The Rollercoaster Of Robin's iRating (PT 3:) 2021 Update

Updated: Nov 24

At the beginning of this year, I did a blog which had a little look into my iRating and the Rollercoaster ride it took (this can be read here) and since then, I've been doing a little bit of racing and thought you all might want a little update on how I - and my iRating is doing.

With 45 races between then and now, we have a lot to get through!

Having written many blogs about the events in this article, I will just be hyperlinking them as for this blog not to be a novel.

Alas, without any further rambling, let's begin.

The first race after Road Atlanta was the Bathurst 12 Hours (I can't believe I'm saying that, it feels like decades ago that the Bathurst 12 hours happened!)

Bathurst 12 Hours - 26/02/2021

For me, it was an absolute blast and one hell of a race and thoroughly enjoyable, even if I did make my first major mistake quite near the end - out of this race I'd be given a handful of +14 iRating, sitting me at a lovely 1198 iRating.

The last time my iRacing account saw numbers nearly this high was back in my rookie season - this being an impressive 1187 IR at Okayama after I finished 3rd, 4th and 4th in a row.

Monza, F3

"If I get a podium at the final round at Monza that'll match my best season to date."

- a line from my previous iRating Rollercoaster Review

The next race was the finale of the simply stellar Formula 3 season I was having - and of course, it would be me if it didn't end on a knife edge.

Everyone and their Auntie probably knows the story - but if you missed it, I was wiped out twice in a row - and on my third attempt I got pole position and the race may have been a strength of field race of only 817 - but a win is a win right?

Especially when the leader suffers major mechanical issues?

This would leave me with 1077 iRating, a lot less than I entered the Monza weekend with - but a hell of a lot higher than I was in race 2! (995)

VRS Endurance - Suzuka (Road To Kahoot)

After trying to do a VRS Endurance race with Twan (as compensation for not racing with Kabort), I'd drop slightly to 1022.

We'd try the Sunday's race and essentially do a Lando Norris - get so far with like...less than an hour remaining and then get tangled up with a Mercedes ahead who had spun and was trying to get going - we were aiming for 3rd before that...dropping down to 18th, we'd gain marginally but it was certainly not the gain we wanted.

GT3 Challenge, Season 1, 2021 (Lambo)

After racing in the Lambo in pretty much all of the endurance events mentioned above (Bathurst and VRS E Suzuka - X2), I decided to do a Week 13 series and since I loved it so much and our bond only blossomed through Week 13 - I decided to take my new love interest Lacey (The Lambo) on an American Road Trip, hitting off:

- Watkins Glen

- Sebring

- Daytona

- Lime Rock


Felicia my Ferrari would get awfully jealous.

Week 13 would be a quiet affair as I picked an unofficial series which doesn't touch your iRating.

Taking the GT3 Challenge for Season 2, 2021 was probably the best decision I ever made.

S2, 2021 was the first opportunity to do a whole season in the Lambo...since the beginning of S1, 2021 overlapped the end of 2020. It's complex. ~

Somehow, I managed to get two podiums in the Lambo in the space of two weeks - a 2nd place at Road Atlanta during Week 13, and then again in the very first week of the new season.

Podium 1:

Podium 2:

As the second was the only official of the two, we will only be focussing on that one, this fantastic result in turn gave me a WHOPPING +82 iRating and put me back amongst the 1100's (1108 to be exact) - With a good, stable car that I loved - and still love dearly, I continued on my world tour - seeing how high I could reach.

Obviously not that high. I tried a 3hr endurance race with Twan, but I was absolutely hopeless and no-where on pace - so I made the decision to pull into the pits and retire the car for everyone else's safety - and my lack of enjoyment. A selfish move, I know but I wasn't going to be thrashed to smithereens for 1 - 2 hours and have us so far behind there's no point in racing. 1054 iRating. Ughhh.

A Sweet Streak


Later on in that weekend, I made amends - Antonio Guarda (1621 iRating) and I finished 21st from 49th after an absolutely gigantic start pile-up wiped a good majority of the field out.

I finished that weekend with 1064 iRating

After another Successful GT3 Challenge race at Sebring (8th place, +10 iR, 1074 total) it was time the Sebring 12 Hours.


Sebring 12 Hours

It was a blast, especially with Will and we got a great result, so it was smiles all around!


I got +5 iRating out of it, giving me 1079 - pushing me ever closer back to 1100.

GT3 Challenge & Creventic 12hrs Spa With the Sebring 12 Hours over, I continued on my Tour Of America with the GT3 Challenge, Daytona Road Course rewarding me with a 7th place and +39 of the service's finest iRating. 1118's the score.

After that, it was a Creventic Race at Spa which me, Dante and Tim (other founder of Kabort) would finish 13th in. Still looking back, I've forgotten all about it!

Even so, I gained a further 26 iRating, getting up to 1144.

GT3 Challenge Podiums

My streak of gaining iRating would only continue on as I'd score back to back podiums at Daytona Roval and Lime Rock Park- both in the Lamborghini GT3

Daytona Roval was an incredible story of an unfortunate pitstop that skewed our pit-stop cycle up so much that we somehow MASSIVELY undercut everyone in the pits and made it out in third place with 0x - on remembering it - it's one of those races I could watch over and over again...if only I had the file on my laptop!

The +23 iRating gain pushed me yet further towards the 1200 goal - 1167 iRating now being the total.

This trophy also made 2021 my most successful year yet.

GT3 Challenge - Lime Rock Park

The very next race I did was a GT3 Challenge race at Lime Rock Park and from 6th on the grid, I managed to "climb" through the order to claim my most recent podium.

This latest podium helped me smash through the 1200 barrier - me now having a half-decent iRating of 1225.

So, a quickfire Summary:

VRS E, Watkins Glen, 21st (+10 iR) - 1064

GT3 Challenge, Sebring, 8th (+10 iR) - 1074

Sebring 12hr, Sebring, 19th (+5 iR) - 1079

GT3 Challenge, Daytona Road Course, 7th, (+39 iR) - 1118

Creventic Endurance Series, Spa, 13th (+26 iR) - 1144

VRS E, Daytona Road Couse, 3rd (+23 iR) - 1167

GT3 Challenge, Lime Rock Park, 3rd (+58 iR) - 1225

European Endurance Series, Monza, 9th in Class (+12 iR) - 1237

European Endurance Series, Monza

Before heading of to Uni on the 12th April, I did one last cheeky race on the 10th - two days before I was due to set off - and although I hardly remember it - I do vaguely remember doing something with an Orange car and two Dutchmen and potentially hunting down the car ahead - although this could be something different - but no matter, I was breaking personal best iRating records after records - and I certainly ended on a high.

I'd get 12 iR, adding up to a total of 1237.

GT3 Challenge - COTA

Over a month later, in May - on May 29th specifically, I came home (because my girlfriend at the time had arranged something for me) - I did the final GT3 Challenge race of Season 1 at COTA (Circuit Of The Americas) andddd it was already a pretty shocking race - me not really bothering the Top 5 for the whole race before getting tangled up with a back marker on the last lap and finishing lower than my starting position and behind a former Kabort driver - I'm never in the same split as Kabort Drivers, so this was extra devastating.

To add salt to the wound, I lost 39 iRating, dropping back to 1198. Back onto the long haul.

Racing Between University And Other Things (GT3 Challenge @ Imola & NEC R5)

Following Week 13, I'd spend a month at my mate's house (I don't know why or how, just sort of happened)

Anyway, I'd return to racing in Mid-July - new season, new luck maybe?

Things started well at Imola where I finished 4th and gained +49 iRating even if I only had one side of my headset working! This would leave me with 1247 - Nice!

Following this, me and Dominik probably had the funnest NEC (Nurburgring Endurance Championship race ever- a 7th place and a gain of +31 iRating went down a treat. 1278 was my new highest iRating!

Shit Spa Double Header (GT3 Challenge & Spa 24 Hours)

My 10th most recent race was the Spa GT3 Challenge race, which didn't go all too well, finishing in 11th place and lose 17 iRating...the hustle for 1300 was still on, yet it'd take a lot! (Imola GT3 Challenge, NEC RD 5 And Spa GT3 Challenge @ Spa)

My second 24 Hour race of the year after the Daytona 24 Hours (Delaytona 24hr) was the Spa 24 Hours - and I was hoping to get a finish...but luck unfortunately was not on our side, a crash at Blanchimont put us out about half-way into the race - I lost a further 10 iRating - putting me at 1251. 1278 or more iRating now felt like a world away.

Healing Old Wounds (GT3 Challenge & Charlotte 4hrs)

The last several races before I headed off to Uni didn't go too badly, the next round of the GT3 Challenge at Red Bull Ring was thrilling and intense, including great battles and the 7th put me back up to 1282 after a delicious gain of +31 iR. Now to just keep it this way.

Charlotte 4 Hours (Special Event) it could have all ended so well if this was my final event before going to uni...but there was still a month and 6 races before I went off to Scotland (and then Uni) - I had SO much fun in the Mazda race, just me and Dominik having a blast...finishing 9th in class and 10th overall (McLaren GT4 won - there was four in total but they all died).

I left Charlotte (again) with over 1300 iR - it was incredible and an achievement - and I wanted it to stay that way...but life moves and things happen and races do and will go wrong.

The unravelling of the hard work began at none other than the Nurburgring Nordschliefe - The Nurburgring Endurance Championship being the perpetrator...It started well...but everything just started to go wrong...and ended up wrong and in retirement. (Charlotte 4hrs & NEC)

The Unholy Trinity: GT3 Challenge

Despite the three next races on the GT3 Challenge calendar probably being the three most difficult circuits in the world (with the exception of Nurburgring and Spa) - I somehow managed to survive and do well in all three.

Long Beach was to start off - and in an incredible turn of events, nobody died on the formation lap! They all managed to file cleanly through and start the race as planned.

After finishing 6th, I'd gain +27 iRating and bump up to 1285 - one more race like this and I could be at 1.3K!

And so Summit came - and it was another successful run! 6th place and +37 iRating heavier - this put me comfortably in the 1.3K range - 1322 to be exact - and indeed a new personal record.

I'd just have to finish the remaining races at Charlotte Roval well and all would be good in the world...

The first Charlotte (GT3 Challenge) went well - collecting even more iRating (+17 iR) boosting me up to a total of 1339 - Mad.

A Little Summary

GT3 Challenge, Red Bull Ring, 7th (+31 iR) - 1282 iRating

Charlotte 4 Hours (Special Event) 10th (+21 iR) - 1303 iRating Nurb. Endurance Championship DNF - (-45 iR) - 1258 iRating

GT3 Challenge - Long Beach, 6th, (+27 iR) - 1285 iRating

GT3 Challenge - Summit Point, 6th (+37 iR) - 1322 iRating

GT3 Challenge - Charlotte M-S, 9th (+17 iR) - 1339 iRating

But all good things must come to an end...and unfortunately, two lots of VRS Endurance were like two bullets to both of my knees - whilst I'm still able to kneel, It's shot me pretty bad.

To be honest, it wasn't fully my fault (the incidents had) - but still - when it's something that's out of your's hard.

I dropped -49 iRating - fucking O to the U to the C to the H - it was beyond painful and it almost felt like everything up to that point was useless.

I may now be at 1290 - but it's like standing at the edge of a platform - I've got this far, and the only way to go is up - 10 iRating and I'm back into the 1300's - back into the "Average iRating Club" - the Average iRating on iRacing is 1300 - that's where the most members reside - and if I get higher than that - let's say - 1501 and I can race in ISRC and be higher than average but all that is to come - first is University and the beauty of iRating is that it's ever-evolving and every race I do, my iRating becomes that ever bit more accurate in finding my perfect pack - If I find a grid too challenging, it'll drop me back slight, do too well it'll prop me up. Simples.

Thank you for reading, sorry it's been long - I'm unlikely to do another episode of this - especially as with my improved safety, I assume it's all going to even out a bit.

iRating from the start of January - not as insane as the previous two iterations but some set-backs haven't made things easy


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