Starting The Final Lap...🏁(Pt. 2) (+ My First Concert Of 2022!)

22/04/2022 - 23/04/2022

On my last days on the Isle Of Wight, I packed my bag for University and planned to have a little road-trip back up to Wolverhampton, visiting:

Ventnor (highest point on the Isle Of Wight)

A car wash

The Ferry

Evie's House

(a little late notice) Harlow

Before driving up to Wolverhampton to spend the night before my One Republic Concert in Manchester the following day.

Before all of this though, I had quite a lot to sort out including:

1) The state of the upstairs landing (suitcases, bags etc.

2) The state of my bedroom (had visitors coming - but I didn't know if I'd be back)

3) The state of my laptop and computer - (files galore, wanted to do a bit of a clear-up of them) - especially as I had the C, D and E drive which needed sorting, and hard-drives/phone pictures which needed moving.

Eventually I got through all of these - (okay, most. I cleared my room and began to sort out my files - that's what the summer holiday is for! (and racing, upping my iRating of course!)....and getting a job, I'm obliged to say.

So How Did It Go?

By the time I finished everything, it was the wee hours of the morning - and I needed some sleep, so I got these - but this meant I had to sacrifice visiting Ventnor...or seeing the other side of the Island.

Unlike previous times, this time I went to the Fisbourne to Portsmouth ferry crossing (it being more convenient to go to Evie's). I eventually went for a car wash on the mainland (as to not miss the ferry) before heading up to Evie's.

Unfortunately, Evie ended up being a little bit poorly when I turned up, so I swiftly carried on my journey and headed to Essex - all I wanted (in Essex) was to tick off two boxes:

1) The McDonalds I missed with Evie

2) The errand they asked me the previous week

We eventually did both of these and I ended up staying the night (just because)


I'll planning...isn't the best and at about mid-day on the 24th April (the same day I had my re-scheduled One Republic Concert), I was still down in Essex.

Eventually, everything was sorted and I could hit the road, but I'd be cutting it incredibly tight with the start of the show...with ever-worsening traffic and speed-limits, it only got later and later.

Once in Manchester, I'd park up, pay a tenner for (secure) parking and join the queue.

For a world-famous band, I was beyond baffled how close I was to the front of the line for someone who arrived just half an hour before the doors opened.

Weather it was because it was a "Pandemic Concert" (prior to being re-scheduled, happening in 2021) or because people forgot the re-schedule date, I'm not sure, but I only had to wait for the doors to open before the line rather swiftly moved forwards.

As I moved up the queue, I could see the queue behind me stretch down Marshall Street and then down along the A6. I was pretty darn lucky to come when I did!

There were a few homeless people asking for money (sitting beside the road), though I only gave money to the first (as I was worried I would spend to much)

There was also people asking either for spare tickets, or selling spare tickets, yet I avoided these as they could have been:

1) for a different show

2) expired

3) for counterfeit money 4) Charge an exorbitant amount

I quickly found out that my dad had booked standing Tickets - after being seated at Tom Grennan's concert, I was apprehensive, but still very positive about the whole experience.


I had an absolute blast that night - and for a battery I didn't know the % charged, it lasted much longer than I expected.

It's difficult in times like these - you want to live in the moment and experience it, yet at the same time you want to record it, so you can watch it back and remember the memories.

If I had to rate it VS Tom Grennan, I'd have to put it in second place.

For a few reasons, and none of them One Republic's Fault.

1) Tom was very much "up and coming" when I went to his concert, so I had an absolutely incredible position in line (and only waiting an hour!)

2) His Merchandise (even if it wasn't official) was a lot more affordable 3) He was much newer than One Republic, so had a lot fewer songs to remember

4) The seating was nice (at Tom's), being out of the Crowd

Saying this, I had an ABSOLUTELY incredible view of One Republic - and one I will probably not get of an artist of the same size again.

Upon leaving, I had a little bit of a panic as I forgot where I parked my car (it was dark and there was a LOAD of people), but eventually I put my head into gear and remembered the route to the venue (but in reverse)

My priority (upon leaving was food and fuel) - so after grabbing a Maccies, I went to a petrol station and filled up, before heading to Wolverhampton (whilst eating Maccies on the drive)

I eventually got to my accommodation an hour or so later (despite heavy-ish traffic)

Returning To Uni For The Final Lap

25/04/2022 - 29/04/2022 - The Last "Normal" Week

("The Least Normal Normal Week In Existence")

Monday rolled around.

As per usual, I headed into my lecture...except...there was no lecture to be had.

Today was just a catch-up session for all of my courses, so I headed home (back to my accomodation and worked on the assignments that were coming up.


26th April

On Tuesday, it was another very bizarre day - my lecturer said he was available for tutorials, yet no actual lecture was due to take place. This evening, I had McDonalds, as I only had enough food to last me until Saturday, so by throwing in a "Maccies Day", I could do my food shopping on Monday as per usual.

27th April

On Tuesday my last rent-sum was due and I was due to submit work for an assignment the following week (final assignment of the course).

Despite missing Public Affairs (mind was elsewhere), it was a good day