Quite The Wild Week

Good Morning! I haven't done a blog in SO long! It's been a week and there are many, many things that have happened that I'm itching to tell you about!!

My last blog was on Thursday the 18th, before I headed off to Brazil. Thursday, 18th February 2021 Aside from personal relationship "issues" (I'm not willing to go into detail on) - Thursday was a relatively calm day...until I hit the track at Interlagos. The Interlagos Formula Three race could not have gone better - from an incredibly rare pole position, I finished 3rd place - This race saw the first pole of my career and first podium in Formula Three (and indeed in 2021)

It was a race of two halves - the start being rather exciting, trying to hold off the two behind, and the end of the race was about keeping it on track and completing consistent laps

This did absolute wonders for my iRating - boosting me up to 1122 - numbers this high last seen in 2019!

In my Television Production Lecture, I was asked to film a Petrol Station (for an OOV - Out Of Vision) for a news story about raising petrol prices - I went on a rather nice walk. Friday 19th February

Friday was rather quiet other than Alpha Tauri launching their 2021 car.

Aside from Alpine's "interim" livery - the Alpha Tauri probably has the biggest changes of the released cars so far - and I think it looks pretty darn good.

Saturday 20th February

Saturday I continued to work on Kabort's Year In Pictures - I'd been working on it since early February and I was slowly getting through it, though there was still a little way to go.

That evening, I'd start by competing in the practice session prior to Arron's (old Kabort Driver, still sort of around) Bathurst Practice Race - though the race clashed with EES (European Endurance Series) at Twin Ring - the first time racing at the track since 2019. The highest position we achieved in that race was 22nd - the rest of the time hanging around 30th or so position. All things considered, with Bathurst being more difficult and dangerous, I probably should stayed on to complete the Bathurst Practice Race - gaining invaluable laps and experience, however, I had a commitment to complete EES with Joost and I didn't want to let him down or to get DSQ/lose loads of iRating.

The outcome of this race was nothing special and a lose of 7 iRating.

In painting news, Adam Pearce would finish this livery, this quickly spreading to other cars

Top Row: The standard Highlighter Colour on three diferent cars Upper Middle: Green & Blues Lower Middle: Pinks! Bottom: The Dutch Orange Ferrari GT3

Sunday 21st February With all the "stress" (it's a slow stress, but I'm sure it's going to hit me in the face one day) of moving house/moving out, Sunday saw another element of uncertainty - Andy Jones heavily considering retiring as the Team Principal of Kabort Motorsport - the time and dedication leading/managing a team - especially of this size taking up more time than he wanted. There will be an official statement in the coming weeks/months - but this is where it starts. Kabort does have an "organising group" - so the "head" hasn't been "chopped off" par-se, but there are ongoing discussions about leading the team with a group or sole individual.

It's interesting. In August 2020, I did the exact same (but handed the team over to Andy) - I had uni and I didn't want management and things to disrupt my studying or university work.

Sunday the 21st also saw me complete a full stint (or a stint bar 3 laps) of Bathurst - admittedly, I haven't managed the same since, but it was a huge achievement for me and personally, I'm FAIRLY confident for Bathurst - I managed 2 15-Lap stints in practice whilst half-asleep - so as long as the others keep it out the wall and I just keep setting those consistent lap-times, I think we could finish second to last (ha ha, Joke. That's probably going to end badly)

Monday 22nd February

Ahh yes, we've made it to this week. Monday was a great start to the week with the launch of the 2021 Alfa Romeo F1 car

Like the Alpha Tauri, it uses the same colours (as it did during 2020), however with a few tweaks.

Later on in this day, Boris Johnson announced the roadmap out of lockdown - the first time since 3rd January we'd have any "freedom" or knowledge of freedom/coming out of lockdown/the hardest of all restrictions.

8th March - Schools re-open and students in "practical" university courses can go back to University.

29th March - 6 People (or 2 households) can meet up in gardens - This will be the first time I'm going to be allowed to see Annie in AGES! (Uni also getting in the way). "Stay At Home" will end.

After April 11th - Non-Essential shops/buildings/retails will open

After May 16th - No More than 30 people can meet up (this up from 6). Big venues (maybe even race tracks) may begin to open

After 20th June - All legal limits on Social Distance/contact restrictions should be lifted

Tuesday 23rd February

On Tuesday, myself and my girlfriend settled our differences and began talking again after a little while - which was very nice - two days of silence were rather horrible.

I was wondering if my podium at Brazil had been out of luck and a better/cleaner split on Thursday, leading to me being able to have a "clean sweep"

As seen in my S1, 2021 Season Review the Road Atlanta race went spectacularly well - myself getting my first back-to-back podium in any series.

I'll admit, come the 25th February (that Thursday) I'd begin to feel a little bit guilty for an overtake during the race.

As with everything in life, plenty of context is needed - The #1 clipping the inside kerb on the final corner, coming out much wider than he anticipated, and as the final corner is a massive downward hill, I was carrying much more speed/momentum than he and wasn't expecting him to swing out as he did, so I took avoiding action and unfortunately took to the grass - passing him in the process - after posting a discussion on the forums, it looks as though everything checks out and not too many were upset about it!

Unbeknownst to me, Tuesday was also the day that Red Bull revealed their 2021 car to the world!

The 2021 Red Bull F1 Car

It may look identical to last year's, but that's alright! Last Year's was a cracking livery...and as the old saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" - the 2020 livery was beyond beautiful, so no work needed to be done. In addition to this, it was announced (on the 23rd) that there'd be a new (fixed) GT3 Sprint Series coming to the service in Season 2, 2021. This one in particular neither requiring pitstops or the best setup (as it's a "fixed" setup series). The 20 minute races means close, pack racing, which is another huge bonus.

Tuesday's "The Hare And The Tortoise" Championship round at Silverstone in a Nutshell...

After taking himself out with an unsuccessful move, this it the last thing Truswell wanted or needed in race 2, with this he fell to 6th in the AM Standings - Daman moving up to third...I guess that made up for me taking him out (accidentally) of the first race - and this wild ride (24)

Wednesday 24th February

I can't actually remember what happened on this day myself. Ah yes, myself and Annie made probably one of our funniest Podcasts to date. Podcast can be listened to here Thursday 25th February (Yesterday)

On Thursday I finished "Kabort's Year In Pictures and uploaded them here. This took the best part of a month and I'm really glad to have finished it and not have to worry about it - Onto 2021's ha ha!

On Thursday evening I felt particularly "shoddy" so it was nice to wake up with no headache, no achey bones and a fresh start.

Friday has been spent uploading blogs, reviewing replays and generally chilling out. I had another Public Affairs lecture which went...as well as usual.

Yesterday also saw Robert Land, one of our long-time members leaving due to not feeling the excitement from iRacing any longer - we wish he returns as soon as he feels fit to do so.


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