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Good Morning! I hope you are all well, and welcome to a slightly different type of blog!

This will likely be a one-off "Food Blog", but because it's been an interesting week (regarding food)I thought I'd just share the shenanigans.

We began all the way back in late April, Sunday 25th to be specific. After dropping off Evie, I headed back up north to Wolverhampton.

Usually, I'd go for my weekly food shop on the Tuesday of every week (occasionally Monday) - in this case the 26th/27th April, but the week transpired into rather some chaos.

I got back to Wolverhampton at 3am on the Monday morning. That evening, I noticed I had some chicken fillets which were left over from the weekend (as I didn't initially plan to go out the prior week) - so after a quick Google to see if I could eat (without dying), I did so and it tasted just fine.

The following night, (Tues), I'd finish up the remainder of the meatballs I had - once again not going out to the shops.

On Wednesday, I noticed the fridge was empty, but knew I would be going out this weekend, so bought a single solitary Pizza (along with some HotWheels models, but we'll brush past that).

On Thursday, I was out, helping some friends of mine with shuffling a skip around, a drive-through dinner and breakfast was given as thanks.

Friday was an interesting one - on returning home (Surrey) from my friends at a few minutes to midnight, I noticed I forgot my keys back at Wolverhampton, so went for a little night drive, had a few hours sleep up at Wolverhampton before shuttling down south again.

Once down South, on Saturday I had a "cheat day" having a drive-through McDonalds for lunch and then Dominioes whilst binging Riverdale for Dinner.

I'm not sure what happened on Sunday night - but I do remember having a lazy day where I gave my Sim Rig the love it deserved! (nothing official, only AI Races)

03/04/2021 - 05/04/2021

I'd stay down south for Bank Holiday Monday, "Star Wars Day" (May the 4th Be With You) and go back up to Wolverhampton on the 5th - after making sure my friend was alright (mentally)

My parents would return from their back-to-back trip (Isle Of Wight & Wales) on Tuesday, being kind enough to cook for me/feed me on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Tuesday me sorting out both a Rapid Covid Test (Negative, but apparently it took 2 attempts - they seem a little more lax up in Wolverhampton) as well as sorting out my passport photo, also seeing a sneaky GTR.

On my final full day down south, I had another take out meal (I know right, so healthy!)


So I'm back up in Wolverhampton. I had a nice safe drive up here on Wednesday, unpacked my bags and listened to some nice tunes.

In addition to this, I also watched a little documentary on Discovery+ about Harry and Meghan. It was very insightful.

Today's looking to be rather chill - but maybe I'll take a second test tomorrow.

Not long until the F3 Cup fires back up again, so that will be exciting.

Thank you for reading.

Robin (Will probably go out and get food today!)


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