The End Of The Week Down South

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are all well.

I don't know why, but whenever I'm not doing anything productive (shopping, being in a lecture or working on an Assignment) I always feel much happier and healthier in Harlow/Essex.

I don't know if that's because I'm on my rig, or I have more "productive" days (going out, going to the shops, going on road-trips etc.) or because I have more people around me that I talk to (6 in the household to talk to!) (not including myself, of course I can always talk to myself...)

No matter, due to weird circumstances, (a range of reasons for lectures not happening the week after going to London with Evie/my VRS Endurance race) I spent the week (Nov. 22nd - Nov. 28th) in Harlow. (after spending the second half of the previous week in Harlow too)

On Sunday, I spied an Aston Martin DB11 model in Tesco and decided to stay overnight from Sunday night to Monday morning to (hopefully) pick the model up in the morning...

At the same time, I noticed my right main-beam headlight had blown/stopped working, so that pretty much prevented me from going anywhere - not only due to poor visibility, but also because should I get stopped, I'd get in quite a lot of trouble - especially if I've driven a while on the motorway.


The following morning, my Monday Morning lecture was meant to start but due to broadband problems, my lecturer postponed it to the following week.

On the same day, we'd also hunt around different toy-stores for a DB11 (even if the box said "Exclusive To Tesco") - but to no luck.

One of the shops we went in was Smyth's - this being the first time I've ever been into a Smyth's and I was honestly blown away by how much there was and how high this stock went.

I got a few diecast cars to make up for the fact I couldn't find the Aston anywhere.

All was not lost though, it was still quite a productive day as we managed to replace my headlights at Halfords (if one went, the other was probably going to go soon after)


On Tuesday morning, I was taking a little longer than I expected to pack up my things (to go in the car) and it just so happened that whilst I was putting the last of my belongings together, I got a message from a friend of a friend who lived in Essex - apparently the partner of my friend's friend (getting confusing, I know) was having a baby - so I shuttled them (my friends and the to-be dad) down to the hospital. After emailing my lecturer to let him know, I'd take the to-be-father home.

Last Wednesday I had "voice training" as part of my Multimedia News Production assignment (me being in "Group 1"), this Wednesday (24th November) it was Group 2's turn to do voice training - and on the morning of the 23rd November, I thought it was the Multimedia News Production lecture, yet it was the following day, not the 23rd.

The 23rd was also exactly a week before December started...time's flying!


It was at that point that my friends joked that I'd stay the entire week and Wednesday's lecture would be cancelled too...but as I did Voice Training the previous week (with my group, as mentioned), it was the other group's turn to have voice training - my group were told to continue on the "assignment" we were.

Ok, it's not technically an assignment, rather a TV Package we have the option of using for our portfolio due in May 2022.

I'd also attempt to do the GT3 Challenge race at Mosport (Canada Tire Motorsport Park) - my first attempt ending in retirement after getting punted up the rear and the second ended in 5th - getting into 3rd at one point before going off at turn two on multiple laps and infuriatingly finishing 5th.

After retiring from the first, my iRating had dropped to the 1200's, before my 5th rose me to 1245 - still a long way from 1300...something to fix during Christmas.

With about two weeks until my lectures end for the year, it's likely I'll go back to Wolverhampton on Monday, finish up before doing any racing.

This also means I'll miss my


On the 25th (exactly a month before Christmas Day!), we went to a relative of my friend's house before going to tesco with the friend's relative, friend and her other friend.

In other news, the 25th marked 100 days since Tom Wallace joined Kabort - time flies when you are having fun!


All I remember from yesterday is doing a MASSIVE food shop at quite a few different shops and being told to do a bit of hoovering, this is still yet to be done.


This nicely brings us onto today, my penultimate day in Harlow (assuming I have a lecture on Monday). Today's been pretty lazy (just the way I like it) - instead of going on my computer, I would use my laptop and write this blog and double check my assignments/work is up to date.

I'll admit, I have been keeping a little countdown to christmas, but instead of a cringe road-trip using google maps, it's the F1 Calendar (plus a few tracks from previous seasons) but in the order of which continent they are in. Thus far the countdown has passed all the countries in Asia (Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam)

Next on my "countdown" list is Germany (specifically Hockenheim). The last European circuit is on the 8th December and is Sochi.

I'd stay down in Harlow until about 11 or so on Monday morning (29/11/2021) - prior to this, I shared a few files from my computer to my Laptop - but unfortunately these were not the files I needed/wanted.


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