UniBlog: A Rather Odd Weekend

Good evening!

I've had an incredibly lazy couple of days - pretty much nothing to report other than just staying in my room, using my laptop (playing, communicating with friends)

I honestly cannot remember what's happened over these past 72 Hours.

I want to say that I finished the previous blog at 11 on Friday morning - especially since I wrote "so that marks the end of Thursday" and then mentioned "11:36 in the morning"

On Thursday evening at exactly 20:38, Jimmy Broadbent announced the date - and sign-up form for the Zolder 24 Hours.

Myself and Will wanted to do this event since it was originally announced in a stream Jimmy did earlier (that week), however other than agreeing a car - nothing was agreed.

Within an hour every single seat of every single car of every single available slot was filled - and we had neither got an entry in nor paid the entry fee - which was a huge bummer.

Keyboard Motorsport was able to get in.

This was especially painful as I had already announced my resignation from the XRL Daytona 24 Hours (8th November) - so I wouldn't be doing either event, meaning my first endurance race after starting university is still to be known.

There was also a virtual, 6 hour version of the Race Of Remembrance, but this too was on the same weekend as the XRL Daytona 24 Hours - and with not a single lap of practice - I wasn't fancying my chances - even with the huge amount of spare seats available.

Friday was very much a lazy day where absolutely nothing happened...well, I say nothing - I uhh, broke up with my girlfriend of 5 months.

I won't go into detail, but after the whole ordeal, I was not left heartbroken, it was a choice I had to make, and that I'm not glad I made - but one that was made with a clear mind and with a good conscience.

Saturday 31st October - Halloween

The last day of October 2020 - my first full month at university. Like Friday, Saturday was a very mellow and lazy day - partially filled with updating Kabort's various social media channels (Twitter, iPittingBoard)

In Kabort news - Tommy De Wilde tried to make his debut with Kabort at the VRS Endurance round at Monza, alongside experienced man Tijmen Berends, however due to a technical problem - both never made the start.

During the day, I'd watch LIVE qualifying for the third Italian Grand Prix (after the Tuscan Grand Prix and Italian Grand Prix at Monza)

This was a little odd because - don't tell anyone this - but I watched it live for FREE!!

Twan shared his screen whilst on F1TV, and I watched in interest...(somewhat interest).

I suppose it's like screensharing Netflix, or having one main Netflix account and many users.

Later on in the day, at about 3:40, I was informed that the Prime Minister would be on live television, informing the nation about the proposed lockdown that was planned to be implemented.

A good few hours of useful rambling later and some major news was broken.

England's National Lockdown Updates

From Thursday, England would be entering national lockdown.

I try and keep politics, racing and blogging separate, but just for a rare moment, it's an important update and affects many people.

The main gist of it was that: - all non-essential businesses including: pubs, bars and restaurants would all close, whilst takeaways, click and collect services, schools and universities would remain open.

- Also closing are entertainment and leisure facilities like gyms - You're only allowed to leave home for the following reasons:

1) Education 2) Work (if you can't work from home) 3) Exercise & Recreation (Outdoors) 4) Medical Reasons 5) To shop for food and essentials 6) To care for vulnerable people

meaning that households will be allowed to mix (indoors or in private gardens) But people will be allowed to meet one other person from another household outside in a public place...

As tough as it is - I see why they do it and it's vital if we are to keep as many people alive as possible alive.

I'd much rather losing a small, local business rather than human lives - businesses and companies can be dealt with later, humans are more important - lives over economy.

6) is interesting - and a little vague - so, there's nothing stopping me from going home to Surrey.

If the Police were to stop me, I could simple say that I was going to my parents house to "look after" them - giving them happiness, and providing an increase of mental health and mood - meaning that technically going down to Surrey would be legal - especially as my dad is classed as a "vulnerable person" (60+) and if I stayed overnight for Christmas, if it came to it, I could just say they needed a lot of support - especially during this period - I mean what kind of Christmas would it be if I spent the 24th - or 25th up in Wolverhampton?

Fortunately, the lockdown measures are expected to last until early December - but we'll see how that goes - hopefully well, because I want - sorry NEED a family Christmas!

The addition of my uncles, aunt and countless cousins would make it a dream Christmas - but obviously I know, in the current climate that would be a little bit of a stretch - like asking for snow - it's not impossible - but knowing the weather it'll probably just be rainy, cold, windy and miserable.


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