Swiftly Marching Through March...

Good afternoon, I hope you are all well.

It's been a few weeks since I last blogged, so without any further stalling, let's get into the blog.


I last blogged on the 13th (March), so naturally, the 14th comes next.

The 14th saw the start of just another normal week - three lectures on Monday - Wednesday, and then heading to Essex on the weekend.

On Monday, it was my Writing For News Features lecture..or well, was SUPPOSED to be - I woke up at 8/9am as usual, and headed to my lecture.

I was rather surprised (when I got there) that there was nobody there.

I was not long after informed that my lecturer was unwell and there would be no lecture, this was a little unfortunate as I also had a meeting with him (at 3pm) to discuss my work placement - this was unfortunately cancelled.

The 14th (or the weekend prior) wasn't such a good time for my mental health - as written on the pages of my Academic Calendar "Bzz Bzz my head's getting hot n busy"

"Boom Boom Boom goes my head"

This was partially as I had lots going on and lots (including a Public Affairs Assignment) to do and submit - as well as other things to think about, consider and be reminded of.

As with many assignments before it, the Public Affairs assignment submitted on that day was a hollow victory - I may have finished it, but I had plenty more work to do both for that assignment and for others too.

I don't know whether I finished the piece or the deadline finished me - and that's always a tough feeling - knowing you have more in you, but the deadline calling before you are satisfied.

I knew the very moment I submitted it, I had another hoard of work to be getting on with

Even now reading that page, (in my academic calendar) I can feel the pounding in my head.

Tuesday 15th March, 2022 (Week 13)

Tuesday was the day that iRacing's Week 13 began...for those not studying of course!

It was only the second Week 13 in my career that I've skipped - the prior being in the summer and due to me being on holiday in Scotland.

Week 13 allows members a little break from the hard, serious official racing - also allowing members to try content they don't own (whilst the service is down) and try newly released content and features in a fun week-long series - with the newly released Aston Martin available, I would have loved to drive on the limit - but the only thing I was driving to the limit was my sanity. Hah.

Anyway. Tuesday was my double-lecture day, and on this day we learnt about "metafunctions" - which I didn't understand a word of, but I'm sure I'll manage.

In Public Affairs, we looked at how to cover (and indeed find) local stories.

Wednesday 16th March, 2022

Wednesday rolled around and it was another Newsday. On this occasion, there was a Harry Potter Lightshow in Birmingham - after finding out about it a day or two before opening night, my fellow classmates either weren't available to do it (as it started at 6pm) or didn't respond - problems only grew throughout the day as we shortly found out that we needed permission from the Bull Ring (where it was taking place) - long story short, we never got an answer back from them to say "yes you can film" or "No sorry, we can't allow you to do that"

It wasn't such a productive day - but all it took was someone (from Birmingham) to say "Yes, sure, you can film" or not. My Portfolio is looking a bit lackluster, but (I'm afraid to say) so has every assignment I've published thus far.

Thursday 17th March, 2022

That weekend (my weekend starts on Thursday), I headed off to Essex as a friend of mine/a friend of a friend wanted to pay tribute to a relative, (the following day) and due to the circumstances I didn't exactly want to turn it down.

On the Thursday, I watched someone have a tattoo be finished.

Whilst we didn't go very far (that weekend), it was still a very exciting weekend - highlights being watching an absolutely INSANE Bahrain Grand Prix with a retirement on the very last lap, and some serious battling all the way through out .

Friday 18th March, 2022

On Friday, we went to the location my friend of a friend/friend wished to go to. On the way there I saw a very nice Lotus Excel and the weather hit a VERY pleasant 16 degrees Celsius.

Spring Had Sprung

We also went out for my friend of a friend but other than that mostly stayed in town or the surrounding areas.

It was a pretty pleasant weekend, also meeting/getting to know someone I had only briefly spoken to before.

Throughout the weekend, I wrote a blog about the history of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo in iRacing - however for some unknown reason, I am unable to recover an old save (after half to 3/4 went missing). I've been in contact with Wix, and they are currently looking into it, but really hope they can fix it.

Saturday and Sunday were spent watching the Grand Prix and visiting a local town

Monday 21st March, 2022

I apologise for skipping straight on, but firstly, I remember very little from that weekend and secondly, I have other things to be getting on with - yet don't want to leave this blog another week and it turn into a novel.

After Monday's lecture on Magazine Journalism, and reveal of the second assignment (to write a magazine in a group), my lecturer and I finally got around to meeting after a few failed attempts (due to sickness and other factors)

We discussed the work-placement, where I was (in terms of readiness for work experience) - as I already had a place lined up, and I was in constant contact with my work-place, all that had to be done was figure out some dates, and work out what I'd be doing (as there are a couple of guidelines)

On one day, I had to be at the placement's HQ/main building, and on another, I had to be out with a reporter - which all sounded very interesting and exciting.

My lecturer said that the last thing he wanted was for me to be "sat at home firing out articles for two weeks" - and whilst saying I didn't need to go to the placement daily, he said it would be very good for me to get out and see how things operate from just an idea to a published article.

Tuesday 22nd March, 2022

Week 2 of the new season swept iRacing, the tracks changed and iRacers adapted.

Obviously, I remained at Uni, and remained working.

On that day, up in Wolverhampton, it was a late start for me.

My Photo-Journalism lecture was first (about what is "newsworthy" and what is not in addition to how to verify both news sources (who had the original copy) and if the content (produced) was fake or out of context.

Unfortunately I've forgotten what the lecture was about - but I'm sure it'll hit me the moment I publish this blog.

Wednesday 23rd March, 2022

Wednesday saw yet another Newsday - AND FOR ONCE I ACTUALLY RECORDED SOMETHING!!!! (And this time I made it to the broadcast!)

The news I covered was the fact it was the second anniversary of the first lockdown (23rd Announced, 26th in Force).

The entire day had different elements - from organising an interview in the morning, recording some GV's/General Views and even a vox-pop, before attending the interview in the afternoon.