm not even 1.4K, let alone 1.3!

There's only three more rounds of this season, and the last race is in December - so I'll probably be looking at a late 2022 entry or even 2023 at the earliest - but we'll see how I get on.

It was also the final round of the NEC (Nurburgring Endurance Championship), but with no practice before hand, and having already been to Harlow fairly recently, I thought it wise not to


Went To Sleep: 04:14am

Woke Up: 1.00pm

One may ask why I don't set an alarm to wake me up early/earlier - but that's not the point of a weekend - I set an alarm 3 days a week - and if my body needs until 3pm to reset and be fully functional for the remainder of the day, then so be it - it's always a little bit of a surprise and a little bit of fun not knowing exactly when you will wake up.

Today was both the Turkish Grand Prix and the one year anniversary of Kabort's first win - the Turkish Grand Prix was pretty interesting with a sprinkle of rain and the split strategy of whether (see what I did there) you choose intermediates or dry tyres - somehow Ocon managed to make the entire race on one set of tyres - the first time this feat. has been done in 24 years - being in the wet meant that there was pretty much a free reign (another pun) over how many times you stopped and how many tyres you took.

I won't spoil anything - but I'll say this much: the championship is still going on with 6 races to go - with 7 years of Mercedes dominance, it's always nice to see the top-dogs being challenged by someone else - Vettel gave it a good shot in 2018, but the Hockenheim gravel bed was just too tempting not to visit.

Other than work, not all too much happened.

Sorry I can't make it much more interesting!


Despite an incredibly late night Facebook Post describing my feelings (complex emotions), my sleep schedule (in terms of setting an alarm) went back to normal on Monday as I had a lecture to attend - and an early one at that...

No matter, the lecture was on Susan Jefford's theory of "Hard Bodies" and how the Hollywood portrays men as strong, good looking men with abs (and usually shirtless) as the heroes, and the weaker characters (or those with soft-bodies) are usually inferior, weaker or not able to do what the main characters do.

Male Representation in Hollywood was the main theme for the rest of the lecture in addition to having an in-depth look at what the two assignments were.

Both assignments linked to the answering of one of five questions.

The bibliography (assignment one) would be to find sources that support your answer and write a summary of what is said in each source, whilst assignment two is the "fun part" and writing the answer to the question itself.

Because I'm an original and cannot be held back, I've gone for the last of 5 questions allowing the student to pick any movie they please - and after doing some research, I think I've got the material/potential to be able to write a strong second assignment, I just hope the links I've used are varied enough and actually support what I'm saying, because I've gone down the very unique route of an animated movie - the standard choice would be to just go for a live-action movie.

I won't say anymore, because it's boring and I'm worried I'll give a fellow student an advantage or even they'll take my idea - no, of course I'm not, I just don't want to embarrass myself here, I rather embarrass myself in front of my lecturer.

No matter, the lecture went well, it was enjoyable and informative - exactly what you want out of a lecture and following this I headed home.

That evening, a lonely dark thought crossed my mind - one that I had been avoiding since I got here...I thought about the dreaded Virtual Road Trip Around The World which counted down from the 1st of November all the way to when I returned home from University via a virtual road-trip on Google Maps - at the time I thought it was cool, but looking back, it was a bit unnecessary - no matter, I combatted that by doing something similar, yet not putting it into action.

Instead of driving around the world, I'd spend a day in various motorsport facilities that held Grand Prix's in the past decade, with the flights included it came pretty close to the rough length of The Virtual Road-Trip - but I had a secret weapon: Time.

Each day, I'd wake up, go to university, come back, and busy myself or write a blog or do a spreadsheet or work on an assignment - and just like that time started to slip away - and from thinking about how to start the "F1 World Tour" on the 11th of October, I've pushed it back to the 15th of October, with midnight quickly approaching and a big blog planned for tomorrow.

The problem with 2020 was I didn't have that - with the exception of Representing The Real, I was never on campus, and never had "big" tasks to complete to busy myself, so I created a cringey Google Maps Road Trip Instead.

I just wonder how long I can keep this up for before I crack - the plan so far is to start on the 2nd of November, but if I can distract myself maybe I can keep this "UniBlog Only Christmas" ticking. We'll see.


Waking up on Tuesday morning, I did NOT know what I was in for - I thought it'd be a relatively normal day...but fate had other plans.

The day started off with me finding out that my One Republic Concert due for the 13th was rescheduled for April 2022 - a bummer but that's life.

Next on the "that's quite shocking" list was the fact that my first assignment due was due in less than a month - which happens to be November the 9th - pretty darn terrifying how that's only a MONTH away - and Fireworks Night is also rocketing (ha ha) towards us.

Fortunately, this was the lecture I had on Monday, and I already had the foundations down - and with time going as fast as it is - I really need to start building this house of an assignment.

After the lecture, I'd head to the canteen - just as my lecturer was - we'd have a good chat and nice lunch before he had to make a call - with fire in my fingers and inspiration firing my brain like a V8 Muscle-car I whipped an idea, which turned into a few slides, which turned into an in-depth Powerpoint Presentation - now all I need to do is....yup, that's right, cut it down - cut it right down. I'm going to have to be presenting this - and as confident as I may look on the outside - I'm like wet paper on the inside - "Is this interesting enough? Is this too long? Have I been rambling? Is this even good? Is this relevant? Is he even awake or listening? Oh god It's been an hour and I'm talking to a corpse"

You get the idea - I'm bricking myself about length - too long, too short, too boring, too unprofessional, too much text, too many slides....

I could go on all day - but I have over a month to whittle this PPT to the final version - and I'll be honest, I rather have too much information to deal with than to be working with scraps - because with too much, you can narrow it down and use the process of elimination - "Okay, I've already said this" "this insinuates this" - If I use this picture, I can get rid of these facts", brilliant, that's a nice slide, onto the next. I'd stay on campus until about at least 5 or 6pm, before heading back to my accommodation - pleased with the amount of work I had done.

That evening, after getting bored of writing about my assignment, I decided to use the file I used to rank all the Robin's on iRacing, to rank all the Kabort Drivers past and present - why I did this? I have no clue - curiosity and boredom I guess - but it appears I'm not last which is nice - but just like the Robin Spreadsheet, I have a long way to go and a lot of people to pass and many milestones to tick ahead of me.

It was also a week before my rent was due and I had funds in my account, it wasn't nearly enough


After waking up, having breakfast and all that standard human stuff, I'd head to my New Media lecture at 2pm.

We sort of made an agreement to hold the lecture at three, but It's better to be an hour early than late.

During this time I'd hang out at Starbucks until around 3 before going to the lecture location.

In this lecture we'd learn about the different types of Journalism - Digital, Convergent and Online Journalism and the differences between these as well as anologue and digital journalism as well as mainstream, participatory and Citizen Journalism.

I'd eventually head home at 17:21 - and if by fate, I didn't have a concert that evening - if I did I'd arrive at 6:15pm - the concert starting at 7pm would mean I would be one of the last people in the queue - and that would be bad!

Dare I jinx it, 2022 is looking to be an "alright year" with the One Republic concert in addition to BANNERS touring the UK as well.

My discovery story of BANNERS was purely accidental, just like Tom - and it was simply a thought of "oh, there's a thumbnail of a guy with a guitar, this must be good" listened to Someone To You and it was love at first song!

Also in the previous 2 weeks (specifically 30th September) I have also hit 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel which was very nice indeed.

That evening, I'd work on the Nurburgring Endurance Championship blog post that would be out in a couple of days (after I had written it).


It was another late night and late start on Thursday, going to bed at 03:52am, waking up at 2:14pm - almost 11 hours (nice for the body!)

It was a pretty quick day only completing more of my assignment and continuing on with the blogs.

That evening, my hall was having a little celebration - there was cake on the table and my accommodation-mate was about to turn 19 - in addition to this, Adele was about to publish her first song in 5 years - her last being "All I Ask" - this coming out at Midnight, UK time. About 3 minutes before going live - and 3 minutes before my accommodation-mates' birthday...the fire-alarm rang, after going outside, I tried to listen to Adele over the blaring, but it clearly wasn't doing her any justice.

And yes, we did sing happy birthday to my friend!

We'd shortly return back inside (Ok, I'm going to make the joke now) since we hadn't been inside all day and continue to do as we were doing, eating cake, having a laugh and enjoying life.


I woke up unusually early yesterday morning - for going to bed at 2:30pm, I awoke at 8, and was in action by 10.

Having so much time, I got quite a bit done - the NEC Blog I had been working on for a while, made the first draft of "2021: Kabort's Year On Pictures" using the pictures I had on my laptop - now just needing to add captions and the pictures I have on my computer down south and I also took myself on a walk.

It all came up because of this picture taken on the 7th October, 2020.

seeing as the weather was pretty decent outside, I decided to walk up there and see if I could either replicate this image or get a better one....and I truly believe I did the latter.

Okay, Okay, I took the second picture using a camera, and the first using my phone, alright - but I think this one captures the colours better - just an opinion.

From the campus, I'd go up to Bushberry Hill (after finding out it was the highest point in Wolverhampton) take a few snaps up there, before returning to the campus, taking pictures in this lighting and then heading back to my accommodation to finish what I was previously doing before I looked outside and saw that it wasn't overcast, dark or raining.


It was another afternoon start, but that didn't stop me publishing this blog!


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