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The Year Spirals Out Of Control (Pt. 3)

Before I start, you're probably wondering why I haven't included a single image in the past 3 blogs.

Simply put, it's because I have missed about 6 weeks worth of blogs/blogging (through a very difficult time, and in order to catch up, sacrifices must be made.

Week 3: Monday 23rd May - Monday 30th May

I won't make this any longer than it needs to be.

Despite the extension I applied for, it wasn't enough - by that point, I was in such a mental state that I didn't have the energy to fight it, or make a last bid attempt to try and fix it.

Tuesday 24th May - The Elizabeth Line Opened, a brand new line for the London Overground/Underground.

I also finished packing on this day, and headed out to Essex as my friends needed help with a rather busy weekend - collecting house keys, picking up a pupper (dog) and moving into the new place.

By mid-day, I had returned my keys and left chocolate for the security, cleaners and accommodation staff - just like metaphorically leaving my problems in Wolverhampton, I too was off and out of the county - the next time I would up there was likely to be September.

Wednesday 25th May - Friday 27th May

Life in Harlow/Essex moves VERY quickly, and by the weekend, they had both the keys and a new member of the family (a puppy) and we also went to a car-meet.

All that remained was to move my friend's stuff out of her old place and into her new - both being flats - and only having one lift working (fortunately, the lift working of the taller of the two flats) - it was going to be a very long and drawn out process - but I was here for them, so I was down for that.

Also on the 27th May, I began to look at new cars for myself, as the repairs to Kiara/for Kiara would cost more than the actual value of the car.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, during this time, I also received two parking tickets, for the same location on the 26th and 29th May - for parking in what I thought was a car-park attached to my friend's new place - however, it appeared to just be a car-park with the same name (only finding this out whilst paying the fine)

Saturday 28th May

Saturday (28th May), was a surprisingly eventful day, despite nothing actually "happening".

In Germany, it was the Nurburgring 24 Hours - and there was a Dodge Viper participating, in America? It was the Indy 500. In Essex? we grabbed a bite to eat from a Burger Van, and in...well, wherever he is, Will (my friend) showed me the car I'd eventually buy for the first time - we just mis-identified it as a manual to begin with.

Sunday 29th May

1 Year Ago, this was an absolutely massive day, as it marked the first day of my massive summer adventure - which would last until the 10th July - I won't go into details because it's irrelevant, but let's just say I stayed in Essex for two months straight.

On that day, myself and my then-girlfriend celebrated our 1 year anniversary by eating dinner in a romantic times have changed.

I'm not too sure what happened on Sunday - other than it being the Monaco Grand Prix.

Monday 30th May

3 Years ago, on this very day, I founded Kabort Motorsport - there's been ups and downs - successes and failures, but at the end of the day, she's my little baby and I've very proud of how far she's come and how much we've been able to achieve.

Here's to the next year and the adventures that the service and Kabort Will bring!

It's a touchy subject, but it was also the day I was introduced to a woman I spent a year dating. Unfortunately it didn't end so well. Oh Well.

On the 30th, we (myself and some friends in Essex) ran an EXTREMELY effective production line - two people loading stuff out of the flat and into the car, me driving to the new flat, and then two other friends taking the stuff from the pavement to the lobby (to take upstairs when the first flat was emptied)

Eventually everything was at the second flat, and we eventually sussed another super production line from the ground floor to the flat.

By the time everything was done, it was about 04:30 in the morning and everyone was absolutely shattered.

I told them (my friends) that they couldn't move out for the next year due to how much effort it took to get all of the stuff up the stairs.

Tuesday 31st May

Alright. 15 Days to go and we've completely caught up - I could probably finish that in a seperate blog!

On the 31st May, (in the afternoon/evening), myself and three friends went out to celebrate a mates birthday party.

We started off with bowling and ended with a lovely meal at Wetherspoons.

I'm just waiting for the day I can take every one of my friends to a kart track and absolutely demolish them.... Ahem. No, I just want to be good at something lol, nah it was a good evening of bowling - but with dyspraxia, it's fun because you have no clue where the ball will roll!

So the blogs are nicely organised, I will leave this blog here, and catch you in the next.


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