Quite the "full" weekend

Good afternoon, I hope you are all well.

Going into last weekend, I thought it was going to be a fairly quiet affair....how wrong I was about to be!

We'll begin on Thursday morning as a league we had our eye on (but were in the reserve list for) allowed those in the reserve list (if interested) to race in the final race of the Winter VLN Series that was being run on Saturday.

Also on Thursday my mother informed that two people wanted to view the house - one at 3 and one other shortly before/after this time.


Other than Jya's Birthday (wished him a Happy Birthday on Instagram), a walk, a small lecture and plenty of practice for the upcoming race, Friday was a very quiet day....except for those who participated in the absolutely CRAZY Monza round of the Apex Prototype Challenge!

(Footage stolen from Apex Racing TV) Saturday

Saturday was a very busy day.

Unusually, I woke up early to clean my bedroom and the bathroom (for the visitors) before having breakfast.

After breakfast, I'd return back upstairs for the start of the Winter VLN session which started at 10:45 - initially having some technical issues with sound (only working after I turned my sound-settings to "legacy") I missed a little bit of time to practice. I was also informed that the people visiting were due at 2:30pm - slam bang in the middle of my stint. This would be something I'd need to work around.

After being safe but slow in previous practice sessions, I'd qualify amongst the Porsche 911 Cups...rather low down. Whilst the main pack was averaging 8 minutes, I was doing 8:30's (race pace) - even an 8:16 in qualifying not helping me.

The race went equally as pitiful - off the line we'd have a drive-through penalty for carrying the wrong car number (I was not a manager/admin of the team in iRacing, therefore I could not change it) - this went from a drive-through to a stop-go - after the start, I'd do the required one lap, and then the drive through.

Even though I was almost definitely plumb-last, had no pace and served a drive through, the stop-go penalty remained, so I did another lap, and then pulled into the pits to hand over to Lorenzo.

The most air-time the jet-black Kabort Huracan got (right of 911 Cup, rear of shot)

At this time it was about 2:28pm, 2 minutes before the people were supposed to see the house - so I quickly said goodbye to Lorenzo, my second driver and went and sat downstairs whilst the people had a nosey/look around our house.

We'd get a review of what the person thought of the house and I'd return back upstairs....to find a sceneric camera floating around random corners and the ability to drive the car....the car being in the pit-lane...

I'd rewind the replay camera and found that Lorenzo had been involved in "a few" separate moments - the initial caused by a crash/spin and then the others as a result of damaged steering - though we didn't get "blasted" on the Discord server, there were comments about how I was fighting with the 911 Cups (I was, if I'm not competitive with the GT3 class, it's the next best thing).

The discussion was the fact that despite being "legal", it wasn't so "moral" and I could have disrupted an interclass fight between the 911 Cups. The other point of discussion was the fact that Lorenzo perhaps should have towed instead of driven the car back to the pits.

Lorenzo didn't hit any other cars, just had a few close moments - but the race has been and gone (thankfully) and now all the focus is on EES (European Endurance Series) at Twin Ring and the 12 Hours of Bathurst.

This ordeal lasted an hour and 23 minutes - In that time I managed at best four (?) laps, only the first lap not ending in a pit-stop, Lorenzo completing 5 clean laps before his unfortunate mistake into the wall.

The rest of the 6 hours I assume the rest of the Winter VLN grid were "in safe hands" I suppose - but it was quite darn gutting for us.

I don't know which part of the whole race was the most amusing - me (and Lorenzo) being so far off the pace, the team livery not being applied to the team (I couldn't apply it, the fact I was fighting with 911 Cups or my attempt at shaking a penalty....it was just very funny.


Aww, Valentines day, how sweet! I don't remember all too much about the early part of Valentines day, other than packing stuff into boxes (no such thing as "too early" - and the parents were packing stuff into boxes, so I joined them, me doing it in my room. By the time I had to order the Pizza (for mine and Annie's valentines date, my room made a pigsty look like Buckingham Palace - there were boxes papers and other general items EVERYWHERE.

I ordered a custom Pizza (margarita with custom toppings like meatballs, sausages, chicken strips, ham, Peppers, sweetcorn - that good stuff) to arrive at 8pm - and shortly after 8pm, it arrived.

We'd stay on call for hours, eating with one another, chatting, enjoying eachother's company and just staring into one anothers eyes, thinking about our future...alas, it was a really really nice, romantic night and I can't wait until 2022 when I can properly do it for real and spend an evening with her.


I always love it when I get to the day I'm blogging on, it's a weird satisfied sort of feeling - but maybe blogging every four days or so is a good thing...enough content for a decent sized blog, but not daily/overwhelming.

Today's consisted of two things - a lecture from 2pm, and then our second viewing (the other one that couldn't make Saturday) who literally came within half an hour of me finishing my lecture - resulting in a rather close encounter with an untidy room - compared to the first viewing were there was quite a lot on the walls/cupboards/display - this time there were far many more boxes.

As good as the weekends are, nothing beats the transition of Tuesday - Tuesday being when iRacing's weeks switch over - Tuesday will see Formula 3 head to Brazil, European Endurance Series (EES) head to Twin Ring Motegi, and the final round of the PLR (Pro League Racing) Mazda MX5 League - meaning they will shortly switch to a new season - with points reset and me with a chance of competing in my first proper league (aside from MOFO - which is also on Tuesday Nights, but aside from two Skippy "Leagues", and a Radical League (every Tuesday night at 8pm) it hasn't been a "public" league par-se.

It's now officially half-way into February - January felt awefully slow but now with yet another lockdown (from 4th January) time has just blurred days and months and how I am already 20....I'm not even sure! This year we've already had the Dakar Rally, 12 Hours of Dubai, 24 Hours of Daytona and Daytona 500 - with the equally as scary Bathurst 12 Hours also to "look forward to" - One solitary lap and I would have completed more distance than I had previously at The 24 Hours of Daytona...which is fun.

Oh, and this Tuesday in particular is Shrove Tuesday, as a pancake lover myself, it's one of the best days of the year! (in the Top 10 at least)

Happy Valentines Day from Kabort Motorsport


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