Swiftly Marching Through March...

Good afternoon, I hope you are all well.

It's been a few weeks since I last blogged, so without any further stalling, let's get into the blog.


I last blogged on the 13th (March), so naturally, the 14th comes next.

The 14th saw the start of just another normal week - three lectures on Monday - Wednesday, and then heading to Essex on the weekend.

On Monday, it was my Writing For News Features lecture..or well, was SUPPOSED to be - I woke up at 8/9am as usual, and headed to my lecture.

I was rather surprised (when I got there) that there was nobody there.

I was not long after informed that my lecturer was unwell and there would be no lecture, this was a little unfortunate as I also had a meeting with him (at 3pm) to discuss my work placement - this was unfortunately cancelled.

The 14th (or the weekend prior) wasn't such a good time for my mental health - as written on the pages of my Academic Calendar "Bzz Bzz my head's getting hot n busy"

"Boom Boom Boom goes my head"

This was partially as I had lots going on and lots (including a Public Affairs Assignment) to do and submit - as well as other things to think about, consider and be reminded of.

As with many assignments before it, the Public Affairs assignment submitted on that day was a hollow victory - I may have finished it, but I had plenty more work to do both for that assignment and for others too.

I don't know whether I finished the piece or the deadline finished me - and that's always a tough feeling - knowing you have more in you, but the deadline calling before you are satisfied.

I knew the very moment I submitted it, I had another hoard of work to be getting on with

Even now reading that page, (in my academic calendar) I can feel the pounding in my head.

Tuesday 15th March, 2022 (Week 13)

Tuesday was the day that iRacing's Week 13 began...for those not studying of course!

It was only the second Week 13 in my career that I've skipped - the prior being in the summer and due to me being on holiday in Scotland.

Week 13 allows members a little break from the hard, serious official racing - also allowing members to try content they don't own (whilst the service is down) and try newly released content and features in a fun week-long series - with the newly released Aston Martin available, I would have loved to drive on the limit - but the only thing I was driving to the limit was my sanity. Hah.

Anyway. Tuesday was my double-lecture day, and on this day we learnt about "metafunctions" - which I didn't understand a word of, but I'm sure I'll manage.

In Public Affairs, we looked at how to cover (and indeed find) local stories.

Wednesday 16th March, 2022

Wednesday rolled around and it was another Newsday. On this occasion, there was a Harry Potter Lightshow in Birmingham - after finding out about it a day or two before opening night, my fellow classmates either weren't available to do it (as it started at 6pm) or didn't respond - problems only grew throughout the day as we shortly found out that we needed permission from the Bull Ring (where it was taking place) - long story short, we never got an answer back from them to say "yes you can film" or "No sorry, we can't allow you to do that"

It wasn't such a productive day - but all it took was someone (from Birmingham) to say "Yes, sure, you can film" or not. My Portfolio is looking a bit lackluster, but (I'm afraid to say) so has every assignment I've published thus far.

Thursday 17th March, 2022

That weekend (my weekend starts on Thursday), I headed off to Essex as a friend of mine/a friend of a friend wanted to pay tribute to a relative, (the following day) and due to the circumstances I didn't exactly want to turn it down.

On the Thursday, I watched someone have a tattoo be finished.

Whilst we didn't go very far (that weekend), it was still a very exciting weekend - highlights being watching an absolutely INSANE Bahrain Grand Prix with a retirement on the very last lap, and some serious battling all the way through out .

Friday 18th March, 2022

On Friday, we went to the location my friend of a friend/friend wished to go to. On the way there I saw a very nice Lotus Excel and the weather hit a VERY pleasant 16 degrees Celsius.

Spring Had Sprung

We also went out for my friend of a friend but other than that mostly stayed in town or the surrounding areas.

It was a pretty pleasant weekend, also meeting/getting to know someone I had only briefly spoken to before.

Throughout the weekend, I wrote a blog about the history of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo in iRacing - however for some unknown reason, I am unable to recover an old save (after half to 3/4 went missing). I've been in contact with Wix, and they are currently looking into it, but really hope they can fix it.

Saturday and Sunday were spent watching the Grand Prix and visiting a local town

Monday 21st March, 2022

I apologise for skipping straight on, but firstly, I remember very little from that weekend and secondly, I have other things to be getting on with - yet don't want to leave this blog another week and it turn into a novel.

After Monday's lecture on Magazine Journalism, and reveal of the second assignment (to write a magazine in a group), my lecturer and I finally got around to meeting after a few failed attempts (due to sickness and other factors)

We discussed the work-placement, where I was (in terms of readiness for work experience) - as I already had a place lined up, and I was in constant contact with my work-place, all that had to be done was figure out some dates, and work out what I'd be doing (as there are a couple of guidelines)

On one day, I had to be at the placement's HQ/main building, and on another, I had to be out with a reporter - which all sounded very interesting and exciting.

My lecturer said that the last thing he wanted was for me to be "sat at home firing out articles for two weeks" - and whilst saying I didn't need to go to the placement daily, he said it would be very good for me to get out and see how things operate from just an idea to a published article.

Tuesday 22nd March, 2022

Week 2 of the new season swept iRacing, the tracks changed and iRacers adapted.

Obviously, I remained at Uni, and remained working.

On that day, up in Wolverhampton, it was a late start for me.

My Photo-Journalism lecture was first (about what is "newsworthy" and what is not in addition to how to verify both news sources (who had the original copy) and if the content (produced) was fake or out of context.

Unfortunately I've forgotten what the lecture was about - but I'm sure it'll hit me the moment I publish this blog.

Wednesday 23rd March, 2022

Wednesday saw yet another Newsday - AND FOR ONCE I ACTUALLY RECORDED SOMETHING!!!! (And this time I made it to the broadcast!)

The news I covered was the fact it was the second anniversary of the first lockdown (23rd Announced, 26th in Force).

The entire day had different elements - from organising an interview in the morning, recording some GV's/General Views and even a vox-pop, before attending the interview in the afternoon.

Despite taking a while to record the audio, I eventually got an attempt I was happy with and saved it to my Google Drive.

It's at this moment that my lecturer comes over to me and informs me that as my fellow colleague is editing my package, I will not be able to use it in my portfolio as it's not "my work". It may have been "my voice", but as he (my colleague) edited the piece, those marking the work couldn't mark "my voice/presenting skills" and his editing separately.

My lecturer then offered me two solutions. 1) Edit the package SIGNIFICANTLY from the version my colleague made

2) Use today as a practice session and make another TV Package (on another day)

I'm probably going to do #2. It's due in May, so I've still got the entirety of April to get something of worth.


After a busy day yesterday (with the News Day), I allowed myself a lazy day.

On this day, 2 years ago Joe Bradley announced that his group "MOFO" were doing a practice/practice race at Watkins Glen.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of wins and podiums that this has led to.

My debut win on the iRacing Service was in a MOFO Hosted Session, the fact I did Skippy's for a season - was down to me enjoying them in the MOFO League (ran by Joe) once down the Open Wheel path, I progressed onto Formula 3 - which was INCREDIBLE fun and hugely successful -

To Joe and those in MOFO it may just be another league or another race - but to me it was one of the best introductions to iRacing, league racing and a great group of guys I've ever had (even if I was a little bit of a loose cannon)

As much as it sucks that there aren't any MOFO Series running currently, it's completely understandable as if there's no (or low entries) then one may see no point in running a series if nobody's interested.


I got up early on the 25th March as I had a job that needed doing - and urgently.

Since mid-February I've been promising myself (and admittedly my lecturer) that I'd do a radio news piece on the University Of Wolverhampton Racing Team (UWR) switching from their Formula 3 Cup cars, to the new Praga R1 Race Cars (F3 Cup had an uncertain - and sort of dying future).

Upon arriving at the campus, I was taken a bit aback, everything had changed and it was like I was looking at a completely new room - I don't know the status of what was confidential and what not, so I shan't describe the room nor what was it in - only that I went into a corner (it looked like the only place I couldn't be in the way/I could put my stuff down).

In the beginning, I (foolishly) used the Zoom Audio Recorder without the microphone (black microphone in black bag, didn't see this at first) - before I found the microphone and read my script - thus far I haven't listened to any of it back (nor edited any audio) so that's a job for before the Grand Prix.

On exiting, I saw a LOVELY wrapped BMW I8. It looked simply stellar.

A Bit Of Background...

For context, I had this idea on the lead up to their press release which came out on the 22/02/2022 (as mentioned, over a month ago)

Between filming/recording other pieces, Blogging, going to Essex and general procrastination time just kept on slipping away from me

Week 1 - 23/02/2022

Set as News Producer (ordering the order the content goes in)

Week 2 - 2/03/2022

Set as Presenter, Piece on Wolverhampton Tribute/Standing in Solidarity with Ukraine - with a sound issue (and a time issue on my end) - we had to cut a lot as it had no audio, and I took too long to edit/had problems with editing package.

(5th/6th March - Went to Essex)

Week 3 - 9/03/2022

Tried to find ANYTHING to do with Red Nose Day (including calling places up an emailing them, but to no avail)

Week 4 - 16/03/2022

Tried to get something for the Harry Potter Lightshow, but 1) no one was free to help (due to work and how late it was | 2) The local area (Bull Ring) didn't give us permission to film, instead telling me to email an address (instead of phoning) and asking then what equipment I'd be using - but never explicitly saying "Yes, sure, come film, it'll be good publicity"

Writing this, it always makes me feel - am I doing something wrong? How can I have so many weeks where I'm either not included or nothing comes to fruition?


(That weekend went to Essex for some personal reasons)

Week 5 - 23/03/2022

As mentioned, I got content (that was included in the bulletin) but as I didn't edit the piece, I couldn't use it for my assignment (a portfolio of TV and News pieces)

<Self Reflection Moment: Who Are These Blogs For>

After being fired from WLV News for being an incompetent, moaning employee,

I sat and I asked myself, who am I actually writing this for? My parents? The poor souls who stumble upon it? My lecturer/s who know the link and could/couldn't be reading this? I like to think myself. I haven't given a single care about the number of views, or that unless you know the name of this blog/site or "Kabort" this blog will never be seen (or by the general public, the public don't often go searching for "Kabort Motorsport" on fine Sunny afternoons" - but that's okay, I've made my, bed and it's a comfy one. Everything's here now and I wouldn't know the first place to start with making a "dedicated" blogging site - None of my fellow (virtual) racing drivers talk about the blog/s - so I think they've just accepted I've taken over the blogs page and have almost completely stopped the race reports ("I only do them if I'm in them" - that's my line!)

I guess, I continue to write these because it's fun to and it serves as a good place to store memories and look back on past experiences - in a weird way, I use extracts of previous blogs to build blogs I write (if there's something that happened in the past that I can relate to) - In a weird way, I've created a perfect little whirlpool - those who find out about Kabort (being a sim-racing team etc.) find about the blogs, and then find out about me.

"Those who know where to find the blogs, will find the blogs, and those whom are that interested about my life will stay"

That's been my Ted-Talk, thank you

Meanwhile, in Essex, it was the day that they Restocked all of the Hotwheels cars at Harlow, a week prior to my arrival.

If only my wallet had a re-stock...


Nothing Friday night, when you go to bed a little late, but you realise it's okay, because you've got the entire weekend ahead of you.

On Saturday, I began writing this blog as well as a blog my 1 year anniversary of driving the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo in iRacing.

In addition to this, I also watched the Grand Prix Qualifying for Round 2 of the season (at Saudi Arabia) and was pleasantly surprised when Sergio Perez stole the pole.

In the land of iRacing, it was the weekend of the Sebring 12 Hours. There were three main sessions: Friday (25th) 10pm (0 Kabort entries) Saturday (26th) 7am (0 Kabort entries) Saturday (26th) 12:00 (3 Kabort Entries - X2 LMP2's | X1 GT3)

The highlight probably being Kabort Blue's 2nd place finish (LMP2).


This blog has taken us through my 14 most-recent days, and we finally come to today - today was a half day and was meant to be spent editing footage I recorded on Friday, but life happens.

I woke up at about 12:00 (midday), looked through my Facebook Memories and realised that today was an incredibly special day for me...1 year ago (to the day), I discovered Tom Grennan, who instantly

To celebrate the occasion, I stayed up late on Saturday Night - Sunday Morning listening to the first of Tom's songs that I listened to all the way back in March 2021.

And on that wholesome note, thanks for reading, and I'll catch you next week.



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