The Final Days In England...

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1st September, 2021

September. The climax of the year. Maybe not in terms of weather, but my family and I moving house, myself going to Scotland and me returning to University - the Trio Of Stress all occurring in this very month.

Up until the 18th August (2 weeks prior to this) we were due to move out on the 1st of September, but FORTUNATELY, after some sweet-talking, we got this date shuffled back to the date I was due to leave for Uni...better, but that weekend I come back from Scotland (18th - 20th September) is going to be (excuse my French) Batshit Crazy - especially as I need to fit my second vaccine in there too.

Back to the present day, I'd spend the 31st Aug. - 1st September in Harlow, not sure why, but I did.

I'd stay there until about 2pm, before heading back home with nothing but Amelia's child seat in the car...this would have to be removed another time.

I'd arrive home at about 3:30pm and stay the night, ensuring my room was empty as possible before heading off to Scotland.

rig withdrawal symptoms included hallucinations...

After a quick sob at how much has happened over the last 13 years in this house, I'd dry my tears (or the tears I should have wept) and headed to bed.


Less than 24 hours before leaving for Scotland.

I'd drive as quickly as the speed-limit allowed me - being over an hour to get there, I wasn't able to respond to phone calls or messages.

Fuel was also filled to the brim on this trip.

After (quite literally) dumping the car seat at the front door and dashing back into my car, Charis (the friend I was going to Scotland with) said we urgently needed to check our suitcases/bags before we left.

We really did, but I needed to get the car-seat out ASAP - especially as it wasn't mine and was needed by my friend in Harlow.

After checking our suitcases and pretty much having everything we needed, we headed out to town to get some sweets and other bits and bobs for the journey, first hitting up Poundland, before going onward to Sainsburys and Sports Direct.

After all that was said, done and bought, I'd head back to mine at about 6pm and have just one more sleep in Surrey. The Scottish trip was now less than 15 Hours away...


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