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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Good Morning!

I hope you've all slept well! It's very unusual for me to do a blog in the morning, but alas - here it is.

I've got plenty of updates to give, so enough rambling, and let's begin!!! Where to start....that's the big question...

I think the best place to start is at the least important place - ABARTH - A Big American Road-Trip Holiday (just added "Holiday" so it makes a cool word).


I'm currently on the 22 Hour flight to Alaska.

The flight from Russia to Japan (1 Day, 6hrs) was....alright- it was a small plane, so turbulence threw it around slightly making getting to sleep a problem - but once asleep I was out like a lightbulb. There was only a 6 hour wait at the Japanese airport - but with many food stalls around and just as many televisions - this wasn't a painful wait.

The plane I'm currently in is a commerical jet - and very, very comfortable. The sunrise was stunning over the water - and I'm now just itching to land in Alaska! With the month of Christmas/December ahead - you'll be seeing little (I hope little) - if any of this "Virtual Adventure" - It's just something to "keep the motor running in the background"


Saturday wasn't too special for Kabort - many of the drivers having prior commitments.

This didn't stop Dutch Duo Tommy De Wilde and Tijmen Berends having a crack at the 18:00 ELMS Session.

This....wouldn't turn out so well, as we'd get hit by a fellow competitor.


This cost us 15 minutes in the pits - but despite the anger and upset, both were incredibly enthusiastic about giving it another stab the very next day.


Sunday saw a larger group of cars leave the Kabort Garage - this time a count of two.

Kabort K6

Tom Van De Pol (BEL)

Spencer Kemble (USA)

Kabort T1

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Tommy De Wilde (NTL)

Kabort K6 would finish P9, whilst Kabort T1 would win the day's chocolate cake with an impressive P6 after a tough battle on tires to keep P7 behind.

The weekend also saw the hosted events of the 6 Hours Of Daytona Movember hosted race as well as the PPR Nurburgring 24 Hours also pass - but with no interest from any of Kabort's members (well, maybe one).


I had a pretty chill weekend with pretty much nothing happening. My advent calendar continues to stare at me whispering "eat me" - but for another day I continue to refuse. 8 Days and she's all mine!

Monday will see me going food shopping for the week - probably one of my most favourite events of the week (nothing to do with sweets....) Tuesday will be a sad one as it marks the last On-Campus lecture of not only the semester, but of 2020 - so (spoiler) - I plan to get Lynn a little something as a Thank You.

The walk to the lecture was pretty much my only bit of exercise for the week, and the perfect opportunity to grab any post that had arrived - but I also understand that if the government want the face-to-face lectures to end...they probably need to end.

My room also needs to be sorted - I know I've been living here since September, but it looks like I'm about to celebrate my 10th Year anniversary!!!

In other news, I've been doing a bit of analysis on Kabort and which driver has done the most races - a tedious task but an interesting one - and one I'll probably update you on in due course.

Wednesday onwards is all a little bit exciting, so there's plenty of updates to share then...but for now.

See you...very shortly! ;)


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