Tough Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tiring Thursday!

Good evening, It's been quite the wild week. (4 days) - I last blogged on Sunday night, so let's begin on Monday.

Monday was an uneventful day with the Radio News Production Lecture - nowadays the weeks and days are all merging into one.


Tuesday was quite the tough one - at 1026 iRating, I wanted to see if I could boost my iRating as quick as possible (probably a bad idea) aaand after a couple of close laps battling from P12 or so down to P5, P4 had an off and caused a little bit of mayhem around him - I opportunistically came down his inside, but we made contact, I flipped and that was my race done, and short run of 1K iRating ruined.

After falling back to 960 iRating, I was quite eager to have another crack at it - but in the practice session (of the new session) I remembered Zolder and how when I crashed I didn't have another attempt.

Naturally, the second I withdrew, I remembered the Nurburgring round where I DID have another attempt - sorry TWO attempts!

I had lunch, bought the KIA back from the garage (suffered the same problem as in Wolverhampton, hopefully it should be good now) came back at 16:30ish - just in time for the 17:17 race, but a friend called me and we ended up talking for two hours or so - at this rate it was nearing the 8/9pm session and I was feeling a bit tired and didn't think I'd put my best effort in - so I decided to do the second attempt tomorrow - a new day, a new set of luck.

It came to 9pm (after playing around on BeamNG.Drive to cheer myself up) and I realised that I hadn't just missed one league race, but two.

MOFO held a session with GT3's at Oulton Park - this included a pit-stop, so I wasn't overly bummed that I missed it.

I was slightly more bummed about missing out on a brand new league called "PLR" which was running their first season of Mazda MX5 Cups - fortunately, the final race of the inaugural league season is next Tuesday so I can still race in that league season - I'm not sure what will happen after that though.

I then played Beam until the clocks stopped in the year 2132.


Wednesday went much, but better than Tuesday - or indeed Monday.

I'd race in the Formula 3 race at Okayama, fall to 19th on the first lap after getting hit twice and finish the race in 5th place, 0.168 seconds behind 4th (a milliscule difference) and with 1026 iRating to my name. Exactly where I was before the Okayama weekend - Tuesday F3 goes to Interlagos, Brazil - a cracking wide-open circuit with plenty of overtaking opportunity - judging by the way my F3 Season has gone so far, it's a roll of a dice the cards I will be played - but as long as that 1026 increases, I'm a happy boii.

Following my success at Okayama, I'd jump out of my rig and help my mother with putting stuff in the skip (we're moving out, so we've got to clean the garden up).

Whilst doing this, I came across some old things of ours which bought back good memories - things like old flooring patterns a self-made car-play mat, a blue chair I used to sit in as a wee little lad, a bodyboard from holidays not too long ago in addition to some scrap metal, wood and other materials.

The hard part is still yet to come though, household items and before too long the massive moving boxes and emptying of the house, maybe my room will be the last furnished area of the house? Who Knows? I don't like to think about it.

After this, we'd come back inside, I'd return to my room (a piping hot hot chocolate shortly following as a thank you from my mother) and life would resume as normal.

That night I'd stay up until 4 or 5 sorting photos in Kabort's "Year In Pictures 2020" (I don't know why I'm doing it, but hey)


Rightiho, today - today was a fairly quicky - woke up at 10:30 or so (getting earlier!) had breakfast (that's unusual for me!) and then got stuck into my lecture from 1pm until 5pm, during a small break in-between, I'd test/try my mother's biscuits she'd back and they were beyond delicious, they were heavenly - and I honestly said to her "why haven't you got your own wrapping on this? This is f- very - should start your own biscuit brand!" - and then went up to continue with my lecture...yeah the lecture is okay, but I don't know - we are doing OOV's (Out Of Views) and the lecturer has asked us (in both lectures) to film, edit and email to him some OOV content/footage - like the BBC would show or the like - with it being freezing/0 degrees celcius outside, and I feel my parents judge me for the craziness that I film (putting a plate in the microwave, turning on a kettle, etc. etc. I feel a bit "limited" on what I can do.

Say I was in Wolverhampton, I think then I'd be even more limited - I mean, here I've got a house to play with, at WLV I would have had my "hotel room" (same size/features) and the kitchen area and I wouldn't want to subject Jya, James or Andrew to my Random Filming Of Everyday Items) - say if there's no lockdown I could probably be unleashed onto the streets of Wolverhampton, be allowed to use the studio/equipment there maybe even be more inspired.

Radio Journalism I believe is probably the one I'm going to make the most progress/highest grades in because that's not about the quality of your camera, or what you can film around you or the place you live/views/house - all you need is a semi-decent mic (even a phone microphone will do) and some recording software and the rest is told in your voice and what you say - which is what I'm learning in this module.

I don't know, it's an interesting one.

After some lovely chicken wrapped in bacon, pasta and veg for lunch (as the painter continued to paint the outside of our house, poor soul) I went back up to my room, played around with the AI for a bit - and at 19:40 (the time I write this) I'm seriously - in fact I am GOING to have tea of toasted bagels and other "quick food"

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