MOFO Season 2: Bonkers Race At Lime Rock

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Lime Rock Park was next on the calendar - and with Truswell nowhere to be seen in the paddock, it'd be pointless round for him.

Straight into the racing action, and the top 5 on the grid would see some familiar faces - faces of Cleland, who took pole, Bailes who would line up alongside - currently 5th in the championship, he needed some serious luck.

Road Atlanta celebrities Widdup, Zuurveld and Shawe would complete the top 5 - none of whom knew the sheer amount of chaos that was about to be unleashed... All 27 cars would get off the line cleanly.

Despite a couple falling off the track at turn one, everyone was keeping it clean and tidy....until the one and only chicane on the circuit....

The top 10 would get through this alright...but those behind weren't so fortunate:

Onwards from his astonishing start - Christodoulou would catch the others quicker than Truswell could cause a crash. By the 6th lap he was already in the top 10.

The race was thrilling with a battle for the lead (Featuring Bailes & Cleland) and backmarkers getting involved too

46 laps later, after an absolutely thrilling race, Bailes would finally get his big break and win his second race of the season after Concord - giving him another huge 25 points.

Cleland would keep up his lucky streak and finish 2nd whilst Widdup would round up the podium.

Behind Widdup was the Positively Racing of Shawe before Christodoulou wrapped up an incredible day in 5th. Behind him was: 6th: Ronald Verweij

7th: Richard Zuurveld 8th: Damiaen Van Mourik (-1 Lap)

9th: Derek Roodenberg 10th: Hugo De Sadeleer

11th: Darren Wood 12th: Matthew Riddles 13th: Will Money

14th Simon Herring (-2 Laps) 15th: Jamie Allen

16th: Nikolaj Rogivue (-3 Laps) 17th: Ewen Honeyman 18th: Jm L 19th: Jake Conway

20th: James Goldsztajn

21st: Sean Gaffney (-4 Laps)

22nd: Jacob Money

23rd: Ben Evan 24th: Edward Sibbald (-11 Laps) DNF: Teammie Van Weert

DNF: Adge Koster DNF: Nicholas Daman DNF: Mike Op Het Veld DNF: Clynest Leboeuf

Championship Standings

With his win Bailes sprints up the order, but watch out for the Positively Racing drivers - they've got ample of drivers in the top 10.


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