UniBlog: Final Sprint To The Finish Line!

Updated: May 25, 2021

Thus far, uni has been a little bit like an endurance race - after a rather wild lap one, it all settles down - chaos heightens at the pitstops, it all settles again

We are currently in the final "hour" of the endurance race where everyone's anxiety and stress levels - well, okay, mine - are through the roof - there's so little of the race to go, yet oh so much time to mess up!

I want to start today's blog on April 24th - The UK's first major motorsport event of the year - other than Formula One, I haven't been tracking other country's motorsport series - but the UK's was on the 24th April when Brit-Car headed to Silverstone (Behind Closed Doors)

I did email them (the organisers) about attending - however, they understandably declined.

This weekend (April 24th/25th) was also the only Morgan Challenge race UWR would not be competing in - the first race of the calendar (at Silverstone) was cancelled, and the next was to be held in June - UWR having their cars in time for this. This race was held at Brands Hatch.

The following weekend, the GT Cup had their second race of the season at Brands Hatch - and although I was in Surrey (closer to Brands) I was busy with other things and was unable to attend. (oh, and spectators weren't allowed on track until 17th May)

The next two weekends in a row saw action at Snetterton - but being 3 hours away - I deemed it not worth the journey - driving 3 hours there and 3 hours back just for a race. BritCar was at Snetterton on the 8th of May (the same time BTCC went to Thruxton), whilst the BTCC went to Snetterton the next weekend (15/16th May)

The F3 Cup also kicked off their calendar at Silverstone...UWRacing showing the pack who was boss - claiming three podiums in a two day weekend - Already equaling my podium success rate on iRacing just in the first weekend alone!

Truswell running the 2019 livery on iRacing (left) and the 2021 livery of the real car on the right. Both have three podiums (Truswell only virtually) - What can real life driver Shane Kelly do this season?

So that brings us nicely up to date...

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

My previous blog ended on Tuesday, May 11th - after a rather "intense" weekend - everything seemed to simmer down - I asked for an extension for my assignment and that's pretty much as much as I can remember - oh, I also asked ASDA if they could "hold a job" for me (as I only became available later in the month), but they said no - since only 50 candidates can apply at one time - meaning my chances of landing a job - at maximum - are 1 in 49.

(18/05/2021:) I've just looked now and the job appears to still be on the website, meaning the job hasn't reached a total of 50 candidates - maybe my chances are now 1 in 48 - the higher my chances - and lower amount of competition, the better)

I was also informed that I couldn't attend the F3 Cup round at Silverstone due to it being before spectators are allowed on circuit (me not being an "essential" personnel and having to write up a report using footage from the live-streamed event - which as much as it sucks, I can completely understand and accept.

The less people at Silverstone, the less chance of anything coming in and spreading around - and with us so close to easing more restrictions - that's the last thing we - or anybody - would want.

My first assignment (Radio News Journalism) was also due on this day, but an extension for me and my group was granted.

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

My first weekend working with/alongside UWRacing (University Of Wolverhampton Racing Team) began - but this will be in its own separate blog.


I also finally got around to watching Cherry. "Cherry" is a sad movie about a college dropout (named Cherry, thanks IMDB!) who finds a girlfriend, who in turn leaves to study in Montreal.

To deal with his heartbreak (his girlfriend being abroad and thousands of miles away), he joins the Army as a medic.

Due to the things he sees, he comes back with PTSD and turns to a life of robbery and drugs. I hope I didn't spoil anything...

Friday, May 14th, 2021

Friday was relatively calm and marked a week and a day before I wrapped everything up for uni and could head home for Summer.

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

On Saturday, I made sure I had access to the F3 Cup live-stream/s and responded to a message from a friend who was in a bit of need. Obviously, I shuttled myself down there and offered the support I could - food, a nice chat to clear one's mind and a walk through some picturesque woods (where they were setting up to film the new Jurassic World).

Following this, I would take her back home. It was rather the nice, pleasant day out with a good friend, fresh air and good vibes. During this trip, I also celebrated Kiara hitting 70,000 miles - nice! (might have celebrated before - not sure).

According to Privilege, I've driven over 8,000 miles since installing my black box! Though passing in May 2019, I only had the BB (Black Box) installed in June 2020 - so I could be a little closer to 10k than I actually think!

Saturday was also ISRC's decision day whether to run their version of the Le Mans 24 Hours or not - this all depending on whether iRacing announced an Official iRacing Le Mans 24 Hours - however, since there was no announcement - ISRC pressed the green "Go Ahead" button for the Unoffical Hosted iRacing Le Mans 24 Hours.

Already with an incredibly popular endurance racing league, they were by no means "going in blind"!

Following dropping my friend off, I'd hit the road once again - this time heading to Essex to see a couple of my old friends. They needed to move a bunch of stuff and Robin's Uber Service was more than happy to help - especially when there was an offer of food (paid for) on the table!

Whilst down there, I gave a few people lifts - or maybe just one, I can't exactly remember off the top of my head - but I do remember the fact that I did move the stuff they asked me to on Monday afternoon, before shuttling off back to Uni on Monday Evening - it surprisingly still being light as I parked up in my spot.

As the days go on, more and more finish up for Summer - and the emptier accomodation gets and the emptier (somehow) the car-park gets. It's a weird thought imagining the accommodation desolate and empty from June until September. At least Jeramiah, Jeremy and Jemima (the three daddy long-legs that moved into my bathroom and now just sit...watching me) can live in peace and quiet for a few months...

And on that rather interesting note, I must end the blog here - and I hope to catch you in the next!



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