UniBlog: A Perfect Monday

This week has actually started really well!

Yes, it's only Monday, and I've probably given the week ahead the "commentators curse" but for now, I'm happy - which is good.

I woke up at 9:00am or so - got dressed, thought a little bit about money and how I'm going to pay back the people I need to, before sitting down for my lecture.

The Lecture

News Writing's lecture today was about interviews. Not by random choice, but because the second task on our portfolio (assignment two) is a profile interview - an article/interview about a famous person - or an interesting aspect of a celebrity/famous person's life.

This lecture covered the type, style and techniques of of interviews.


Casual - just like a normal conversation - almost as if by accident - there's no "pre-meditation" or plan, it just flows like a natural conversation

Personality Interview - Usually used in longer, feature-length type articles/stories - This type is usually used if a celebrity/famous person does something a little out of the ordinary and a reporter wants to do an extended article.

News Interview - Often used in live broadcasts - three-quarters of the time this is done face-to-face, however can be done in other types in preparation for live news broadcasts too

Telephone Interview - usually done on radio - this offers anonymity - only the caller's voice being revealed. This is done "as it says on the tin" - it's a interview over the telephone.

Other - The Current Situation has meant that we (as humans) have had to adapt to a lot of changes - one of the biggest being not seeing one another.

The solution to this - and doing interviews - is/was doing everything online via "Zoom", "Skype" and "Microsoft Teams" calls - doing calls on the computer through webcams/communication software Techniques

Some techniques taught during the lecture were: - Do research on the person you're interviewing, so you know what to expect/potential questions

- Arrive On Time/Agree a time you can both do

- Find a "common point" or something you've both experienced so there's a bit of bonding and there's almost "chemistry" during the interview - you and the interviewee bouncing off one another.

The worst thing is if you have no connection to the person you are interviewing and it's all a bit grey/flat/boring/cold. Talking about something like a serious incident - then of course you must be serious, but you must also be "on the same page". Linked to the above, me and Adam Christodoulou (the racing driver I'm doing a profile interview on) both love motorsport, have both done countless hours of iRacing and have both done "more than a bit" of (karting) in real life - hence the interview I did a week or so ago wasn't too difficult.

I also did my research and found something very interesting about his career which I wanted to discuss with him further about - but I'll come onto that.

After this lecture, I'd collect my accomodation and car keys - and drive to ASDA... But you normally walk?

I've only ever driven between uni and Surrey (a 2hr 30 minute drive) meaning at either end my car is always rather empty.

For some unknown/odd reason, my tank was half full instead of hovering over empty - so I drove to ASDA and filled it up to the brim with Wolverhampton's finest unleaded fuel.

After filling the car, I'd find a car-park space and walk into ASDA. Due to the lesson learnt from last time - I knew I didn't have all the money in the world to spend - but there were some essentials to get - such as some goodies for Lynn (surprise just in case she reads these blogs ;) ) and my WMFS (Weekly Meat Food Shop) I also grabbed some milk, a rare Yazoo (first time in a loong time I've had them!) in addition to some Mental Health Boosters for myself.

Fortunately, I was able to pay without having to return any items - even though it got EXTREMELY close to my 𝗌̶𝗁̶𝗈̶𝖾̶-̶𝗌̶𝗍̶𝗋̶𝗂̶𝗇̶𝗀̶ ̶ sorry, aglet budget - but another trip on Friday was certainly vital!

The thing with money is that my only "outgoings" for the week are the food at ASDA (or if I need to sort a problem - like lack of paper/broken mug/low fuel/MOT Running out/engine not starting) - so by spending my whole budget for the week on food - I'm not shooting myself in the foot - and I much rather spend it all on food than toys, drugs, the stock-market or stock photos of Gareth Gates from 2002!

I'd drive back to my accomodation - put the meats (and Pizza) into the fridge before returning to my room to go on call with Adam Christodoulou about.... another aspect of my Profile Interview Assignment - I won't put it here because UniBlog is your main source of Daily Robin Truswell News and I only said I'd include it in the assignment, so I'm going to stick to my promise.

That brings us to now - the interviews written - my mini-shortbread box is almost empty, Lynn's card is written and it's high time I stuffed a Pizza in my mouth....or cleaned my room....one of the two....in any order....maybe both at the same time? Cheers for Reading! - RT


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