Not The Week I Had In Mind (+ F1 2022 Launch Reactions)


I woke up at about 11am or so. It was a big day.

The plan for the day was to attend my lecture (which was put online due to a COVID reason), leave at 4 - 5pm and then take the 1hr 38 minute drive up to The Deaf Institute in Manchester ready for the doors opening at 7pm.

My thinking was that "I'll make it after my lecture" (my Tuesday lecture is usually at about 2pm) or that in the worst-case scenario, I'd miss the support acts before BANNERS and see the artist I came for.

During Tom(Grennan)'s Concert there were two acts before he showed up on stage (this lasting about half an hour to an hour)

Everything sort of fell through.

Two days before the lecture (6th Feb), there was an announcement saying that it would be online at 4pm - being Dyspraxic, I may have missed this - or the fact that there would be no way I'd make it to The Deaf Insitute for 7pm after a 2hr + Lecture and then a 1hr 30+ drive up to Manchester (had it started at 4pm)

I was then given a phone call. Out of respect of all involved, I shall keep the subject of this call confidential. It's not my place to sprout someone else's business across the internet - especially as a journalist/student studying Journalism.

I will say that I first went to Essex and then onward to Surrey to help a friend.

Instead of writing a cryptic or coded blog trying to explain the situation as vaguely as possible, I will simply say that my friend was truly appreciative of my help and even refunded my BANNERS tickets - which she did not have to do, but did it out of the kindness of her heart. 9/02/2022

On the Wednesday, I stayed over in Essex and myself, my friend and some of her relatives went to Pizza Hut - prior to this, I bought myself the new Bastille Album "Give Me The Future" - since discovering "Glory" and "Good Grief" late last year, I've really got into him and really enjoy his music.

Apart from Uber-ing my friend to their (the relatives') house, I never really knew my friend's relative/s - but this Pizza Hut trip really put some faces to the names that floated around various conversations.

In case I was needed any further/any more, I stayed the weekend - in my rush to get down there, I bought minimal items - not even my laptop.


The 10th was a surprisingly difficult day.

As lazy as I may seem, I like being productive, I like doing things/stuff, I like being "active" - even if that's just writing a blog, watching YouTube, writing in Excel or writing a cheesy Facebook post - but it was difficult in the fact that on the 10th nothing was achieved - I just sat on the Sofa watching Peter Rabbit all day (friend's daughter likes it and was feeling a bit under the weather that day).

By the end of the day, we had Indian, and I chose to have Chicken Korma, naan bread and popadoms - and I don't know why, but I was tired - tired of being tired maybe - but I didn't feel up to eating the rest of it - I guess my body didn't like no movement and about half a day's worth of Peter Rabbit.

After dinner, we returned to my friend's other house, I popped a pill and some water and headed off to bed.

I'm not saying that "it's bad to be lazy" but I think having constant calls and to constantly deal with The Current Situation (the reason I was down there) really (and understandably) took it out of my friend/s.


The 11th was slightly better as in the afternoon we went shopping at The Food Warehouse and Home Bargains.


On the 12th, we went to a large market at North Weald Airfield. The market had many stalls - and these markets are usually where you can bag "bargain treasures" - people unknowingly selling valued items for cheap because they want/need them out of the house - or is the only way to make money (such as if they own a business selling the items on display.

My aim/goal for that day was to find some diecast cars - be that hot-wheels, or alternative brands (new or old) - unfortunately, there was no such stall (selling these) - however, I did get some £3 fluffy gloves (the wind was certainly "biting")


In a rare turn of events, I'd return to uni on the evening of the 13th (usually I'd go back in the early hours of the morning)

The weekend also marked the Bathurst 12hrs - and first time since Kabort was founded that I didn't participate in it. (me racing in both 2020's and 2021's iterations of the race thanks to the pandemic)

iRacing is like a drug - if you see all your friends smoking it, you automatically want to join in - but as this was very much a "pick up your things and go" sort of departure, I wasn't able to unplug my computer, monitor and accessories.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have even been down in Essex/my rig - so it was very unlikely I'd participate anyway.

I think I'm a little bit like an undercover Policeman, just living my normal life and going about my daily business until I get a call that someone's in a tricky/difficult situation and then I drop everything and run.

On Friday and Saturday of this weekend, I had surprisingly tasty fresh (not fast food) chicken nuggets and chips for two nights in a row (Friday and Saturday).

Formula One Car Launches

Apologies that this blog has been so short - to make up for it, here's my reactions to the 2022 Formula One Cars that have been launched so far:

Haas (4th Feb. 2022)

Well it's err... Это прекрасный русский шедевр для нашего любимого водителя Никиты Мазепина! Go Car #9! (It's a beautiful Russian masterpiece for our beloved driver Nikita Mazepin! Go Car #9)

No, it's very much the same as last year with little to show or honour or acknowledge Schumacher or the Schumacher name (or indeed Germany)

I know the main sponsor is URALKALI and Uralkali is Russian, but some creativity PLEASE!

Red Bull (9th February)

The age old saying of "if It ain't broke, don't fix it" - Red Bull just hit the nail on the head year after year with their liveries.

Red Bull Formula One Team was founded in 2005, and they've kept the same red, yellow and blue house-style ever since (obviously with one-off liveries here and there) and still to this day, they are one of the best looking cars on the Grid.

Aston Martin (10th February)

Other than the "vents that do not vent" down the sidepod, it's a very attractive livery and different enough from 2021's livery to grant it the "New Look Appreciation" - myself and many other fans appreciating the new look (of teams) for a new year.

McLaren (11th February)</