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Good Evening/Afternoon,

Under lockdown, so little has happened that I'm going to resort to doing a good old Formula 3 Season Re-Cap

W = Week

This season started on 15th December 2020 and every iRacing Week starts on Tuesday.

W1 - Laguna Seca: PC Freezes before the race. Needed to shut down the sim.

W2 - Sebring: Got plenty of slow-down penalties, lost loads of positions.

W3 - Nurburgring: Jump-started the first attempt, rear ended coming into pitlane - second attempt got caught up in a start pile-up and third attempt was the lucky one

W4: Donington: P5. Best result in an F3 Car! Loved the track

W5: Catalunya: Given UWRacing's livery, P5 - Matched best result.

W6: Zolder: Had good start, fighting for podium positions, someone went down the inside, his brakes were better than mine, hit his rear, got suspension damage.

W7: Belle Isle: Slippery Sock Syndrome (new socks, very slippery) - Jump started the first attempt, 6th in the second.

W8: Road America: Spun on cold tires at turn 3, the following corner was rear-ended , due to being close to 1K, I didn't quit and managed to pick up 7th from 12th.

I can only begin to imagine the chaos that Okayama will bring.

What's happened in the mean-time?

A man came over to test our electricity, our house went up on the housing market and I've been informed that someone is coming for a viewing in the next week. My new lectures are alright but already in the first two lectures I'm finding Public Affairs very overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Other than that I've been filtering through over a year's worth of screenshots from Kabort and narrowing them down to the best million - (okay, couple hundred) - of the bunch to upload to Google Photos for them to be almost a "Public Gallery. To go from 902 Items (files/folders) to 555 to then 372 has taken quite a portion of my time.

And in less time than it took me to drive a V8 Supercar around Le Mans, this blog has come to a close. Thank you for reading, see you next week.


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