September Starts Slowly

Hello and good morning! I hope you are all well.

Things are slowly warming up to the start of the (uni) semester, and day by day it's getting a little more "intense"/stressful (not within the house, just within my head)

I'm currently having a few computer troubles - so to pass the time (whilst it apparently "fixes itself" - I thought I'd use the time to write a blog.

My previous blog ended on the 29th, so let's resume from there.

Monday, 29th August, 2022

As mentioned in the previous blog, I knew I wanted some night-shots of Funchal during the night, but kept forgetting or not having the time to (before going to bed).

I said to myself that the final opportunity to get said shots were on the morning of the 29th, before we left (I didn't want to be lurking around late at night).

The sunrise was said to be at 07:41am, but I wanted to see it (the sunrise) from start to finish, so I assumed that it would start an hour before (06:41am).

Knowing I still had to tidy my room/pack my stuff (I didn't know how much time I'd have on my return after the sunrise) - I decided to give myself an hour to pack/ensure everything was packed/away - this would also give me time to find a good spot to watch from.

Miraculously, after leaving at about 5am, I'd stay out for about 3 hours - capturing most of the sunrise before the actual sun itself was visible - I returned home with about 10 minutes to spare before they (the parents) left for breakfast - had I watched the sun itself rise - there would have definietly been some serious stress.

It was a very swift morning - breakfast at 08:30, the house needing to be cleared out at 09:00am and the car needing to be returned at 10:00. The flight was at 12:00, so this all fit very nicely.


It was a 3 hour flight before we returned to the UK.

Despite the holiday - I needed a break - I had been absolutely flat-out since the start of the month - visiting people, people visiting me, helping my brother out, Le Mans (Or Me Lans), then the holiday - it was a relaxing holiday, but we still did a lot.

Dad couldn't have booked the holiday at a better time - the week we had been away was the week that the GT3 Challenge had been at Mid-Ohio - a circuit that I did not own. Psychic planning from him.

It was also a busy time in the UK - The Beast (film) had just released (a few days prior), George Ezra had a documentary out (which only showed on the 29th August and 31st August - the 31st being in London and it was W12/W12 on iRacing.

30th August 2022

The 30th was very much a lazy day doing nothing - and I loved it...or I think I enjoyed it - I'm not sure.

31st August 2022 - 1st September 2022

After my recovery day, I was straight back seeing friends again. After swapping and shuffling dates around a little bit, I eventually went clothes shopping with a friend of mine on Wednesday (should have been race-day!), before seeing another close friend on Thursday.

2nd September, 2022

NASA's Artemis rocket WAS meant to launch moon-bound (or Moon-obiting-bound) on the 29th August, 2022 - however, due to a mechanical problem, it was delayed to the 2nd September, which worked for me, as I was a lot more available on the 2nd.

As we all quickly found out, the launch was postponed again until late October, so that was a shame, but it was what it was.

I may not have watched a space-launch on YouTube/TV, however, I did get a much-needed haircut (I get mine done at a farm!) 🐑

3rd September, 2022

I stayed with my friend until Saturday, just hanging out with them and having a good time.

One year ago, on this very day, I left with a mate to go to Scotland for two weeks - I'm still struggling to believe that the holiday was a YEAR ago.

4th September, 2022

On Sunday, I headed back towards the Isle Of Wight (this time with a dashcam fitted). On this day, I had pizza with the friend I saw the previous Wednesday.

Since then, I haven't been to the mainland.

This week, it's been Week 13, but I'll probably do a round-up in a seperate blog.


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