UNIBLOG IS BACK! UniBlog: It Can Only Get Better From Here!

After checking everything over and putting it all in the car, I sat in the car and programmed the SatNav to my destination.

Since I had got a new phone (or two) since my (other) friend gave me theirs, they wanted it back - both to do repairs and because they had bought it in the first place.

Monday 12th March, 2021

Admittedly, I drove to their house, got to their front door - remembered I had left the phone in my car, dashed to get the phone and gave it to them before travelling onward to University - but it was a long journey and I wanted to get it out of the way.

It was about 2 - 3am when I finally arrived at Uni - I didn't want to message anyone as I should have been at the campus a lot earlier (but was late due to my diversion). It was fair to say that I was pretty darn shattered when I pulled up in the parking spot.

I dug around in the food-bag and found some cold food to eat for that evening

I grinned as I walked in, everything was where I had left it - and I had more at the Uni than I last remembered - meaning my last minute packing wasn't as "sketchy" as I thought it was. It's currently just after mid-day on Tuesday and I haven't died yet, so I must have done something right.

Mid-night also marked another milestone - another step closer to normality - as restrictions further eased.

COVID Restriction Update:

- Hairdressers and nail-salons are now open hairdressers/barbers fixing many "Quarantine Cuts"

- Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars are now allowed to serve customers outside. Zoos and other outdoor attractions have also been opened

- Non-Essential Shops are now open

- Overnight stays are allowed (only within Support Bubble)

- Indoor Pools (excluding Saunas), gyms, Libraries and community centres sre now open too.

My alarm blares away - it's 11 or so. Time to get grooving. I wake up, have a much-needed shower (lovely) and have toast and cereal for breakfast.

I next find out where I'm going and what I'm supposed to be doing before hitting the road.

I may as well have searched every road in Wolverhampton - but eventually I did find the COVID Testing Area...right on the campus' doorstep. Wonderful.

Another nightmare arose - I only had my card and not cash to pay for parking - so I jammed it in an underground car-park where they did have card-accepting Pay Stations.

I was told that I had to have two tests a week...with three lectures a week (and one likely to be online I thought this was a little excessive, as I am not very social and would be spending much of the time in my room.

I went in for my test - pretty much blind. After being interrogated (felt like it, the way I was asked the questions, staring at the person asking the questions, the person being very serious.) I got registered and then was directed to what I can only describe as a "booth" (like a photo-booth) with a table with the testing kit.

Taking the test was incredibly simple - dab your tonsils, stick it up your nose and rotate. The only thing that usually goes up my nose is my finger - so to have that tapping my tonsils and up my nose (being cotton or something) was a very weird and rather uncomfortable sensation...at the time I was considering coming back to Surrey as I didn't want to do that twice a week - but after it was done, I thought "it wasn't half bad - it wasn't a jab or painful - and maybe after a month I'll get used to it?"

Alas, so after that I drove back home and walked back to where the face-to-face lecture was supposed to be taking place, but the gate was closed and after talking to someone (buzzed access to the theatre, where I went for Representing The Real) apparently the building/area was closed? I was very confused and with a dead phone I walked back home.

That evening I binge-watched some YouTube videos, watched a documentary on both Jimmy Savile and a YouTuber called Onision. After watching an Epstein documentary a few days before...I found it amusing that I was watching documentaries on the same topic - it's fair to say I was shocked at how much was hidden beneath the surface of what the media says.

Now with a Discovery+ subscription, I've got some shows I've got my eye on - in addition to Glee with Annie.

As I went to bed (Another late night) I realised how long Monday had been and the fact that I had been awake for over 24 Hours...

Tuesday 13th March

I woke up and wrote a blog. That's been my entire day thus far. I was supposed to see Evie today (or that was pencilled in) but after the exhausting day of Monday, I simply said "No Thanks" (or words to that effect). I hope that if one reads this blog, they can see - or read - that old Robo needs to recharge his batteries.

I also need to get hot food, as I have none. I also have a small plan for Wednesday too, but we'll see how everything goes. Thursday will be on campus with "Television News Production" which will be very enjoyable, whilst this weekend will be the Italian Grand Prix at Imola and the day that Spectators will be allowed back in the stands for MSV Events - but not for the major events, only the small ones.

With that week preview done, I wish you well. I'm hungry, so it's time for me to "skiddaddle".

Talk soon!



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