The Final Countdown Begins

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to today's blog.

There's now less than a week to go until my friend's wedding - it's been a long time coming, but it's definitely been well worth the wait - I've done and learnt so much over this month living in Harlow.

Thus far, July has been rather "chill" - the longest journey of the month (so far) only taking 17 minutes - this being a journey with a quick stop-over.

I am aware I've repeated July 1st & 2nd, and I apologise for this - these two having a little more detail than the last blog.

July 1st, 2021

The 1st July was a very lazy day with the exception of us going to Cambridge in the evening for an All You Can Eat Buffet for tea/dinner

The food there was delicious - ok, the chicken strips....could have been better, but the remainder of the food was amazing - I had some American food on one plate and some oriental on the other (noodles etc.)

Following this, we went to the arcade downstairs. After this experience I thoroughly recommend Nine's Buffet in Cambridge. Being a little late, we didn't drive past the front of Cambridge University - although I did enquire, but the car declined.

We'd also go on a late night dog walk with the dog, me being a lot more confident this time, walking with them.


The 2nd July was a very action packed day, me even doing my first bit of work since arriving in Harlow - I helped my friend's friend unload a shed (at the bottom of their garden) and then reload it - him reloading it to allow more space for things currently inside the house.

On the 2nd July, we'd visit a friend of my friend to walk the dog and show her the dog. I also liked this/enjoyed this as it was a part of Harlow I had never seen/been before.

Kiara Lookin' Pretty

The wedding of my friend was also pushed to midnight of that day, before being shuffled back to the weekend - the most confident date I had in a little while.

Due to the nature of the job of the groom, the wedding had to be unfortunately shuffled back a few times - but will make it all the more exciting when it does happen.


One Month Ago: I arrived at my friend's, the following day we'd be going to Brighton. Little did I know I'd be spend the next month (or longer!) down in Harlow.

3/07/2021 - 4/07/2021

The weekend of the 3rd - 4th July was a major one for many people. Those in the GT Cup (I used to love and still do love, just haven't seen a race in a while) were at Oulton Park, those racing in BritCar were at Silverstone, 22 Formula One drivers were at the Red Bull Ring in Austria and Kabort's finest were at the Nurburgring Nordschleife for round 4 of the NEC.

In a lounge in Harlow, I was hoovering, cleaning up the house for a friend.


The Austrian grand prix was also thrilling - despite one retirement, (lap one contact) there were many overtakes and penalties.

In total, there were 19 penalties handed out to 8 different drivers, 2 penalties being handed out during qualifying, the rest during the race.

After a barnicles grid of Verstappen, Norris, Perez and Hamilton (in that order!), the podium was also a first - Verstappen winning, followed by Bottas in second (in the dominant Mercedes) and Norris in an absolutely staggering third place, after he too received a penalty for shuffling (not Biased, promise) Perez off the track.

In terms of the Championship, Verstappen is looking to be the favourite -

Verstappen 32 points ahead of Hamilton with the incredibly tight Perez - Norris battle for 3rd just behind.

Bottas is watching on in 5th.

The remainder of the races I never saw, but an in-depth review can be seen here

I also had a lovely Burger on this day.

~ One Month Ago: On the 3rd, I went to Brighton with a friend and her baby, on the 4th June, I headed back to Surrey to see Evie (as she wanted to see me, and I decided to combine the two, and then being in Surrey, I decided to pay home a visit and also show my mum the baby after quite some months of her not seeing the baby.

5/07/2021 (Yesterday) - 6/07/2021

These two days have been rather quiet with nothing really happening other than hoovering downstairs, the hallway, the stairs and the upstairs landing.

More updates soon!


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