The Final Day In Surrey...

Good afternoon readers! I hope you are well!

UNIBLOG IS BACK!!!! I am currently sitting (very comfortably, but admittedly hungry) in my accomodation in Wolverhampton - ready for another couple of months of work!

The last time I wrote a blog was on Saturday evening after Lorenzo informed me he couldn't do the Sunday VRS Endurance Race, so as said before, my appalling EES (European Endurance Series) race at Monza would be my last in a couple of months - this making me feel guilty, but then again gives me the feeling of "I can't wait to come back to the track" - I'm at my highest iRating ever, so that too is a reason I'm looking forward!

Alas, Sunday

Sunday 11th April

Sunday was....well it was both the best and worst last day before university I could have asked for. Waking up on Sunday morning, I had probably at most packed 2 things.

With plans to go out during the day, I knew shit would kick up later on - but I had things to do, so I pushed it to the back of my mind.

I'd turn off my rig and clear the wires before pushing it back, the area underneath my desk where it had been needing a clean. I'd also begin to throw clothes into my suitcase.

Come 12:30, my friend was ready for her walk.

I'd fill up my car, and head to her house before heading off to Pewley Down

On Google Maps, I'll admit - it just looked like a nice, square(ish) grass area - somewhere to sit if bored of walking or walk if bored of sitting.

Admittedly, I originally went the wrong way - ending up at the end of the road at the top (Pewley Way), but I'd re-set the navigation, and find Fort Road (the road ending at Pewley Down) shortly after.

We'd walk from the car to the hill and I was shocked. It. Was. Stunning.

I'm not sure how long the walk itself was, but it was incredibly pretty - and we even stumbled upon a community garden along the way!

After (however long it was), we'd return to the car and head into Guildford Town Centre with a new appetite. My friend would get a Five Guys before heading back towards the car to get a Subway, whilst I went to get a McDonalds (since the Friary Centre was closed)

After eating my 9 Chicken Nuggets, Chips and McFlurry, I'd head back to her house, drop her off and go home - doing some very intense packing.

I'd manage to sort my clothing before it was time to go on my last evening out with Annie.

We'd go to Box Hill (same place as a few nights ago, this time just us two) and the weather was considerably better (less cloudy) and we watched the sun dissapear behind the hill before....sitting in our seats listening to Spotify Tunes for the next couple of hours - us only setting off once Annie REALLY needed to go home.

After dropping Annie off, I'd return home and be very parents had all my stuff downstairs and ready to go - some food for my first night even being included!

I thanked them massively and loaded it all into the car - at some point having a cooked Dinner.

As I end, I'd like to massively thank "DriveXpert" by Privilege which provides a route, date (and score) of my driving - when I forget where I've been or when it happened - I can just log on to DriveXpert and viola my memory has returned!

I'm ending it here because it takes quite the decline from here...and this blog is a positive little bubbly memory...and I want to keep it that way....and keep it (the blog) into a novel!

See you very shortly!


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