Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Good Morning from a private property in Surrey, I'm safely back home and after a night's good night's sleep in my own big bed - I can safely say, there's no place like home!

It's currently (almost) Mid-day on the 9th December - the last time I blogged was Monday night before having Pizza....so let's take a wind back.

Sunday evening saw the first of my corridor-neighbours go home, we all bonding Andrew a large farewell - us next seeing him in 2021.

Tuesday 8th December

The previous night, James and Jya told me to wake up early on Tuesday morning so they could get something sorted - so, at exactly 8:30am, I arose from my bed, started unpacking, before soon receiving a message from them. We went to Student Services to inform them of the thing "I didn't really want to - or expect to - deal with" and gave some statements and had a little chat about what happened and the order of events and they told us what our next course of action should be. We'd also have a quick visit to the Police Station, but they said it was not a direct Police matter at the moment, but I can if certain circumstances are met - by which point I was thinking, it would be so much easier to block the individual and physically stop them from contacting me. We'd go home, and I'd give James a fiver for slightly ruining his wok - forcing him to go out and buy a new one.

James would be the next to leave, but between packing and attending my last lecture (being in my room) I don't know the exact time this happened.

The lecture was on Web-Documentaries - as a naïve little boy - I thought this was a documentary that was uploaded on the web...but no.

Web Documentaries are where the viewer/user has to interact with the device (phone/computer) to progress through a story - and quite frankly - I don't wish to call this a "documentary" at all - yes, it gives you information - but a documentary is something you watch with the family with a plate of cod and chips on your lap.

Within the lecture, it was discussed about how they didn't quite kick off (gain mass popularity) and looked at an example of a web-documentary called "Welcome To Pine Point". In my opinion, the point of a documentary is that the producer collects a bunch of information and feeds you like a baby in a high chair...I don't know, with this...it more felt like there was food on the table and I have to collect it and put it on my plate. The producer (the cook) has cooked up this delicious meal of a documentary and presented it to us in one place (that is a table) - but I have to go out and physically collect in from the centre of the table and put it on my plate.

Sounds lazy? I know - but that's what viewers/audience are - cinemas, theatres, television and imax cinemas are exactly that, we sit back and enjoy all the hard work the producer has put in - and we have to do nothing but sit as it consumes us into a new world - we just sit and blankly stare at a screen for two and a half hours...web-documentaries (I've never properly been through one - briefly clicked through however) I don't assume take that long to go through - but it requires reading a paragraph of information, scrolling, clicking - sometimes you might miss something by not clicking/missing clicking on it...okay, I'm calm, W-D Rant over. The lecture wasn't bad - I enjoy all lectures - it's just web-docs grind my gears! So with all said and done, I packed the final things - laptop, cables, chargers etc, emptied my bin, thanked Jya for all his help with loading the car, being a great mate and just being overall a very nice, pleasant and lovely person - before (I think it took four or five attempts of saying goodbye before I got absolutely everything) I eventually did say goodbye to Jya for the final time - and got into my Kia.

As the famous Christmas song goes - "the weather outside is frightful" - it was rather cold wet and a little windy - so I inserted a Christmas CD into the car, and drove home. The weather was...well, as good as one can expect at this time of year - rainy and dark - and the traffic was heavy to begin with, but with the combination of Christmas tunes and cruise control - it was very bearable.

After dealing with a slight situation upon arriving home, I put all my bags inside and said hello to my parents - it was the first time I'd seen dad since at least October.

It was good to see the family again, and although I was pre-occupied with Other Things (above mentioned issue) It was super nice to be back - and I had a small pizza (custom toppings) that evening.

The treatment had been tough on my dad and unfortunately, he had a little bit of hair-loss during my time at uni. When I returned, it was a surprise to me, despite being informed prior. The good news is, it's on the way back - there's what I like to call "a whispy layer" - and day by day - no matter what colour, shade or length it will continue to grow back.

C'r hasn't changed who my dad is as a person - he's still the same chirpy little man as he was - he still loves me the same amount - nothing other than his medical condition and looks have changed - and whilst it's a surprise at first - as with all things, you do get used to them, and I've just got to deal with that it is the way things are and the way things will be for a couple of weeks.

We also briefly touched upon my work ethic here at home (working on the assignments in the rig is not mentally possible - not with a Formula 3 and other cars just a click away!

With the Pizza down my throat, it was time to be re-united with the rig - probably not the smartest idea, but I jumped straight into a Jetta at Laguna Seca for the 24 hours of Limes...the Jetta is rather understeer-y and after not playing iRacing with a while in a good few months, it was rather interesting.

I'd eventually get down to a 1:43, but weather that's driving whilst aggravated/aggressive or something I can pull out in normal circumstances is something I'm yet to find out - I'm bound to do more practice today - and there's an official FP1 (Free Practice 1) session tomorrow.

During this time, I'd also play around with the AI at Brands Hatch and cause all sorts of trouble

Tuesday also saw the beginning of a long line of purchases - namely, the Aston Martin DBR9 for the Daytona 12 Hours

This was before, at precisely 51 minutes past midnight, I found out that THERE WAS OFFICALLY A LAMBORGHINI HURACAN GT3 EVO COMING TO IRACING!!!!

This was insane news. Yes iRacing has an absolutely unbeatable car roster but this ohhh boyyy - we've got all the GT3's and we've just added one of the most modern and beautiful - Lamborghini VS Ferrari can officially take place - this is beautiful and I honestly cannot wait to get my fat, sticky fingers behind the wheel - listening to the glorious roar! In celebration, I put out a hosted session with Italian cars and tracks attraction half a dozen people or so in an hour - and had a very weird and unexpected but fun battle with a Ferrari GT3.

Due to coming home at 8 or 9pm I decided not to get involved in the Week 13 Shenanigans....the mass update (including all the content) would be out tomorrow anyways. I'd then go to bed and oh boy oh boy, I sunk right in - I don't know what it is - but there's something truly unbeatable about your own bed..or the fact it was much larger and had a much better mattress/springs.

I haven't mentioned ABARTH in a hot moment, and that's because I'm currently sitting nice and comfortably at Laguna Seca in my camper-van. The team and car have arrived and we're just enjoying life.

I originally got here at a stupid time on the the 6th December, the gates opening and allowing me to enter the paddock later on in the day.

We've been back to San Fran a couple of times exploring the city, sites and views - but now it's time to get the helmet on, because FP1 is coming up tomorrow and that's when we get a first good gauge at where everyone is sitting.

Now though? I'm going to set up a practice session whilst I eat breakfast!


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