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UniBlog: Calm Up North, Crazy On Track!

Good evening, and welcome from my Accomodation's Kitchen. A slight change of scenery for once.

I'll be honest, since starting back on the 12th, things around here have been rather quiet and calm. Yes, ASDA was busy on my Weekly Shop, but that's expected from a supermarket.

Over the past week or so, I've had surprisingly little written in my calendar - and very little happen in my real life.

Aside from the new restrictions that came into place last Monday (12th April) I've had less than half-a-dozen things written in there.

Just a line about the amount of assingment/s I have left to do (for the year), my trip on Wednesday and the fact I was on campus on Thursday filling up these days - Friday being all but empty.

I know that's all I am blogging about - but pretty much that's been my week, passing by the relatively uninteresting days. Conserving my energy for a more exciting day.

The weekends are naturally more "action packed" (due to Grand Prixs and two days without lectures), but even still it seemed that the pages were lacking content.

The three things written in this weekend's pages were:

1) Imola GP (which I'll get onto)

2) Spectators Allowed At Non-Elite MSV Events (later withdrawn, everything opening for spectators on May 17th) 3) iRacing NEC R1

and a reminder that I'm at Uni and wouldn't be able to participate in 3)

On the subject of NEC, Kabort entered four cars - Motorsport, Green, Blue and Pink into the first round of the Nurburgring Endurance Championship (NEC) which runs throughout the year - out of sync with iRacing's Seasons.

Arron Brown's Light Blue Merc was a stunning head-turner!


Motorsport (Merc AMG GT GT3)

Samuel Thurtell - (AUS) - Solo

Green (Audi R8)

Tim Kasigkeit (GER)

Joost Bouwmeester (NDL)

Blue (Merc AMG GT GT3)

Emmanuel Ijere (NDL)

Arron Brown (USA)

Pink (Porsche Cayman GT4)

Daniel Weber (GER)

Adam J. Pearce


In order from worst to best:


Finish Pos: DNF - 57th (overall) 12th (GT4 class)

Laps Completed: 3

eURO Motorsport (Kabort's Korean Cousin)

Finish Pos: DNF - 46th (overall) 8th (911 Cup Class) (Jay Han)

Laps Completed: 15


Finish Pos: DNF - 45th (Overall/GT3 Class)

Laps Completed: 10


Finish Pos: 38th (Overall/GT3 Class)

Laps Completed: 23 (Winner: 30) (This team reaching heights of 18th, and lows of 39th) - strong recovery


Finish Pos: 10th (Overall/GT3 Class)

Laps Completed: 28 (Winner: 30) - Fell to 48th on Lap 1 and had a massive recovery drive - REMARKABLE recovery drive!!!

And with the weekend's racing reviewed, and a quiet week ahead, let's all look forward to next weekend...the biggy: The iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours...Without Truswell needing to be in the well can the teams do?

NEC has been, the VRS GT Endurance Series is at the Nordscliefe this coming week - with the N24 the weekend following - Have the teams put in enough practice or will the Green Hell munch on a delicious Kabort car? Who Knows? Stayed tuned!

As for the Imola Grand Prix? Well, it was a classic!

A sprinkle of rain splitting strategy between wet tyres and intermidate tyres, red flag due to a massive shunt (ruined by a safety car restart and the Drivers Championship being closed up massively! I personally Would have liked to see Lando Norris finish P2 - but he had a 7-Time-World-Champion behind him in a superior car - it was inevitable that Hamilton would get passed, but bloody nora the kid held him off for a long time! (Mazepin made it to the end despite "killing" Latifi - or Latifi put it on himself, one of the two)

Bottas and Russell proved that going wheel to wheel in the rain probably isn't the best idea at those speeds, so maybe a fight like we had in Bahrain between Hamilton and Verstappen was off the cards.

We can only hope that the rest of the season is like this!

Have a good one,



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