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The End Of Another Season

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Well, that's it then, the end Kabort's 2019 ELMS season. While we entered the final race full of hope, it seems lady luck still had her back turned on us, with disappointing finishes across all four teams on both Saturday and Sunday. This left us with a double LMP1 DNF, and the remaining LMP1 finishing in 28th, behind 23 GTE's.

Its been a tricky year for Kabort. Some of the low moments of the season including: The LMP1's retiring from the first 2 races of the season, and not taking part in the third, the hugely upsetting "great divide", and, most recently, a clash between team mates at Sebring.

Despite this, we are thoroughly looking forward to the 2020 ELMS series, and we are keeping our heads held high.

While the season didn't end the way anyone wanted, instead of getting discouraged we'll learn from mistakes we've made and improve.

In Season 3, 2019, Kabort participated in the VRS Endurance Series in a Ferrari 488 GT3. On certain occasions we were able to get 2 cars racing, but mostly, due to the short length of the race, only one car with a couple of drives ran.

Donington Park was an example of the many retirements we had...

Of the 12 races in that season, the Kabort team (one/both cars) finished fewer than 6 - me not attending 3 of these.

In Season 4, 2019, Not only did we introduce Kabort Gold and Kabort Extra, we also introduced an LMP1 squad, and this too, outgrew itself - leading to three different LMP1 cars. (Black, Bronze and Gold) Comparing where I was 10 months ago (racing in the Global Mazda MX5 Cup), I am absolutely pumped to see where I - as well as Kabort will be in a year's time - and what 2020 will gift us.

This season itself also saw miraculous change too - the introduction of task manager "" (not sponsored) spurred a flurry of action and Jaehan An adding the likes of Yu Sung Yune, Chang Mun Ryu, Jae Heon Bang, Yoonho Jung and Kyle Jeong (5 insanely fast Koreans, and 1 mad Aussie) has surely boosted the team moral and helped finishes.

New members such as these have also shown that Kabort will live on, and those drivers who are remaining after all of these months of celebration and tragedy are determined to make the "Kabort" name well known.

John's Account

"I have only been a part of the team for about a month now and I can proudly say, that with enough time, this tightly-nit group of guys will put Kabort on the map as one of the best endurance teams out there!"

Changes to practice regimes are being implemented, with more group practices going into the 2020 season. With a strong driver lineup in both LMP1 and GTE categories, and with help from Oliver Mandrish on the setup side and Jeff Carollo on the team side, 2020 looks to be a promising year.

While 2019 may not have been the best year, it's definitely been a learning experience, and I believe we've all come out of it as better drivers.

2020 is a new leaf, and I look forward to seeing what this team can do,

see you on the track! Original Post Written By

John Taylor Edited And Extended By

Robin Truswell

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