UniBlog & ABARTH: The Very Good Week Resumes

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Good afternoon! I have some very exciting news in regard to all three sections of my Blogs.


Mid-November (15th - 17th) saw the government confirm that the second lockdown (from 5th November - 2nd December) would officially end on the 2nd December with no extensions - allowing university students to come home and a normal Christmas to take place. This also saw race-tracks plan ahead - I've recently found out that Donington has opened its doors for the 2nd December to MSRV, Dukeries Motor Club and the 750 Motor Club - all three running events in December.

Two of which are circuit-based (Dukeries being a rally) and MSVR (5th Dec) interesting me the most.

Returning to more recent events, yesterday Terry emailed me with details about the trip to the other campus - which was very exciting to receive. Today, 24th November (ONE MONTH TO CHRISTMAS!!!!) marked my last on-campus lecture. I'd quickly dash to the front of Glory's campus to get a signature for Lynn's card, whack the card into an envelope and then speed-walk to the Campus.

On my way there, I'd stop at the postal place and be surprised with a huge pile of post.

Within this would be a couple of issues of Autosport, a T H I C C version of Autosport, Celebrating their 70th Anniversary counting down the greatest drivers and cars etc, and three lovely 200 page PuccaPads officially marking the end of the University Paper Crisis of 2020.

The Lecture

I'd arrive on time (5 minutes late, not that bad...), and give Lynn her Celebrations and Card - she was incredibly thankful - and with that and Nana arriving - the lecture begun.

It was a very interesting lecture about Mockumentaries, and this would see me fill in the very first page of my first PuccaPad!

We began by discussing what exactly a mockumentary was (a TV programme/film which looks like a documentary - but makes fun of it/the clear aspects) and some examples including The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity (horror being a prime example of many mockumentaries)

Mockumentaries (esp. the Blair Witch Project) were so effective/impactful because of their immediacy (use of shakey camera), cheapness to make (compared to other Hollywood blockbusters) - and huge income (250 million at box office) and the fact that in the time of the Blaire Witch Project and Orson Welle's radio adaptation of The War Of The Worlds there weren't too many "ultra-realistic" mockumentaries meaning that when a mockumentary was released with little to no prior warning - it can catch a lot of people out.

We watch the trailer of The Blair Witch Project - and as a first-timer viewer in 2020 this caught me and did raise the heart-rate slightly - so I can imagine what it would have been like on a (large) cinema screen!

The spread of movies back then (before the 21st century) were spread by word of mouth - and just like Chinese whispers things can get quickly distorted - and misinformation can quickly spread.

We then went on to discuss how it's important that the audience is in on the joke, even if they join half way through. If not this can cause quite some problems - and even if the audience is on the joke - as with everything there are always boundaries - and at times - like when the BBC broadcasted "Ghostwatch" mockumentaries can cross the boundaries.

Reasons For Making A Mocumentary

Novelty: A special/one off (red-nose day, Christmas or halloween spin off

Promotion: With the Blair Witch Project - there was a documentary on the mockumentary/film which promoted the film and encouraged people to go and see the original film - but it's incredibly weird - there's our world, the world in which the documentary lives in and then there's the world that the mockumentary is set in...it's very bizarre Dramatic: A Non-comedic/low budget mockumentary (Ghostwatch/War Of The World Radio Adaption) which looks live but isn't

Parody & Satire: More of a political stance which requires the audience to know that it's a parody/exaggeration on a particular subject (Come Fly With Me mocking the stereotypical roles of airport staff/airport documentaries like Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport)

Satire: Uses humour, irony, exaggeration to expose/criticize stupidity "vices"

It's been said that it is possible to make something ludicrous and deadly serious at the same time.




Deconstruction of typical documentary conventaries.

The latter of all of these raises questions as it can blur the line between real documentaries and mockumentaries - films like the original BORAT explicitly shows this.

(Borat being about a Kazakhstani man coming to America to film a documentary about how great Kazakhstan thinks America is, and the Americans believing every word he says)

I'd safely get home, set up this laptop and write this blog.

To my utter surprise, Netflix AND Yahoo Mail both deciding to work after several days - maybe even a couple of weeks of not working.

Kabort & ABARTH

First things first, yesterday (23rd November) marked the 1 Year Anniversary of the creation of Eleven9 Esports. Say what you want about oranges and apples - we're both passionate, serious and competitive endurance sim-racing teams on iRacing - and I really do wish them a happy birthday and here's to the next 10 and more!

With me now being reunited with my darling baby rig on the 8th December, it massively frees up the rest of December for rig-time.

As if by accident, Tuesday the 8th December is the very day Week 13 starts - One week of absolute pure chaos - every day for one week the tracks swap around and splits (separation into individual races by iRating) are scrapped meaning you've got HUGE grids of racers from new drivers who joined that day to Class A drivers with several thousand iRating all in one race. This means limited practice for all involved.

The penultimate-penultimate (the third to last) time I raced was in Week 13 of Season 4, 2020 - I'd only race Week 1 (before Uni) and Week 3 (at Uni - F3 @ Suzuka and Supercars at Le Mans) It's not only official races either - hosted races also pop-up availibility - races like the 24 Hours of Limes in a Jetta around Laguna Seca, which I had to previously decline.

This leads into ABARTH (A Big American Road Trip Holiday) meaning I have to be cautious about potentially cutting my trip down slightly to ensure I get to California (Laguna Seca) on time.

But now? I hate to include it but since I'm here, I will, I've safely Canada, but am spending in the next day or so dealing with jet-lag.

As for the vehicle I'll be using? Well, it's this.

A 1989 Chevrolet G20 Falcon Intervec 4x4 Motorhome Camper Van RV Wagon Chevy K5 GM


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