UniBlog: A Fun Week And A Recap!

Good evening, I hope you are well!

With my slight "butch-up" last week (12th April) this week marks my first proper week on campus and its fair to say, I've had a small blast.

As per, my last blog was written on the Sunday of last week - but before we go on, I'd like to have a little re-cap, as April has been doing its classic "speedrun"


On Saturday the 10th, I had my last iRacing race - EES (European Endurance Series) at Monza, Sunday was spent seeing a friend, seeing Annie for the last time and then going on a 2hr + road-trip from near midnight.

I arrived....when I arrived On Monday and slept until the morning before attempting to find where I needed to go, before failing and heading back to the accommodation. This day was also the day that lockdown restrictions further eased slightly. That evening I had sausages.

Tuesday was calm, Wednesday I briefly saw two friends and helped them out and Thursday I spent at the campus.

Looking back to Thursday, I was a troubled man - plenty of things on my mind to give me reasons to concern...but a week on, these are all but a memory.

The four were:

- My Relationship (communication massively helps, and after talking it over it seems we've fixed what went wrong and are aiming to go in a better light)

- "IOW (Isle Of Wight)/When" - Still don't know this one, but being up north in Wolverhampton, it seems I have bigger fish to fry than something happening down south - I'm sure they (the parents) will sort it

- "On Campus" - I was worried about where I was going - having been, this no longer exists - "NDL Trip" - I'm still wary about this - but If I go along with what my friend says, and agrees when she wants me to do things like pay or make a decision - then it should go to plan - she is smart so, I strongly believe she knows what she is doing.

After researching it online - I've found out that as accurate as the testing is, it could be better - and if you were "exposed" to COVID 19 on the same day (but before) your test, you'd very likely come out negative - it's been found out that it takes up to a week for the test to detect COVID. So if you went to Brighton, caught COVID and then went up to Wolverhampton (or anywhere) and had a test - you'd likely come out negative - only the following week being declared positive.

The reason I'm not going off "when your symptoms start" is because some people are asymptomatic and therefore, going off a "oh I started coughing today, that means I got it today" is quite a bad way of finding out when/where you caught it.

So, the reason why I bring this up now - is because the Thursday (following the Wednesday I saw my two friends) is what I like to call my "COVID Lag Day" - meaning if I went to the test centre and tested positive, I knew that it would have been either Wednesday or Thursday the prior week that I was "exposed" to it - and from there I can figure out: 1) Who I may have got it off 2) When and in which part of the country I was

3) In the time after the "COVID Lag Day" I've visited and need to inform

Onward from my CLD (COVID Lag Day) was Friday, tomorrow's CLD - I'm going for my second test of the week tomorrow, and if negative - then my CLD moves onto Saturday.

Alas, that weekend was my first on campus of 2021 and looking back, maybe I should have gone to the gym on that one (since I was bored) but I guess life played out the way it did and the thought didn't pop into my mind. It was the Imola Grand Prix weekend anyway!

This Week


This week has been my first FULL week on campus (due to the prior week's error) and being on campus massively helped me as the lecturer was able to talk to me personally and get to the level where I was at (stuck-wise) and help un-clog my brain and progress on the final of the first assignments is the quickest it's been since getting stuck. Since it was the day before my food shop, I had very little for dinner.


Aside from a food-shop, Tuesday was very calm and uneventful day.


Yesterday was much the same...other than slamming my face into a cupboard door...

Long story short: Cooked Cod & Pasta, wanted it in my room in front of an Apple TV+ Documentary I found, took plate to room, lights were off (saving electricity etc.) tried to put plate on table/laptop - table was full of shit and mess, managed to put the plate down - couldn't find a flat surface for mug, so went to turn the light on to put the mug down and as I was clambering over my suitcase (laying flat), I went head on into the corner of the cupboard door and got a lovely little cut.

Milk went flying, I somehow put the mug down and went over and put the light on and sorted everything.

Edit: What's that?! We've got an accident reconstruction! FANTASTIC!

No phones nor faces were harmed in the making of this reconstruction...

After an incredibly insightful and enjoyable Billie Eilish documentary before bed (her music is very soothing) I decided to watch something very stupid....

Having this image in my head before I closed my eyes was quite the feeling...fair to say I never made it any further

So with this in mind and the other things I had to deal with, I sort of felt like the world around me was closing in...fun times.


Today didn't go half badly - I woke up at 11:30am(ish), had a shower, I don't think I had breakfast, but I headed up to my campus and with 10 minutes until the lecture started I decided that as I wouldn't make it from the testing facility (that turned dark) - testing building - and back to where the lecture was taking place, I'd have the second test of the week tomorrow/Friday.

Alas, the lecture was very good and fun and I worked out how to use a juicy bit of kit/camera and we recorded some "OOVS" (Out Of Visions) - which we had been doing for the past year or so in online lectures as well as learning Adobe Premier Pro which I had more than touched upon during college.

So I filmed a bit on campus with the only other student that turned up (same instance as Monday - she was the only one to turn up)

I got to the middle of the road which separates my accomodation from the campus before realising "oh, I shudda had a test" - but since I was half-way home, it was a bit pointless to turn back.

I'm glad I didn't turn back as I met my lecturer (that I had that day) as he walked back to his car (and me my accomodation) - ironically enough, this being one of my preferred BMW models...No, not an M8 or I8 - just one of the classic GOOD looking 5-Series with a respectably sized grille. 2005 5-Series if you are that desperate to know.

I walked back to my accomodation, put my bag down and...forgot what I did - answered notifications before writing this ole' blog.

and that catches us up to where we are now & today.

Whilst I've got nothing written down for Friday itself - the same can't be said for the weekend - a Behind Closed Doors BritCar race at Silverstone, the Morgans being at Brands Hatch (UWRacing not yet participating) and the iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours taking place - FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) very much in full swing & gear...

Knowing that I'm going to be at university the next couple years, I'm highly suspecting that this isn't going to be the last N24 I'm missing, which is absolutely tragic because I want to prove to the racing gods that myself and a fellow car-ful of wannabe racing drivers have what it takes to tackle AND BEAT the Nordschliefe. I did it last year with William and Sam...but I want to do it a again!

There is something pencilled in to do with a game project (not a car game!) I'm following but it's all under wraps at the moment and there's talks of an Alpha.

There are also talks of a trip south (potentially passing by Woking) but I'll update you as and when.

With that...thanks for reading - I hope you have enjoyed the juicy weekly blog and I will catch you next time! RT

Image courtesy of Tim Perry



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