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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Today was rather shite. I'm just going be brutally honest.

After dealing with something I didn't really want to - or expect to - deal with, the boys down my corridor helped me deal with the situation and we should get it sorted soon enough.

Then I had breakfast, but since then I've just been feeling meh like a tiny weeny lil headache - not too much motivation or energy.

This sort of mood isn't the best when you are trying to pump out an essay, but the best thing you can do is have a nice warm shower, smell the delicious lime shampoo you just bought and try again.

I want to go back slightly though - because over this past week, I've done some things for the very last time in 2020.

This week I've:

- Had my last own bought bagel, chicken,

- Last ASDA Shop

- Last trip to the post office

- Last (On-Campus) Lecture - Last full day without lecture

- Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Uni (soon to be Saturday too)

- Last Key Concepts Of Journalism lecture

- Last sweets/confectionry bought from ASDA

- Last Yazoo

- Last ASDA-Bought COD Fillet

this list only growing as Saturday progresses before turning into Sunday


On the virtual side of things - things aren't going too bad - Berkley and Sam absolutely smashed it in ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) finishing 9th...it's only on Sunday however that we will know if they get to hold the IDD (Individual Driver Division) trophy. Berkley one of three in Division 7 and Sam the first of 24 in his division.

ISRC and VEC are still on-going.


I'm currently on the flight back to mainland USA - I had a blast in hawaii and it truly allowed me to reset my mind....but it has meant that I've had to completely cut out the trip down to the Darién Gap - missing out on visiting Panama and Costa Rica, which is a shame - but one I can live with.

I'd much rather the trip to Hawaii, than down South. Game A Day

Today's game was supposed to be "Wild Animal Racing but horrible FPS and game volume had other plans


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