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Good afternoon - I hope you are all well, welcome to a new blog and let's dive straight on in!

25/05/2021 (Tuesday)

After Mental Health Monday (24/05/2021), I left on on Tuesday afternoon, Will & Co. smashing their 24 Hour record attempt and making it into the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and TruckersMP record books at 5pm on Monday.

With a couple of assignments needing to be completed, the group I was doing my Television News Production assignment with asked me to come back on campus just to finish up and with a quarter of my stuff still up there, I had no other choice but to make the journey up to Wolverhampton - first packing a large box for the remainder of my stuff before arriving at Wolverhampton at 4pm.

Though this was meant to be the day we were meant to meet, we shuffled the meeting back to Thursday.

I also did my weekly shop - this being slightly different as I had already taken the majority of my stuff home - some cereals needing to be bought as well.

I finished the day with Pizza whilst watching an absolutely adorable film called Palmer about a man recently released from prison who looks after a child with an abusive mum who abandons him for weeks on end - Sam (the child) is different in the fact that he likes typically more feminine clothes and toys.

I thoroughly recommend this movie, though it may bring a tear to one's eye.

26/05/2021 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was quite a big day for me. Starting in positive news, it was 9 years (to the day) that I created a Facebook account - this deserving a massive paragraph.

Onto the sad stuff...The 26th May also saw the 2nd anniversary of Drew and me (Drew being a very, very close friend of mine) going to Bournemouth/Devon for a week, staying at Lower Knapp Farm - still to this day, one of my favourite weeks away from the parents.

Also on this day/week - Jules Bianchi gave Marussia (to be Manor) their first points in Formula One, Jules finishing in 9th - later that season he'd crash and Suzuka, the impact ultimately killing him.

The Monaco Grand Prix of 2019 was also held during this week in 2019 - Hubert winning the sprint race and tragically being killed at Spa not 4 months later.

Onward with the sad news, this day marked a week since the ASDA Job had closed - although I'm probably going to wait a week or so longer before making an enquiry.

It was also on this day that I got a short review by Terry on my blog on the Silverstone Weekend - in addition to informing me of the next event in June.


After a good night's sleep - there was positivity the following day - it was the day I was back on Campus.

According to my phone (which tracks my every move) I was on Campus between 11:30 and 4pm - during that time recording audio for Television News Production as well as recording a piece using the uni's greenscreen.

I choked. During my one take (limited time) I stumbled over the words like I had a severe stammer - or stutter - one of them two - probably reading the script out loud a couple of times beforehand would have massively helped - even though I asked for another re-run to see if - to show that I could do it better, they (teachers and students) said it was fine and the file was submitted.

With Television News down, and all my files sent for Radio News Journalism - Public Affairs just looms - a 600 word document about the Indian Variant...fun times.

Knowing I could do this at home, and the wish to do the "Stay:Up" Charity event (stay up for 12hrs between 8pm & 8am - even planned the ETS2 route) - I planned to come home on the 28th.

On the 28th, I packed the rest of my stuff, leaving only some chicken fillets and milk in the university accommodation (there were still two people staying in accommodation - James heading home on Monday).

I was also informed Annie had a plan for me - so, I cancelled (or cancelled in the best way I could) the Stay:Up Challenge - and gave her the go ahead...eeeeven though I later found out that she only wanted me around for 8pm....24 hours after the start of the challenge - still, at least I got a good night's sleep.

After changing the bed-sheet and triple-checking that the accommodation was empty bar loo roll, I headed to Student Services, handed in my key and headed off back home.

Bad. Idea.

From the rush-hour of Birmingham to the rush hour of the M25 to the rush hour of the May Bank Holiday Weekend led to a 3 hour and 57 minute journey. Yup. Four hours averaging no more than 60mph. What a fun old time.

During this journey I saw two Lamborghini Urus' following in close proximity to each-other (but not following), a Maserati Quattroporte, (TIL: Quattroporte literally means four-doors - GG Maserati)

I also saw a 2021 Citroen C4 - Interesting Design....

On the other side of the spectrum, I also saw a 1993 (?) Citroen BX TZD Turbo Estate

Oh - and there was a wee cheeky numberplate I spotted - SH18 TLO - one sneaky way to get past the Language Limitations Of Numberplates.

And other than the fact that the journey was hideously slow, there's nothing really more I remember.

I got home, shattered but safe, unloaded the car and said hello to the parents before heading upstairs to my dearest rig.

I tried starting my ETS2 career at midnight - but I eventually got too tired of that (a simple London to Cambridge journey) and quickly hit the hay after organising more days out with people.

I woke up at about 9am, groaned, rolled over and continued to sleep in my soft, deep bed - I hadn't slept like that since leaving uni back in April!

The day was a fairly easy one - trying some ETS2, failing (wrong settings, wrong cargo, setting something else wrong - lots went wrong), having a barbique for lunch and then racing in my first official race at 5:15pm (starting at 4:45pm)

The weekend started with rather a lot of compromises.

The Stardust Zolder 24 Hours - not having a Kabort entry due to an ISRC clash, and little to no interest

- NEC (Nurburgring Endurance Championship) - Round 3 not being possible for me due to seeing a friend, - ISRC, Endurance League being impossible for me personally due to my IRating which has sat dormant since almost April

Additionally, the ISRC Unofficial 24 Hours of Le Mans being out of the question due to nobody wanting to drive a Chevvy or Ferrari GTE.

Joost Bouwmeester lasted at Kabort for a year - so that's something to celebrate!

Also this weekend is the second round of the Extreme E championship - this being the Ocean XPrix and will be live here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ExtremeELive/videos

A Packed Month

Onward from here - Kabort's 2 Year Anniversary is on the 30th May - This also being the second race of the Legends Series which I'm thoroughly enjoying and as it's Lime Rock - I'm hoping I can keep up with the field this time (it being a supposedly easier track)

Just a day later, one year ago Myself and Annie began talking - and indeed began dating 31st May

And Robin's Uber appears to be booked up until the 4th June, the following week after that being Week 13, and the weekend that Week 13 ends, the F3 Cup and UWRacing heads off to Castle Combe - the first race I can attend live!

Lots to look forward to, lots going on and lots to keep an eye out for - stay well, keep those engines running and I'll see you...next blog!


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