The Year Spirals Out Of Control (Pt. 5)

Hello and welcome to the final part of this series (?) where I catch back up on the past month of goings on!

Thursday, 9th June

I arrived back on the Isle of Wight on the evening of the 8th June - and was pretty tired after quite a long day of driving, so had dinner and hit the hay after.

The 9th was my first full day on the Island - and first proper opportunity to sit down and have a look through the Week 13 Series.

With the totally unexpected arrival of the Mercedes AMG GT3 (and indeed Mercedes AMG GT4 too) - Two series in particular tickled my fancy.

13th Week GT3 Challenge

W3 - 9th June: Fuji Speedway (Don't have it)

W4 - 10th June: Sebring

W5 - 11th June: Sandown Raceway (Don't have it)

W6 - 12th June: Le Mans

W7 - 13th June: Monza

13th Week Shiny New Shakedown (GT4)

W3 - 9th June: Spa

W4 - 10th June: Fuji (Don't Have It)

W5 - 11th June: Silverstone

W6 - 12th June: Brands Hatch

W7 - 13th June: Lime Rock Park

On the 9th June, I decide not to dive straight into iRacing, and instead decided to "spread the love" and play a few titles I had not touched yet - such as Mini Motorways, The Stanley Parable (a game I only recently HEAVILY got into), BeamNG.Drive, Teardown (Tornado Mission), House Flipper and a touch of ETS2.

10th June, 2022

On the 10th June, I woke up, had breakfast and booted up iRacing for a race.

This was the first time in 50 Days that I had done so.

The last time I had done this was on the 20th April, 2022 - and I raced (or should I say iRaced) an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 at Barber Motorsports Park - claiming 4th and finishing with 1205 iRating.

This (1205 iRating) was the highest I had been all year - and higher than I had ever been in either 2019 or 2020.

The 50-day absence was my 4th longest absence away from the sim since joining.

Anyway, enough about the past.

In the land of GT4, the brand new Fuji Circuit (JPN) was the day's track - but having already spent £24 on two Mercedes', I decided to give the GT3 Series a try - as the series was at Sebring that day, a circuit I already owned.

I could have bought the Knockhill and Hungary Circuits, but somehow, I avoided them (during Week 13), and neither appeared on the following season's calendars - and I was cautious that the very same thing could happen to both Fuji, Sandown and Winton (all new circuits)

The race at Sebring went very well - and was an absolutely perfect shakedown for the Merc - finishing in 6th from 10th on the Grid - if only it had been official!

June 11th

Saturday, June 11th was a day dedicated to Timon.

Will and I organised me to come down to his work-shop to freshen Timon up a little bit and give him some modifications to make him look a little younger.

After waking up at about 5 or so, I was shortly on the first Ferry to the mainland at about 6am.

It was a 3 hour drive to Will's, before we quickly got started on the car.

In the beginning, we started on the big, heavy stuff - changing out the 2007-era radio for a touch-screen/monitor stereo/DAB.

Whilst Will worked on this, Jodie and I started working on the looks of the car - first adding a front 3D Gel number-plate (Will said it was a little more subtle than the 4D ones, but I might get a pair of both!) and also installing a new (and fresh) Skoda badge (that he/his company personally made)

Next it was onto the rear - the badge, number-plate and then eventually the rear light, which had a bit of a noticable crack in it.

It was a massive faff and hassle to replace the light (I was told so that the manufacturer would get more money, since people would be less inclined to do it themselves) but eventually we got it done.

The day was cracking on - but there was still plenty to be done - so we powered on - Will eventually managing to remove the roof-bars after MUCH effort.

Will surprised me with some new (and much brighter) rear number-plate lights, in addition to replacing both the air-filter and the cabin filter (as well as doing a mini service for me)

To finish the day, we - or Will, spray painted the steal wheels - and turned 15-year old-looking rims, into 15 minute old rims!

I digged (liked) this look and decided not to put the Halfords rims back on.

Following a photo-shoot, I'd head to Maccies (up the road), before shooting back to Essex for the night, whilst Will headed home.

I'll likely go through all the blogs and add images if I have time, but we'll see - but Timon underwent a massive transformation - and this is only the very start of Timon's journey!

Sunday 12th June

On Sunday, I spent the day in Essex, before loading up the rest of the stuff I hadn't taken previously and drove to Surrey to meet up with another friend of mine - as it was getting a little late, they were kind enough to let me stay the night.

Monday 13th June

Monday was another good day for Timon. After leaving my friend's house, I drove to Ripley, used a pub lavatory, took a picture of Timon and set off on his first adventure: A Lap of the M25.

I had never completed an entire lap of the M25 in Kiara - and looking back, for the amount of vehicles that use the M25 daily - very few actually make a lap.

Lorry drivers have curfews and deliveries to meet, commuters need to be at work/in work on time, families need to catch flights/meet friends/relatives when they said they would - doing a lap of the M25, is basically pointless and a waste of fuel and money (dart charge).

With the amount of traffic using said motorway - a traffic jam, incident or other is inevitable.

And that's why I did it. Because out of the percentage of the cars that use the M25, the percentage/amount that complete a full lap is minimal/very small - and I'm only one of a group of (not saying number) that have completed the challenge.

Granted, back in "the day", many more did it (And raced it) (due to the lack of speed-cameras) but with nearly as many cameras as junctions the number of racers have completely crashed.

It's weird to think that on the exact same piece of road I'm had a jolly little drive, people's lives have changed forever - fatalities, life changing and threatening injuries...friends, families and loved ones ripped away...

So. How did my run go?

All things considered, pretty darn impeccably, I started at the on-ramp of Junction 10, was greeted with a bit of a rolling start through Junction 11 - had a short period of 70mph, before another short "Code-60" (truck blew a tyre), and the remainder was clear (bar the Dartford Crossing, which was a standard 50mph.

During the entire lap, I averaged about 65mph, and completed the lap in 1 hour 48 minutes (and about 50 or so seconds)

Will had also done a lap, and completed his in 1hr 30 with an average speed of 70mph, however this was during the night - meaning less cars, less incidents, less traffic - and no sodding dart-charge -

It might be worth doing another run during the night just to see how much time I could save, but that's for another time.

This is only the first of Timon's adventures - I plan to take Timon to the highest points of the places I've lived, on a run from Land's End To Lowesoft, and then from Land's End to John O'Groats (later on, not this year) - and maybe even head on out to the Nurburgring - this was just the beginning for Timon

After my lap, I would head back to the Isle Of Wight - again, it was a little later - 5 or 6pm, 8pm or so by the time I got home and settled.

A few days later (yesterday, 15th June) I noticed that I missed the Euro Truck Simulator 2 event "Real Operations V13" - a massive convoy and group effort by many of the members of the ETS2 community - but I was having more fun with Timon.

Tuesday 14th June

Tuesday was a lazy day, spent in pyjamas - pumping out blogs - other than Pt. 1 (Published 13th June), I published 3 blogs - the three blogs leading up to this one.

I also did some AI Racing on iRacing.

Tuesday isn't really an iRacing day (first day of the week, nobody's had practice - it's a free for all), however, the following day (15th June), was my race-day and the start of a brand new season, at only 1205 iRating, and a whole summer (4 months almost) ahead of me, it was time to get the helmet on, and the visor down!


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