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UniBlog: A Boring Day Means Nothing Went Wrong...


As the title states, "A Boring Day Means Nothing Went Wrong" and that's precisely right. If someone has had a bad day - something has gone wrong - or not gone to plan to cause that bad day...

A boring day means that nothing of interest - or happened at all...

So, with nothing but a blank page on Friday, and a rather empty weekend coming up, I can say that all is well in the land of Robin.

Now, I've probably jinxed that - but it's a bit of excitement.

Saturday, 17th April, 2021

At the time of writing this, it's about mid-day, and I'm incredibly short on things to write about, but I do have things written in the calendar for this weekend.

Aside from the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship - which, for obvious reasons I will not be participating in, it's also the Italian Grand Prix - or the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix - at Imola.

With Verstappen finishing less than a second behind Hamilton last time out at Bahrain - it's fair to say that it will be an interesting one to watch.

This blog is looking to be under a 5 minute read, so, let's fast forward to next weekend quickly which is the iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours (once again not attending), Brit-Car 24 Hours at Silverstone (behind closed doors).

And with that, we've come to the end. Talk soon!



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